File Title
1 Police violence: What the public doesn't know
2 New heat wave formula can help public health agencies prepare for extreme temperatures
3 Enzymatic engines
4 Bariatric surgery may reduce life-threatening heart failure exacerbation in obese patients
5 Leaky lymphatics lead to obesity in mice
6 Parental pressure pushes young athletes to doping
7 Immunotherapy agent can disrupt viral reservoir in SIV-infected monkeys
8 Heart failure is associated with increased acetylation of metabolic proteins
9 A new approach to visualize drug delivery to the central nervous system
10 Understanding the role of human polyomaviruses in cancer
11 An autoimmune trigger for juvenile idiopathic arthritis
12 Protecting the heart: Cardiac heme oxygenase regulates injury response
13 'Cocktail' orangutans leave researchers shaken and stirred
14 Innate immune landscape in glioblastoma patient tumors
15 Composing and arranging music partly genetically determined
16 Predicting human evolution: Teeth tell the story
17 Small study finds immunotherapy improves cognition in patients with schizophrenia
18 Europe 2030: Energy saving to become 'first fuel'
19 Climate change speeds up gully erosion
20 Magnetoreception molecule found in the eyes of dogs and primates
21 Half of elderly colorectal cancer patients receiving value-less treatment
22 New issue of CVIA: Special focus on electrophysiology
23 Object located around a black hole 5 billion light-years from Earth has been measured
24 Automatic programming makes swarm robots safer and more reliable
25 Ancient chimpanzee 'Adam' lived over 1 million years ago, research reveals
26 Sustainability management: Legitimacy is more important than profit for large companies
27 Cells work together to form the water-conducting vascular tissue of plants
28 Physicists promise a copper revolution in nanophotonics
29 Genetically modified E. coli pump out morphine precursor
30 IBS team suppresses oxidative stress and neuronal death associated with Alzheimer's disease
31 Life-threatening bowel ischemia can often be treated by balloon angioplasty
32 Pathway to better metabolism discovered in fat cells
33 Fish brains help explain human sensory perception
34 Study shows teen girls' sexual orientation not always a predictor of sexual behavior
35 Potential diagnostic for dengue fever outcomes based on metabolomic profiles
36 Protein that triggers juvenile arthritis identified
37 Researchers use mouse model to study craniofacial disorders
38 Pancreatic cancer: Major breakthrough in our understanding of the mechanisms of the disease
39 Quantum dot solids: This generation's silicon wafer?
40 Experimental Ebola antibody protects monkeys
41 Sugar rush shrinks brain cell powerhouse
42 Bacteria take 'RNA mug shots' of threatening viruses
43 High levels of intense exercise may be unhealthy for the heart
44 Flowers tone down the iridescence of their petals and avoid confusing bees
45 Voting restrictions stir anger, mobilize more Democrats to polls
46 Infection-fighting bandages for serious burns
47 Driverless cars could increase reliance on roads
48 Paid family leave linked to fewer kids' hospital admissions for abusive head injury
49 State clustering of fatal unintentional firearm injuries and those involving police officers
50 11,000-year-old pendant is earliest known Mesolithic art in Britain
51 Source of cells used to generate new tissue may be important to personalized medicine
52 One in 4 cases of CRC diagnosed within 2 years of a negative screening result
53 Water-cleaning chemical made 'on-demand' with new group of catalysts
54 Physically active individuals cope better with heart attacks
55 Zika virus linked to stillbirth, other symptoms in Brazil
56 The BENEFIT Trial: A wake-up call to accelerate the diagnosis, treatment and research
57 Sisterly sacrifice among ovarian germ cells key to egg development
58 Collection of open reading frames at 80 percent of human protein-coding genes
59 Synchronized leaf aging behind seasonal changes in photosynthesis in Amazon forests
60 How brain oscillations respond to teleportation
61 Discovery of likely subtypes of rare childhood brain tumor signals diagnostic advance
62 Zika virus linked to stillbirth, other symptoms in Brazil
63 Genetics reveal 50,000 years of independent history of aboriginal Australian people
64 Genomic sequencing reveals link between STIs and leading cause of infectious blindness
65 New molecular property may mean more efficient solar and opto-electronic devices
66 Discovery of key abnormality affecting brain development in people with Down syndrome
67 Graphene slides smoothly across gold
68 Four new orchid species discovered during Lengguru 2014 expedition, West Papua, Indonesia
69 World's smallest of giant flowers discovered in the Philippines
70 New bush tomato species is the link between botany and an Oscar-nominated Hollywood movie
71 Is disinfectant necessary for safe drinking water?
72 Leaf quality drives forests' ability to absorb carbon
73 Antibodies eliminate Ebola symptoms 5 days after infection
74 Well blowout doubled Los Angeles's methane leak rate
75 Fine-tuning cellular energy increases longevity
76 Molecular 'brake' prevents excessive inflammation
77 Demystifying mechanotransduction ion channels
78 The body's response to low levels of oxygen may treat mitochondrial disease, study finds
79 Cooling technique protects speech during brain surgery
80 Screening truffles for radioactivity 30 years from Chernobyl
81 'Big data' helps to discover key factors driving blood cell specification
82 Trimming piRNAs' tails to clip jumping genes' wings
83 Study: California blowout led to largest US methane release ever
84 How have changes in the use of anemia drugs affected dialysis patients?
85 California gas well blowout caused nation's largest methane release, study finds
86 Researchers work to block harmful behavior of key Alzheimer's enzyme
87 Mirror mirror: Snail shells offer clue in unravelling common origins of body asymmetry
88 Human gut microbiome evolution: From hunter-gatherers to a western lifestyle
89 What twisting snails can tell us about animals' intriguing asymmetries
90 Stem cell technique makes sperm in a dish
91 Nitric oxide protects against parasite invasion and brain inflammation by keeping the blood brain barrier intact
92 Chapman University examines what keeps passion alive in long-term relationships
93 UTSW researchers build powerful 3-D microscope, create images of cancer cells
94 Solved! First distance to a 'fast radio burst'
95 This is your brain on exercise
96 NIST report: Science-based data collection key to better wildland fire defense
97 What will emerging genetic tools for mitochondrial DNA replacement mean for patients?
98 Stroke patients show higher recovery in MultiStem therapy studied at UH Case Med Center
99 Global warming will drive vast, unpredictable shift in natural wealth
100 UCI maps methane leaks across Los Angeles Basin
101 Keeping mind active may delay Alzheimer's symptoms, but not underlying disease
102 Research offers hope for better treatments for retinal degenerative diseases
103 Using thin or obese avatars in motion-controlled gaming can influence physical activity
104 Inability to avoid visual distractions linked to poor short-term memory
105 Moffitt develops novel cancer treatment to inhibit chemo-resistance
106 Rice U. study identifies factors that affect state-owned enterprises' welcome overseas
107 The prolonged death of light from type Ia supernovae
108 Want to be seen as a leader? Get some muscle
109 How does COPD care by physicians compare with nurse practitioners/physician assistants?
110 UI scientist: Honeybee hive collapse mystery rooted in hive size
111 A mathematical advance in describing waves
112 UNC-Chapel Hill researchers make groundbreaking discovery, use skin cells to kill cancer