File Title
1 New research clarifies how stem cells get activated to produce new hair
2 UD prof studies how permafrost thawing affects vegetation, carbon cycle
3 Not-so-simple green
4 Nurse staffing levels key to keeping rehospitalizations down for hip/knee surgery patients
5 Getting from here to there
6 Researchers discover that human hair and nails can tell toxic secrets
7 Why pharmaceutical firms may prefer to invest in drugs over vaccines
8 IU physicist leads discovery of new particle: '4-flavored' tetraquark
9 Better way to treat abscesses: Add antibiotic to conventional approach
10 Explosive start not needed for fast radio bursts
11 AAOS recommends a multi-faceted approach to diagnosing carpal tunnel syndrome
12 Latest cell transplantation research presented at the 22nd Annual ASNTR Meeting
13 Mariana Trench: 7 miles deep, the ocean is still a noisy place
14 Bad vibrations: UCI researchers find security breach in 3-D printing process
15 Extreme tornado outbreaks have become more common, says study
16 Study finds health disparity in treatment of thyroid goiters
17 Processed meat may increase the risk of breast cancer for Latinas, USC study finds
18 Targeted online ads can actually change how you view yourself
19 New study pinpoints stress factor of mega-earthquake off Japan
20 UCLA study finds inflated charges, significant variation in Medicare payment patterns
21 Reduce, reuse, recycle: Safe for water?
22 Shedding light on the day-night cycle
23 Brief educational program can help curb dating violence among teens
24 Nearly half of American children living near poverty line
25 Common blood test could predict risk of 2nd stroke
26 Next-generation immunotherapy offers new hope for beating brain cancer
27 Recoupling crops and livestock offers energy savings to Northeast dairy farmers
28 Superman can start worrying--we've got the formula for (almost) kryptonite!
29 Unique outpatient clinic prioritizes physician training and expeditious patient care
30 Researchers map how marine mammals interact with their prey
31 Study links mobile device addiction to depression and anxiety
32 Experts make progress towards optimizing diabetes care on a global scale
33 Carbon nanotubes improve metal's longevity under radiation
34 New report finds 'surprising gaps' in knowledge of ovarian cancers
35 Sugar-power--scientists harness the reducing potential of renewable sugars
36 Molecular architectures see the light
37 Metamaterial separation proposed for chemical, biomolecular uses
38 Some bacterial CRISPRs can snip RNA, too
39 Discovery of a gene associated with a set of poorly understood rare diseases
40 Study: Homeschooled kids sleep more than others
41 What happens to pharmaceuticals in the digestive system of a bird?
42 ORNL researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials
43 Chronic kidney disease in cats--Expert guidance on a quality of life issue
44 Syrian academics face danger, limited options
45 Hair forensics could yield false positives for cocaine use
46 What gives parmesan cheese its unique taste?
47 Toward diagnosing diseases such as cancer in their earliest stages
48 Hypothermia during surgery linked with increased risk for infection
49 Cancer cells' evasive action revealed
50 Genetics and brain regions linked to sex differences in anxiety-related behavior in chimpanzees
51 Researchers publish first empirical study on evolution of musical aptitude
52 Blueberry types identified for resistance, susceptibility to pathogen
53 Production practices evaluated for organic trailing blackberry
54 First 3-D structure of the enzymatic role of DNA
55 Drug combination slows breast cancer spread
56 Mystery on the marsh: A newly discovered Anglo-Saxon island
57 Overfishing increases fluctuations in aquatic ecosystems
58 Ruby red improves in the microwave oven
59 Old before your time: Study suggests that aging begins in the womb
60 New approaches for Parkinson's treatment? Researchers study metabolic changes
61 Do we see the trailer for the upcoming blockbuster of LHC?
62 Breast cancer: The mental trauma of severe disease
63 Molecular body guards for neurons
64 Activating brown fat tissue
65 Dementia: 'Illness' label can lower mood
66 Nanostructures used as biosensors allow diseases or allergens to be detected
67 Chemical snapshot unveils path to greener biofuel
68 Mechanism discovered for mosaic pattern of cells in the nasal cavity
69 How parents, romantic partners influence student spending
70 New, less toxic therapy for stage-4 breast cancer
71 'Gut' bacteria may help put a kink in family obesity cycle
72 Seven miles deep, ocean still a noisy place
73 Researchers enhance CRISPR gene editing technology
74 Groundwater from coastal aquifers is a better source for desalination than seawater
75 Study explores how high-fat diet influences colon cancer
76 The world's newest atom-smasher achieves its 'first turns'
77 How well did an instant blood pressure app work?
78 Study of patients with melanoma finds most have few moles
79 Ottawa researchers find Achilles' heel of a severe form of childhood leukemia
80 High-fat diet linked to intestinal stem cell changes, increased risk for cancer
81 Steroid injections too soon before joint replacement may increase infection risk
82 Platelet-rich plasma injections may lead to improvements in tissue healing
83 Study: Hip replacement too soon after a steroid injection increases infection risk
84 Bundled payments improve care for Medicare patients undergoing joint replacement
85 Study examines prevalence of rheumatic heart disease in developing country
86 High LDL-C levels in women prior to childbirth linked with high levels in adult offspring
87 A range of interventions could curb rising antibiotic resistance in India
88 Ultra-low dose CT scans successfully detect fractures
89 Study shows whales dine with their own kind
90 How diet influences colon cancer
91 Impact of climate change on food production could cause over 500000 extra deaths in 2050
92 Energy drinks trigger abnormal heart rhythm, rise in blood pressure
93 TSRI scientists find clues to neutralizing coronaviruses such as MERS
94 How to prevent 10 million deaths a year
95 Happiness can break your heart too
96 Popular blood pressure app misses the mark
97 Spinning better electronic devices
98 Newly identified genetic errors may prevent heart attacks
99 Mysterious cosmic radio bursts found to repeat
100 Compound stems damage from brain bleeding
101 Thirdhand smoke linked to type 2 diabetes
102 Temple researchers uncover novel mechanism behind aldosterone-induced heart damage
103 Researchers urged to share landmark trial data on safety of starch solutions
104 Possible link found between radiotherapy for prostate cancer and risk of secondary cancers
105 Agricultural fertilizer could pose risk to human fertility, sheep study finds
106 Chikungunya could be misdiagnosed as dengue--masking spread of the disease
107 Cancer treatment on a cellular level
108 The realm of buried giants
109 Clinical trial confirms safety of inducing mothers aged 35 and over to avoid stillbirth and other complications
110 Invigorating Japanese energy and environmental policy five years after Fukushima