File Title
1 Building living, breathing supercomputers
2 Breast reconstruction using abdominal tissue--Differences in outcome with four different techniques
3 Zika virus: Approaching the unknown
4 Why people oppose same-sex marriage
5 The couple that sings together stays together
6 New form of electron-beam imaging can see elements that are 'invisible' to common methods
7 Training needed to increase physician comfort level with transgender patients
8 Device 'fingerprints' could help protect power grid, other industrial systems
9 Fossil find reveals just how big carnivorous dinosaur may have grown
10 Insulin Resistance: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
11 Testosterone gel boosts sexual function, mood for older men
12 New vaccine to curb fentanyl overdose and addiction
13 Gallbladder Inflammation Symptoms: Signs, Duration, Complications
14 Binge drinking in young adults raises risk of hypertension
15 Red meat compound linked to worse outcomes in heart failure patients
16 Stents, surgery equally durable, safe for reducing stroke risk
17 Benzodiazepine overdose death rate 'has increased four-fold'
18 Blood test detects all known genes for inherited heart conditions
19 How safe is the Paleo diet?
20 Moderate drinking could lower heart attack, heart failure risk
21 Viagra relieves life-threatening condition in swimmers and divers
22 Diabetes during pregnancy linked to low breast milk supply
23 How graphic warnings on cigarette packets influence smokers' brains
24 TBI: drug shows promise for reducing harmful brain inflammation
25 First drink? Your brain will never forget it
26 How much water should I drink each day?
27 Is height, weight linked to rise in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma?
28 Consensus on genomic classification of bladder cancer makes progress
29 Unfurling proteins that pierce membranes could help with drug delivery
30 Money worries drive physical pain, study finds
31 Macrolide antibiotics 'do not increase risk of heart arrhythmia, death'
32 What are Kegel exercises?
33 Should we soften our approach to female genital mutilation?
34 Seasonal affective disorder: first human gene mutation discovered
35 mHealth solutions: the future of health care
36 Parents do not rate flu vaccine as highly as other childhood vaccines
37 Antibiotic-resistant superbugs may be overcome by 'breaking down their walls'
38 Chocolate may boost cognitive function
39 Vaginal ring reduces risk of HIV by up to 61%
40 Chikungunya: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
41 Could IBS, migraines and tension headaches be genetically linked?
42 Trehalose sugar may help prevent fatty liver disease
43 Vaginal seeding: more risks than benefits?
44 HPV rates fallen sharply in young women since vaccine introduced
45 Zika virus: CDC investigating more possible cases of sexual transmission
46 Fish and pregnancy: mercury exposure outweighed by beneficial effects
47 Low amino acids in diet linked to stunted growth in children
48 Breaching blood-brain barrier enables chemotherapy to zap glioblastoma
49 Mental activity may not stave off Alzheimer's progression
50 Placebos: How Do They Work? What Is the Placebo Effect?
51 Endoscope-i: a pocket-sized game changer
52 Pancreatic cancer is 'four separate diseases,' say researchers
53 High-salt diet may harm liver
54 The lowdown on 'legal' highs
55 Stem cell therapy: is the US missing a trick?
56 Sperm created from stem cells offer hope in cases of male infertility
57 How skin cells could help fight cancer
58 Case study: Zika virus causes stillbirth?
59 DMT: Facts, Effects and Health Risks
60 Paid family leave could reduce rates of abusive head trauma in infants
61 CDC: flu vaccine on track to be more effective this year
62 Keep moving, live longer
63 Type 2 diabetes: blood pressure drugs may be harmful for some patients
64 First uterus transplant in US offers hope of pregnancy for women with UFI
65 Antisense drug for Huntington's looks promising
66 Dried plums could protect against radiation-induced bone loss
67 A little alcohol in pregnancy puts future generations at risk
68 A lesson in paying attention from a brown bat
69 Herbal remedies may be risky for cancer patients
70 Omega-3s could lower breast cancer risk in obese women, study suggests
71 Turmeric: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
72 Could tarantula venom help fight pain?
73 'IVF chip' helps capture images of sperm fusing with egg
74 Gum disease bacteria linked to esophageal cancer
75 Overweight, obesity linked to poorer memory for young adults
76 'Female Viagra' safety, efficacy questioned in new study
77 Can't Afford the Cost of Cancer Drugs? Get a Mortgage
78 Zika Link to Guillain-Barre Paralysis Strengthened
79 Preventive Healthcare Best in Massachusetts, Worst in Mississippi
80 Patients Rate Physicians' Responses to DTC Genomic Testing
81 Some Hemorrhoid Devices May Receive More FDA Scrutiny
82 Physicians Greet New HCV Drug Zepatier Cautiously
83 Flibanserin Approval Not Supported by Data, Review Suggests
84 New Jersey Hospital Patients Told of Possible HIV, Hepatitis Exposure
85 Big Verdict Doesn't Assure More Wins for Plaintiffs in Talc-Cancer Cases
86 Head and Neck Surgery Data Could Help Improve Outcome
87 Surgeons Benefit from Short Intraoperative Stretching Breaks
88 Lack of Trauma Team Care Could Impact Outcomes in Elderly Patients
89 Teen Mental Health Risk Increases with Food Insecurity
90 Rivals Chase Bristol-Myers in Cancer Immunotherapy Drug Race
91 Email, Text Message Reminders Boost Completion of HPV Vaccine Series
92 Impairment of Multiple Senses Common in Older People
93 Researchers with Opposing Views on Salt Intake Are Ignoring Each Other
94 Early Nutrition Improves Outcome in Pediatric Brain Injury
95 Transgender Kids: No Harm, Possible Benefit, from Early Social Changeover
96 Psychiatric Symptoms Speed Conversion to Dementia
97 Community Program Increases PrEP Use Among Black Gay, Bi Men
98 HPV Throat Cancer in Men Increasing--Link to Oral Sex?
99 First Human Data Show Verapamil Lowers Glucose in Diabetes
100 Global Opioid Use Continues to Be 'Feast or Famine'
101 Quality Indicator, Physicians Differ on Preventable Admissions
102 Multimodal Care Reduces All-Cause Mortality in Opioid Users
103 FDA Panel: Urogynecological Mesh Tools Need Higher Risk Level
104 Meaningful Use Hardship Exception Deadline Extended
105 Advances in Genomic Medicine 'Unstoppable'
106 Verily, Vanderbilt Named to Launch U.S. Precision Medicine Pilot
107 Non-Chain Restaurant Meals Are High in Calories Too
108 Zika Infection May Cause Stillbirth, Loss of Brain Tissue--Report
109 Zika Outbreak Will Worsen Before It Gets Better, WHO Head Says
110 Kannalife Eyes Share Float to Fund Cannabis-Based Medicine