File Title
1 After Nation's First, More US Uterus Transplants Planned
2 Excess Body Fat More Harmful than High BMI
3 Naloxone Prescribed with Every Opioid?
4 FDA Clears New Contact Lens that Senses Eye Pressure Changes
5 Many Lens Implant Patients May Develop Cataracts Within 10 Years
6 Fertility Treatment May Not Work as Well for Women with Asthma
7 Keys to Unlocking Precision Medicine's Potential: IOM Report
8 Fee-for-Service Still Dominates in United States
9 Errors, Confusion Common in Notes Field in e-Prescriptions
10 High-risk Characteristics in Older Patients in the ED
11 Cannabis in First-Episode Psychosis Linked to Poor Outcomes
12 Physical Fitness in Youth Predicts Later Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
13 New Tool for Infection Risk After Colorectal Surgery
14 Have a Healthy Midlife for a Healthy Old Age
15 Early Introduction of Food Allergens Gets Mixed Results
16 People with Anxiety May Be Hard-Wired to See World Differently
17 Cancer Overtakes CVD as Leading Cause of Death in Half of US
18 Genetic Counseling Helps Physicians Decode Test Results
19 Long-term Aspirin Tied to Small Drop in Overall Cancer Risk
20 Celldex Discontinues Late-Stage Study of Brain Cancer Vaccine
21 U.S. Olympic Hopefuls Will Make Final Call on Zika Risks--Officials
22 U.S. Ships Safe Blood to Zika-Hit Puerto Rico
23 Genetic Study May Lead to Drug Target Development for Down Syndrome
24 Pharma Crusader Takes India's Drug Regulators to Court
25 Aging, Indebted Japan Debates Right to 'Die with Dignity'
26 Teens Have Easy Access to E-Cigarette Ads Online
27 Lawsuit Over Flint, Michigan, Crisis Says 17 Children Have High Lead Levels
28 Telling Docs They Overprescribe Addicting Drugs Doesn't Make Them Stop
29 Little Research into Benefits of Wearing Earplugs to Concerts
30 Late Surfactant May Help Curb Lung Problems for Preterm Infants
31 Europe Launches New Fast Approval Scheme for Promising Drugs
32 Biocryst's Zika Drug Shows Promise in Mice
33 WHO Calls for Zika Research, Says Pregnant Women Should Not Travel to Affected Areas
34 More Evidence Mentally Stimulating Activities Linked to Lower Incident MCI
35 30 Great Vacation Ideas for Doctors
36 'They either adjust or go into despair'
37 Medicare Proposes New Payment Plan for Part B Drugs
38 Retail Clinic Usage Costs $14 More per Person per Year
39 Respirators Not More Effective than Masks in the Workplace
40 Not So NICE? Doctors Debate Point of Type 1 Diabetes Guidelines
41 Amniotic Patch for Glaucoma Safe and Imperceptible
42 Metastasis Site Affects Prostate Cancer Survival
43 US Health Agency Estimates 2015 Prescription Drug Spend Rose to $457 Bln
44 FDA to Allow Amarin to Promote Fish Oil Pill for Off-Label Use
45 One in Four People Worldwide Have Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
46 The World's Most Innovative Research Institutions
47 U.S. Pedestrian Deaths from Car Crashes Surge
48 Dancing May Reduce Risk of Dying from Heart Disease
49 Health Apps Often Lack Privacy Policies and Share Our Data
50 U.S. EPA Chief Urges States to Do More on Safe Drinking Water
51 Bristol-Myers Squibb Says Stops Some Initiatives in China
52 Kids Who Skip Lunch Are Missing Out on Essential Nutrients
53 U.S. Women Push Back Against Stigma, Cost of Menstruation
54 No Paid Sick Leave Means Workers Skip Medical Care
55 Brisk Walking Cuts HF Risk Regardless of Activity Level in Women's Health Study
56 Zika on Our Doorstep
57 Hep B Cure Talks, Hep C Treatment Gaps Lead Conference
58 Mom Pushes for Molecular Autopsy After Son's Sudden Death
59 10,000+ Excess Cancers Expected After Fukushima
60 2016 Alpert Prize Goes to Five Scientists for CRISPR Research
61 Morcellation, Cancer, and Loss of Women's Choice
62 Oncologists Incensed Over CMS Proposal for Part B Drugs
63 Hydrolyzed Formula May Not Protect Infants Against Allergies
64 Reader Poll: Educated Spouses Affect Where Physicians Practice
65 Nab-Paclitaxel Shows Improved Response in Breast Cancer Trial
66 Common Test May Aid Personalized Depression Treatment
67 Study Adds Heft to ABO Blood Type Link with Vascular Events
68 'Intriguing': Do Blood Cells Herald Breast Cancer Return?
69 High Daily Coffee Consumption Linked to Lower MS Risk
70 Methadone Tx Rates Tumble After Medicaid Funding Is Pulled
71 Cancer Care Provider to Pay U.S. $34.7 Mln Over Improper Procedure-DOJ
72 Women Lag Men as Lead Authors in Top Medical Journals
73 Brazil Lowers Limit of Measure for Microcephaly, but Cases Rising
74 Locals Eating Radioactive Food 30 Years After Chernobyl: Greenpeace Tests
75 Israeli Placental Cell Therapy Could Cure Radiation Sickness
76 Refugee Babies Exposed to Filth, Infections at Greek Border Camp
77 Smoking Worsens Relapse Risk in Crohn's Patients, Study Confirms
78 Mumbai Women Fighting for Right to Pee Want Men to Join Campaign
79 Canine Companions Appear to Help Heart Health: Swedish Study
80 'Hand Sandwich' Key to Doctors Examining Ticklish Patients
81 Good Match Not Always Needed for Living Donor Kidney Transplant
82 Feedback Could Help Hospitalists Improve Diagnosis
83 23andMe Opens Up About Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing
84 Slow Gait Speed Predicts Survival, Adds to Risk Scores in Heart Failure
85 PCSK9 as a CVD Biomarker? Levels May Predict Event Risk Independent of LDL-C
86 Early-Term Elective Delivery May Be OK, Study Suggests
87 Better Provider Access, Training Needed, in Transgender Care
88 Neurologists Lobby Lawmakers on Brain-Related Initiatives
89 Assisted Dying for Mental Illness, Minors Proposed in Canada
90 Are Weight and Height Linked to Income?
91 Safety Data Accumulating for Combination Asthma Drugs
92 Excess Street Lighting Affects Sleep
93 Can Bright Light at Night Lead to Obesity?
94 For U.S. Seniors, Healthcare Quality Is All Over the Map
95 Kidney Progenitor Cells from Preterm Neonate Urine
96 Brain Injury Linked to Increased Risk of Losing Health Insurance
97 Mothers Worldwide Leaving Hospitals Too Soon After Childbirth
98 Care Management for Depression Lags Behind Use for Other Chronic Illnesses
99 Years of Metformin Tied to Increased Risk of B12 Deficiency
100 Low-Cost TB Test for HIV Patients Can Save Thousands of Lives-Researcher
101 California Lawmakers Vote to Raise Smoking Age to 21
102 Hospitalists Prevent Elderly from Developing Disabilities
103 Fight Turns Personal for a Man at War with Zika
104 Bill to Combat Opioid Epidemic Passes Senate
105 AAP Takes Aim at Poverty
106 Cord-Cutting Technique Smooths Cellulite for 3 Years
107 Hazardous Virus Research Needs a Global Approach to Keep Public Safe While Advancing Science
108 Birth of a Sibling May Decrease Obesity Risk
109 Role for Twitter in Cancer Clinical Trial Recruitment?
110 Ethnic Breast Cancer Risk 'Due to Demographics'
111 Soaring Rates of Opioid Addiction Challenge Hospitalists
112 'Legal LSD': Dangerous Party Drug Sold Online
113 Adjunct Screening Identifies More Cancers in Dense Breasts
114 Many Parents Unaware of Newborn Hearing Screenings
115 Reading from a Tablet Before Bed May Affect Sleep Quality
116 African Americans at Higher Dementia Risk than Other Racial Groups
117 For Low-Income Smokers, Calling a Quitline May Cost Too Much