File Title
1 Europe's Winter of Discontent
2 N/A
3 Most BariSurg Readmissions Can Be Avoided: HealthLeaders Media
4 TAVR 'Feasible' via Carotid Access
5 Len's Lens: Molecular Medicine
6 CardioBreak: Yoga for Afib, First Stent Maker Fail, Low-T Lawsuits
7 Positive Results Claimed for First Cannabidiol RCT
8 CardioBrief: Is 'FH' Beside the Point?
9 Happier Kids Less Likely to Have CAC as Adults
10 Cold Turkey Approach to Smoking Cessation Works Best
11 Flu Shot Safe for Surgical Inpatients
12 Study: Complications Common in Pulmonary Artery Stenting
13 Morning Break: Med Students Protest Exams; Kickbacks Send Doc to Jail
14 Teen Girls on Long-Acting Contraceptives Skip Condoms
15 EHR Info Overload Plagues Primary Care Docs
16 Antenatal Corticosteroids Cut Risk of Death in Very Premature Babies
17 Psoriasis: Joint Inflammation, Pain May Predict PsA
18 USPSTF: Insufficient Data for Vision Screening in Adults
19 Cost of Advanced Cancer Reduced by Earlier Palliative Care
20 ADHD Diagnostic Scales: Which Test Is Best?
21 U.S. Top Court Rules for Liberty Mutual Over Vermont Healthcare Law
22 Text Messages Promote Weight Loss in Spanish Speakers
23 Angina Often Missed, Undertreated in Stable CAD Outpatients
24 New Measure for Sepsis Promises Rapid Diagnosis
25 Have Difficult-to-Treat Pain Patients? Try Genetic Testing
26 Telemedicine Popular with the Young and Chronically Ill
27 New Training Guidelines for Endovascular Stroke Therapy
28 Supreme Court Divided in High-Stakes Texas Abortion Case
29 High CAC Scores Associated with Increased Dementia, Mortality Risk in 'Oldest Old'
30 Unilateral ECT Equal to Bilateral Approach for Major Depression
31 Hostility, Stress Levels Linked to Cognitive Deficits
32 Migraine Linked to Irritable Bowel Syndrome
33 10 of history's most influential medical practitioners
34 Staphylococcus Aureus Susceptibility Changing in Pediatric Population
35 Tofacitinib Shows Ongoing Action Against Plaque Psoriasis
36 U.S. Deaths from Guns, Cars and Run-Ins with Law Vary by State
37 Titanium Dioxide Additives May Boost Intestinal Inflammation
38 Homeless People Face Age-Related Conditions Earlier Than People With Homes
39 Actively Warming Mothers During Cesarean Delivery Has 'Modest Benefit'
40 Some Strategies for VTE in Elderly Better than Others: Study
41 Hydrocortisone Curbs Lung Problems in Extremely Preterm Infants
42 Lebanon Struggles to Help Syrian Refugees with Mental Health Problems
43 Questionnaire May Help Predict Common Vestibular Diagnoses
44 New FDA Guidelines Aim to Prevent Zika Transmission via Tissue, Cell Donation
45 'Risky': Prostate Radiation, Second Cancers Linked
46 With Diabetes, BP Treatment Goal May Depend on Starting Line
47 'Surprising Gaps' in Ovarian Cancer, Says IOM Report
48 Reader Poll: Treating Racist Patients
49 U.S. Republican Trump Releases Healthcare Proposals
50 ASCO Endorses Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
51 Could a 'Default Option' Improve Cancer Care?
52 'Cooler Heads Prevail': Medicare Rethinks PSA Testing Penalty
53 Insurer Cuts Doctor Pay After ACA Losses: Will Others Follow?
54 Weight-Based Prothrombin Stops Warfarin-Induced Bleeding
55 Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia a Distinct Disease?
56 The Stethoscope: Timeless Tool or Outdated Relic?
57 Lower CAD Risk Hinted with Gene Variants Linked to Lower Triglycerides
58 More than a Third of People Shot by LAPD in 2015 Mentally Ill
59 Wal-Mart Says Some Pharmacy Client Data Was Visible to Others Online
60 U.S. Bans the Use of Electronic Cigarettes on Commercial Flights
61 Women with ACS, Angina Fare Worse than Men
62 U.S. Hospital Group Warns of Blue Cross Dominance if Anthem Buys Cigna
63 Degludec/Liraglutide Combo Bests Glargine in Type 2 Diabetes
64 Iron Supplementation in Infancy Improves Early Gross Motor Test Scores
65 Decreasing Use of ESA Has Not Worsened Dialysis Outcomes
66 Alcohol-Containing Antiseptic May Cause Severe Toxic Keratopathy
67 Novel Brain Training Game May Reduce Kids' ADHD Symptoms
68 'Chilling' Data on Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in US Hospital Patients
69 Maine Clinics Offer Remote Prescribing of Abortion Pills
70 Many of the Best US Hospitals Losing Ground to C difficile, with Rates Worse than National Average
71 Novel 'Gene Silencer' Shows Promise in Huntington's
72 Uber-Like Innovation Is Coming: Are Physicians Ready?
73 Better Training for Menopausal Management Urgently Needed
74 100,000 Babies Campaign Improves NICU Outcomes
75 Neoadjuvant Endocrine Therapy Underused for Breast Cancer
76 Antibiotics Underrecognized Cause of Delirium
77 Brain Metastases: Two Radiosurgery Techniques Compared
78 More Attorneys Are Asking for Patients' Health Records
79 CV Risk Rises, Falls After Moderate Alcohol Intake, but Heavy Drinkers Beware: Meta-Analysis
80 Immuno-oncology Driving More Precise Cancer Treatment
81 Neonatal HSV Death Rate up in New York City
82 NY Attorney General to Investigate Insurers Over Hepatitis C Drugs
83 U.S. Top Court Denies Bid to Block Mercury Air Pollution Rule
84 Research Indicates Other Mosquitoes May Be Able to Carry Zika
85 Sanofi Plots Accelerated Path to Zika Vaccine
86 Climate Impact Predicted to Cause 500,000 Extra Deaths in 2050
87 Glaucoma Drops May Help in Refractory AMD
88 U.S. Free Vaccine Program Tied to Reduced Disparities for Kids
89 Dangers Lurk Within Health Savings Accounts for Retirees
90 Google Says Its Engineers Working with UNICEF to Map Zika
91 Top-Line Data Show CV Benefit for Liraglutide in Type 2 Diabetes
92 Higher Rates of PSA Screening in Black vs. White Men
93 Blood-Pressure App's Readings Not Accurate, Says Study
94 FDA Advisers Pick 2016-2017 Influenza Vaccine Strains
95 Investigational Therapeutic Genital Herpes Vaccine Promising
96 Biologics Maintain Benefits Long-term in Plaque Psoriasis
97 Study Shows How Zika Virus Could Cause Fetal Brain Defects
98 Confirmed: Winter Babies Benefit from Mothers Taking Vitamin D
99 'Landmark'?: US Blacks' Breast Cancer May Have African Roots
100 Video Games, Social Media Tied to Shorter Sleep for Teens
101 ADHD Drugs May Harm Bone Health: Study
102 Cancer Surgery 'Rescue' Imperils Long-term Survival
103 Back on Earth, U.S. Astronaut Faces Science Labs Without the View
104 Glycolytic Enzyme Implicated in Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
105 S. African State-Owned Drug Firm Seeks Antiretroviral Supplies
106 WHO Convenes Experts Amid 'Accumulating Evidence' of Zika Link to Disorders
107 Early Peanut Exposure Reduces Allergy, LEAP-On Confirms
108 Impaired Nocturnal BP Dipping Holds Prognostic Value, Regardless of 24-Hour BPs
109 Could MS Drug Have a Role in Acute Stroke?
110 Quality Reporting Costs $40,000 per Physician per Year