File Title
1 Undergraduate student takes to Twitter to expose illegal release of alien fish in Japan
2 Autoimmune diseases gonna be defeated
3 New software provides and overview of the big data of genome sequencing
4 Helmholtz researchers identify genetic switch regulating satiety and body weight
5 Nanoparticles on nanosteps
6 Fossil find reveals just how big carnivorous dinosaur may have grown
7 New insight into the possible risk factors associated with food allergies
8 'Need for Sleep': Even elite students are not spared
9 Invasive water frogs too dominant for native species
10 Developmental psychology: Friendship wins out over fairness
11 Making better enzymes and protein drugs
12 New targets for reducing nerve pain identified
13 Researchers make key improvement in solar cell technology
14 Capsule shedding: A new bacterial pathway that promotes invasive disease
15 Scientists used high tech ultrasound imaging to study tiger shark reproduction
16 Opting out of federal rule requiring physician supervision does not increase anesthesia care access
17 New form of electron-beam imaging can see elements that are 'invisible' to common methods
18 Quick thinking and feeling healthy predict longer life
19 Study finds consistent link between violent crime and concealed-carry gun permits
20 Offsetting climate change's effects
21 Students binge drink less in locales with more affirmative LGBTQ school climates
22 University of Kentucky physicist discovers new 2-D material that could upstage graphene
23 New understanding of bones could lead to stronger materials, osteoporosis treatment
24 Study links normal stem cells to aggressive prostate cancer
25 Breast cancer genetic variants found to alter how cells respond to oestrogen
26 Biological clocks orchestrate behavioral rhythms by sending signals downstream
27 Training needed to increase physician comfort level with transgender patients
28 Extracting value from chaos: The promise of health information technology
29 The Lancet: Zika virus might cause Guillain-Barre syndrome, according to new evidence from French Polynesia
30 Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length
31 Fishing meets science with waders and smartphones
32 Risk of catching Ebola from survivor 'very low'
33 Study identifies racial bias in US court sentencing decisions
34 New UTSA study delves into what makes a great leader
35 Sleep loss boosts hunger and unhealthy food choices
36 Imaging algorithm gathers information about how cells move
37 Illuminating the broad spectrum of disease
38 Precision oncology could be tailor-made for metastatic prostate cancer
39 New genetic insights into mesothelioma
40 Studies find osteopathic manipulative treatment improves low back pain, avoid surgery
41 Study finds no link between insomnia and cholesterol levels
42 Loss of MHCI in motor neurons leads to ALS astrocyte toxicity
43 Type 1 diabetes associated with increased risk of some cancer types
44 Vascular disease after age 80 associated with greater risk of dementia
45 Many prostate cancer patients saved from unnecessary treatments and side effects
46 Are parents of 'difficult' children more likely to use iPads to calm kids down?
47 New vaccine could save thousands of lives
48 Watching new species evolve in real time
49 520-million-year-old fossilized nervous system is most detailed example yet found
50 Public health should be part of Canada's missing and murdered Aboriginal women inquiry
51 Active surveillance of low-grade prostate cancer alternative to overtreatment
52 Stanford-led study underscores huge gap between rich, poor in global surgery
53 Glucose-guzzling immune cells may drive coronary artery disease, Stanford study finds
54 Shaving time to test antidotes for nerve agents
55 People in world's poorest countries missing out on surgery
56 Does daylight saving time increase risk of stroke?
57 Unlocking the secrets of squid sucker ring teeth
58 New fast radio burst discovery finds 'missing matter' in the universe
59 Subaru-HiCIAO spots young stars surreptitiously gluttonizing their birth clouds
60 On the hook: Sustainable fishing in Papua New Guinea
61 Device 'fingerprints' could help protect power grid, other industrial systems
62 'Class ceiling' stops working class actors from getting parts
63 Two-pronged attack increases potency of new anti-cancer drugs
64 Philippines affected by more extreme tropical cyclones
65 When sea levels rise, damage costs rise even faster
66 Mammalian fertilization, caught on tape
67 Cells in stiffer tissues are squeezed into mutating more often
68 Tarantula toxins converted to painkillers
69 Eylea outperforms Avastin for diabetic macular edema with moderate or worse vision loss
70 Predictive proteins: Elevated levels trigger metastatic progression of cancer cells
71 Electron microscopy captures snapshot of structure coronaviruses use to enter cells
72 NASA's IBEX observations pin down interstellar magnetic field
73 St. Joseph's Hospital research reveals standard treatment for ovarian cancer
74 Breast reconstruction using abdominal tissue--Differences in outcome with four different techniques
75 3-D analysis and CAD/CAM techniques lead to new advances in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
76 Preventing protein unfolding
77 Light reflectance technique improves ability to remove prostate cancer during surgery
78 HIV in Rhode Island: Newly diagnosed men often 'hooked up' online
79 Why people oppose same-sex marriage
80 Non-integrating viral vector delivers chemotherapy-sensitizing gene to pancreatic cancer cells
81 Zika virus: Approaching the unknown
82 Learn how to fly a plane from expert-pilot brainwave patterns
83 Palliative care important for prison population, too
84 108 million people have correctable vision impairment, global study estimates
85 The couple that sings together stays together
86 First in-human vaccine study for malaria caused by Plasmodium vivax
87 Insecticide-treated nets may still prevent malaria despite mosquito resistance
88 New research adds additional layer of complexity to human protein landscape
89 UT Dallas study: WikiLeaks list did not lead to attacks
90 Potential association between pre-labor cesarean delivery and childhood leukemia IDed
91 How plants protect photosynthesis from oxygen
92 Study finds 36 percent increase in number of male smokers in India
93 Building living, breathing supercomputers
94 Solar cells as light as a soap bubble
95 Combination therapy may be better than radiotherapy alone to treat aggressive brain cancer
96 University of Toronto researcher first to open lab notes in real time
97 Structure of a hantavirus protein as a promising model for drug design
98 Researchers find association between oral bacteria and esophageal cancer
99 K-Glass 3 offers users a keyboard to type text
100 Women who feel more at risk of crime also prefer physically dominant partners
101 Determining the structures of nanocrystalline pharmaceuticals by electron diffraction
102 Drug discovery paradigm targets Tau protein aggregation linked to the Alzheimer's disease
103 Researcher evaluation measures do not add up
104 Being overweight linked to poorer memory
105 World's first parallel computer based on biomolecular motors
106 Nature Communications: How metal clusters grow
107 Extreme events in the brain
108 Consumers care about carbon footprint
109 Research team sheds light on 'rightie' or 'leftie' behavior in a scale-eating cichlid
110 Disney automated system lets characters leap and bound realistically in virtual worlds