File Title
1 Ultrafast Optical Microscope: New Technique Allows Capture of Ultrafast Processes in Matter
2 Five-Dimensional Black Hole: New Study Shows How Unique Black Hole Could Break Laws of Physics
3 Prehistoric Village: Archaeologists Discover Village in Jordan Valley that Links Old and New Stone Ages
4 Autism: Scientists Reverse Symptoms in Mice
5 Otter Died at Calgary Zoo After Playing with Pants
6 Hubble Telescope: Supermassive Black Hole Detected by Hubble Space Telescope
7 Smoking Kills Cats? Second-Hand Smoke Can Kill Kitties, Study Says
8 Zika Virus: New Study Reveals Virus in Amniotic Fluid, Suggests Ability to Cross Placental Barrier
9 NASA Space Telescope: WFIRST Could Provide Glimpse into Universe's Secrets (VIDEO)
10 China Telescope to Be World's Largest, Will Displace 9,000
11 Dolphin Dies as Beachgoers Pass It Around for Selfies
12 Bronze Age Wheel Found in Britain After Thousands of Years (VIDEO)
13 Binging on Weekends Is Just as Bad as Regular Junk Food Diet
14 Erectile Dysfunction Can Now Be Treated with Sound Waves
15 Virgin Galactic Spaceship Revealed; Will Be Used for Space Tourists
16 El Nino Set to Fade Out by Second Quarter of 2016
17 Ocular Cancer: Scientists Develop Nanoparticle with Potential to Treat Ocular Cancer
18 Popular Stem Cell Techniques Safe from Cancer-Causing Mutatations, Study Says
19 Slave Traders Carried Deadly Blood Parasite from Africa to New World, Study Finds
20 Pope Francis: Contraceptives Might Curb Zika Virus Outbreak
21 'Science of Salt': New Study Sheds Light on Polarized Opinions Regarding Salt's Impact on Health
22 Hunter-Gatherers: New Study Reveals How They Preserved Food Sources
23 Cambrian Explosion: Mystery Behind Cambrian Explosion Revealed, Study Claims
24 Moral Expansiveness Scale: New Test Determines Strength of Human Convictions
25 ISS Astronauts Experience Microsoft HoloLens for First Time in Space (PHOTO/TWEET)
26 'Rattlesnake Island': Massachusetts Plans to Create Colony of Venomous, Endangered Rattlesnakes
27 CRISPR Research Advanced by New Bacterial Immunity Study
28 Glyptodonts: New Research Suggests Extinct Glyptodonts Were Actually Giant Armadillos
29 Chandra X-Ray Observatory: Jet of Supermassive Black Hole Illuminated by Ancient Light Discovered
30 Cancer Cells: New High-Resolution Microscope Captures Cancer Cells in 3-D (VIDEO)
31 Cell Phone Usage Is 'Cooking' Men's Sperm and Reducing Fertilty
32 Plant Memory: Plants Can 'Forget' Too, Study Says
33 'Moon Music' Heard by Apollo 10 Astronauts Released by NASA (VIDEOS)
34 Hitler Had Deformed Micropenis, 1 Testicle, Historians Say
35 Antarctic Ice Sheets: New Study Sheds Light on Vulnerability
36 Walabot: X-Ray Vision for People with Smartphones (VIDEO)
37 Laser Propulsion Alien Tech: New Technology Could Send Spaceships to Stars and Planets Using Lasers
38 Sea Rise Rate Fastest in Almost 3,000 Years
39 13 Bald Eagles Found Dead on Maryland Farm, Authorities Investigate
40 NASA Photonic Propulsion to Cut Time for Mars Travel
41 NASA: Giant Fireball Crashed Over Atlantic in Brazil
42 Predator Fear: Study Shows Importance of Creating 'Landscape of Fear' in Ecosystems (INFOGRAPHIC)
43 Osteosarcoma: New Study Reveals Method of Turning Cancer 'Off"
44 All U.S. Forests Threatened by Drought, Study Says
45 African Swine Fever: Scientists Genetically Modify Pigs to Resist Disease
46 Charge Injection Device: New Technology Could Help Discover Earth-Like Planets
47 Mystery 'Hobbits': Study Reveals They Are Not Homo Sapiens
48 Climate Change: New Map Shows Areas of World Most Sensitive to Effects
49 Fish Linked to Early Childhood Obesity, Says Research
50 Brazil Using Gamma Radiation to Combat Zika Virus
51 'Obesity Paradox': New Study Reveals Obesity Paradox in Yeast Cells
52 California Condor Milestone Reached in Conservation Efforts
53 Telomere Length: Women Who Are Impatient Have Shorter Telomeres, Study Says
54 Climate Change: Study Connects Climate Change and Wealth
55 DNA 'Trojan Horse': New Technique Smuggles Drugs into Cancer Cells
56 Wastewater Treatment Plants Are Significant Source of Microplastic Pollutants in Rivers, Study Finds
57 Sea Sponges: Scientists Reveal They Were Likely First Animals on Earth (VIDEO)
58 Planet Nine: Scientists Narrow Down Predicted Location of Planet
59 Dodo Bird: Study Finds Extinct Dodo Wasn't as Stupid as Previously Believed
60 Milky Way: New Map Captures Galaxy's Gas and Dust (PHOTO)
61 Bird with Fish Hook in Stomach Dies After Surgery
62 Fast Radio Burst: Scientists Detect Home Galaxy for First Time Ever
63 Australia: Medical Marijuana Legal Due to Historic Parliament Vote
64 Dating: New Site Makes Matches Based on Your Body Odor
65 N/A
66 Bio-Inspired Material Can Harvest Water from Air
67 Ozone Pollution Does Not Inhibit Ecosystem Productivity, Study Says
68 Quantum Dot Solids: New Discovery Could Usher in New Era of Electronics
69 Ancient Chimpanzee 'Adam': New Study Reveals One-Million-Year-Old Common Chimpanzee Ancestor
70 Nursery Web Spiders: Males Tie Up Females During Sex to Avoid Being Eaten, Study Finds
71 Coral Reef Die-Off Breaks History Records Due to Climate Change, El Nino
72 Experimental Ebola Antibody: New Study Reveals Potential Ebola Treatment
73 Tardigrades: New Video Shows Revival from 30-Year Cryptobiosis (VIDEO)
74 'Interstellar Mother Ship': New Photo Shows Potential UFO Heading Towards Jupiter's Moon (VIDEO)
75 Stem Cells to Mouse Sperm? Team Successfully Creates Fertile Offspring Using Stem Cells to Create Sperm
76 Scott Kelly Set to Return to Earth After Spending 340 Days in Space
77 Mint Sauce Worms Use Photosynthesis
78 Hungarian Mummy: New Study Uses Mummies to Shed Light on Colorectal Cancer
79 Polar Bear Cannibal: New Footage Catches Larger Male Polar Bear Eating Cub
80 Bethlehem Church of Nativity: Mysterious Religious Icon Discovered During Renovations
81 Subatomic Particle: Scientists Discover New Elementary Particle
82 NASA Releases Color Photo of Pluto's North Pole
83 Mathematical Model: Team Creates Model to Explain How Things Go Viral on Internet
84 Great Salt Lake: Utah's Defining Feature Is Shrinking, Study Says
85 Israel Figurine: Boy Discovers Ancient Clay Figure on Hiking Trip
86 Uterus Transplant: First in United States Performed at Cleveland Clinic
87 3-D Printing: Gigi the Macaw Gets First-Ever Titanium Prosthetic Beak (PHOTOS)
88 Death Valley: Super Bloom Blankets One of North America's Driest Places with Millions of Flowers
89 CubeSaturday, Satellites Will Make Space Exploration Cheaper and Easier, NASA Says
90 Florida Burmese Python Hunt Yields 106 Snakes
91 'Moth Eye' Graphene: New Breakthrough Increases Light Absorption of Graphene
92 Monarch Butterfly: Migration Population Rebounding in Mexico Wintering Grounds
93 Exercise Helps Individuals Cope with Heart Attacks, Study Says
94 'Chaucer's Children': New 3-D Imaging Technique Sheds Light on Diet of Ancient Children
95 Hubble Space Telescope: NASA's Captures 'Blue Bubble' in Carina Constellation (PHOTO)
96 Scientist Reveals Propulsion Technology that Could Blast Man to Mars in 30 Minutes
97 SpaceX Launch Delayed Due to Hapless Boater
98 Quantum dot solids: This generation's silicon wafer?
99 Study: Ozone does not necessarily promote decline of natural ecosystems
100 Bacteria take 'RNA mug shots' of threatening viruses
101 New heat wave formula can help public health agencies prepare for extreme temperatures
102 Synchronized leaf aging in the Amazon responsible for seasonal increases in photosynthesis
103 Solved! First distance to a 'fast radio burst'
104 Stem cell technique makes sperm in a dish
105 How plants protect photosynthesis from oxygen
106 Mountaintop mining, crop irrigation can damage water biodiversity, Virginia Tech researcher says
107 Driverless cars could increase reliance on roads
108 Scott Kelly returns to earth, but science for NASA's journey to Mars continues
109 Artificial control of exciplexes opens possibilities for new electronics
110 Women who feel more at risk of crime also prefer physically dominant partners