File Title
1 Mystery wind drought that cut US wind power in 2015 is back
2 Plants have evolved forgetfulness to wipe out memory of stress
3 India set to join hunt for gravitational waves with its own LIGO
4 Astronauts may respond faster to warning voices than alarm tones
5 Ebola outbreak caused twice as many deaths as we thought
6 LIGO's black holes may have lived and died inside a huge star
7 Facebook's VR future and mass-scale mapping revealed
8 Sea butterflies fly underwater just like insects do in the air
9 Virgin Galactic claims new 'Unity' spaceship fixes safety issues
10 Facebook can map more of Earth in a week than we have in history
11 Source of cosmic radio blast tracked down for the first time
12 Robot walks around, carries boxes, and takes a hit in new video
13 Wild gorillas compose happy songs that they hum during meals
14 Gentler attack on cancer may mean we can live with it for longer
15 Facebook's AI is learning by reading loads of children's books
16 When will the universe end? Not for at least 2.8 billion years
17 Artificial tail-less sperm is the best test-tube sex cell yet
18 Male sand martin birds filmed having sex with a dead male
19 Bromance helps stressed out warring chimps keep their cool
20 Glow-in-the-dark bacterial lights could illuminate shop windows
21 Squid filmed using their ink clouds as smokescreen to catch prey
22 First life may have been forged in icy seas on a freezing Earth
23 People will follow a robot in an emergency--even if it's wrong
24 Whale algorithm could unlock secrets of their many dialects
25 First life may have been forged in icy seas on a freezing Earth
26 N/A
27 N/A
28 Animal invaders on Europe's kill list are set to be wiped out
29 Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake
30 Exquisite fossils reveal oldest nervous system ever preserved
31 Zika virus likely to cause paralysing Guillain-Barre syndrome
32 Google accepts blame for its self-driving car causing crash
33 China set to surpass its climate targets as renewables soar
34 Cosmic radio blast result called into question within days
35 New UK Snooper's charter still gives state wide hacking powers
36 US Supreme Court to hear case on restrictive Texas abortion law
37 Europe unveils bolder plan to combat wildlife crime
38 New ISS Image of the Pacific Northwest and an Aurora
39 Graphene Oxide Layers Deform Evenly Under Gentle Strain
40 New Research May Solve Longstanding Fusion Reactor Mystery
41 Planet Nine--Astronomers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet in Our Solar System
42 Curiosity Rover Continues to Gather Martian Soil Samples
43 Astronomers Discover a Giant Exoplanet and Four New Companion Stars
44 Yale Engineers Devise Quantum Technology on a Chip
45 Hubble Image of the Week--Misbehaving Spiral Galaxy LO95 0313-192
46 Star Cluster Trumpler 14 Displays Some of the Most Luminous Stars in Our Galaxy
47 Cassini Spacecraft Captures a Half-Lit View of Enceladus
48 NASA Takes a Closer Look at Planet Nine
49 Astronomers Use Galaxy Clusters to Reveal New Dark Matter Insights
50 Yale Researchers Identify Molecular Link between Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease
51 Planet 2MASS J2126 is 1 Trillion Kilometers Away from Its Parent Star
52 Scientists Propose a New Method to Probe the Evolutionary History of the Universe
53 Scientists Develop Graphene Composite to Simplify Ice Removal
54 Hubble Reveals Globular Clusters Gain Star-Making Fuel from Outside the Cluster Itself
55 Biochemists Identify Another Piece of the Parkinson's Disease Pathology Puzzle
56 Astronomers Gaze Deep into the Heart of Active Galaxy BL Lacertae
57 Hubble Image of the Week--Peculiar Galaxy NGC 1487
58 New Cassini Image Shows Methane in Saturn's Atmosphere
59 New Animation Shows a Simulated Flight Over the Surface of Dwarf Planet Ceres
60 New Horizons Spacecraft Reveals More Water Ice on Pluto's Surface than Previously Thought
61 New Study Shows Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Can Harm People with HIV
62 Chandra Observations Confirm a Counterjet from Pictor A
63 MIT Study Shows Tiny Plankton Have a Big Effect on the Ocean's Carbon Storage
64 Cassini Reveals Saturn's Rings Less Dense than They Appear
65 Asteroid 2013 TX68 to Pass Earth on March 5
66 NASA's Juno Spacecraft Adjusts Flight Path for Jupiter
67 Astronomers Discover Unexpectedly Cold Grains in a Planet-Forming Disc
68 New Energy-Friendly Chip Can Perform Powerful AI Tasks
69 Biologists Extend Lifespan in Mice by 35 Percent
70 Scientists Complete Primary Mirror for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope
71 Astronomers Observe Star Formation in the Outskirts of Galaxies
72 Hubble Image of the Week--The Icy Blue Wings of Hen 2-437
73 Preliminary Reference Earth Model Shows Earth-like Planets Have Earth-like Interiors
74 Was Frozen Mammoth or Giant Ground Sloth Served for Dinner?
75 Scientists Characterize Nerve Cells that Detect Motion by Light Changes
76 Ices and Shadows--Cassini Views Saturn's Moon Tethys
77 New Research Shows Long-Term Global Warming Needs External Drivers
78 New Yale Study Pinpoints Key Protein in Severe Vascular Disease
79 New ASTRO-H Satellite to Study Black Holes and Galaxy Clusters
80 HD 97300 Lights Up the Surrounding Cosmic Clouds
81 Yale Scientists Reveal Underlying Cause of Myeloma
82 Astronomers Reveal Hidden Galaxies Behind the Milky Way
83 NSF's LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves
84 Scientists Construct Geological Maps of Pluto's
85 DES Results of First Search for Visible Light Associated with Gravitational Waves
86 Dione Divided--Dione Appears Cut in Two by Saturn's Rings
87 MIT Researchers Identify Cells that Represent Feelings of Isolation
88 Hubble Reveals a Dry Atmosphere Around Super-Earth 55 Cancri e
89 Chandra Discovers a Jet from a Very Distant Black
90 MIT Develops New Imaging System with Open-Ended Bundle of Optical Fibers
91 Astronomers Discover Binary Star System that Produces the Longest Lasting Known Eclipse
92 Physicists Test the Response Time of Electrons
93 New Horizons Reveals a Possible Ancient Ocean on Charon
94 Hubble Views the Young Star HBC 1
95 Hubble Measures Rotation of 'Super-Jupiter' Exoplanet 2M1207b
96 Hubble Image of the Week--Blue Bubble in Carina
97 Three Times the Fun: New Cassini Image of Tethys, Enceladus and Mimas
98 New Microfluidic Screening Device May Speed Up DNA Insertion in Bacteria
99 Climate Change Threatens Boreal Coniferous Forests
100 Cassini Measures Titan Surface Temperatures During Northern Winter and Spring
101 Astronomers Discover Distant Radio Galaxies via Gravitational Lensing
102 Astronomers Complete the ATLASGAL Survey of Milky Way
103 Scientists Develop a Light-Driven Three-Dimensional Plasmonic Nanosystem
104 New Research Shows LIGO's Twin Black Holes Might Have Been Born Inside a Single Star
105 Gravitational Waves Could Soon be Detectable by Existing Radio Telescopes
106 Astronomers Identify the Precise Location of a Fast Radio Burst in a Distant Galaxy
107 New IBEX Observations Determine the Strength of the Magnetic Field Outside the Heliosphere
108 Hubble Image of the Week-- a Stellar Fingerprint
109 NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft Observes Mars Moon Phobos
110 Astronomers Take a Closer Look at the Milky Way's Central Molecular Zone
111 Yale Researchers Identify Gene that Regulates the Growth of Melanoma
112 NASA to Build a Quieter Supersonic Passenger Jet
113 Scientists Discover 520 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Nervous System