File Title
1 Mobile phone test can reveal vision problems in time
2 New computer vision algorithm predicts orientation of objects
3 South Africa's Sterkfontein Caves produce 2 new hominin fossils
4 The third sister: Long-suspected third desert tortoise species proven to exist in Mexico
5 Two new zoantharian species found on eunicid worms in the dark in the Indo-Pacific ocean
6 Doctors' reminders help keep people more engaged in their health care
7 Tiny worm opens big discovery on nerve degeneration
8 UBC researchers discover new glass technology
9 By switching 'bait,' IU biologists trick plants' bacterial defense into attacking virus
10 New study confirms different generics have equal efficacy when treating epilepsy
11 Put that in your e-cigarette and smoke it, or should you?
12 Research reveals carbon films can give microchips energy storage capability
13 Breakable genes may promote disease and brain cell diversity
14 Hope for peace may be encouraged by enemies in Israeli-Palestinian conflict
15 Alternative proteins encoded by the same gene have widely divergent functions in cells
16 Scripps Florida scientists identify a memory suppressor that may play a role in autism
17 Learning about struggles of famous scientists may help students succeed in science
18 Iron in the blood could cause cell damage, say researchers
19 TSRI study reveals new link between brain and fat-burning circuit
20 New milestone for device that can 'smell' prostate cancer
21 Asthma linked to an increased time to pregnancy
22 Mecca's cardiac hospital describes how it copes with the Hajj
23 New test could help select the best treatment for bowel cancer patients
24 The sleeping giant
25 Record for fastest data rate set
26 'Grit' adds little to prediction of academic achievement
27 Internet searches reflect vaping's surge
28 Long-term benefits of 'senolytic' drugs on vascular health in mice
29 First nationwide survey of climate change education
30 Origins of 'rage' identified in brain in male animal model
31 Type 2 diabetes drug can exhaust insulin-producing cells
32 Common antimalarial drug could be used to treat major injury
33 True love: How transcription factors interact to create a heart
34 How a master regulator in ovarian cancer can go from helpful to harmful
35 Abnormal combos of peptides may contribute to diabetes
36 Teachers' knowledge and values can hinder climate education
37 N/A
38 Ground water storage helped offset sea level rise, study says
39 Neandertal-derived DNA may influence depression and more in modern humans
40 Wisconsin researchers transform common cell to master heart cell
41 Recent asthma may be linked with abdominal aneurysm rupture
42 New species with heart-shaped fruits inspires a love for biodiversity in Hawai'i
43 Memory ensembles
44 CU scientists identify factor that may trigger type 1 diabetes
45 The history of hemodialysis sheds light on the ethical use of limited medical resources
46 Two distinct subspecies of plague associated with differences in geographical elevation
47 How your brain might be secretly thwarting your New Year's resolutions
48 Why smiles (and frowns) are contagious
49 The neuroscience of seeking company
50 Researchers urge further study on long-term safety of promising diabetes drug
51 Adenovirus dampens host DNA damage response--implications for control and cancer therapy
52 Updates on the fight to save amphibians
53 This is what a wasp sees to learn the way home
54 Neanderthal DNA has subtle but significant impact on human traits
55 Conservative group to attack Apple over 'hypocrisy' on religious freedom during shareholder meeting
56 85% of mobile device failures occur on Android, with Samsung leading the way
57 Bill Gates says he doesn't back FBI in case vs. Apple, encourages more discussion
58 Live 'PBS Kids' streaming channel to launch on iOS, Apple TV
59 Fourth betas of iOS 9.3, OS X 10.11.4 issued to Apple's public testers
60 In new court filing, Apple cites 9 other cases in which FBI asserted the All Writs Act
61 Wearables market surged in 2015 fueled by Apple Watch & Fitbit, IDC data shows
62 China Mobile reports strong 4G user growth in January, following Apple's iPhone 6s chart topping launch
63 Apple Pencil UI navigation functions to return in next iOS 9.3 beta, Apple says
64 FreshBooks ships iPhone-ready card reader, YouTube app gets native iPad Pro support
65 Apple launches 'Podcasts Connect' Web portal for managing digital content
66 Rallies supporting Apple's stance on privacy see lukewarm response
67 Apple execs met with Malaysian prime minister to discuss R&D investments, app development center
68 Apple to argue First Amendment rights in FBI decryption battle
69 Apple issues firmware update for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
70 Facebook 'Like' button gains new reactions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad & Angry
71 New poll says public sides with Apple over FBI in resisting iPhone unlock order
72 Rumor: Apple will finally bring Siri to Mac with this year's OS X 10.12
73 On Steve Jobs's birthday, don't forget those who made his story possible
74 Todoist makes major updates to iOS, Mac & Apple Watch apps, introduces Safari plugin
75 tvOS App Store gains 'Not on this Apple TV' category
76 Users of Microsoft's 'free' Windows 10 find unexpected ads on lock screen
77 Facing challenges from FBI, Apple vows to strengthen encryption even further
78 Netflix refreshes iOS app with 3D Touch, iPad Pro support & more
79 'This would be bad for America,' Tim Cook tells ABC News about creating iPhone backdoor
80 Bipartisan encryption bill would create special congressional commission on encryption
81 Purportedly leaked 4-inch iPhone schematics bear striking resemblance to iPhone 6
82 Tim Cook: FBI is asking Apple to create 'software equivalent of cancer'
83 Apple releases Apple TV Tech Talks video series for building better tvOS apps
84 Sharp reportedly accepts $6.25 billion takeover bid from Foxconn
85 Apple developing iPhone and iCloud encryption that counters FBI-requested workaround, reports say
86 Maricopa County Attorney bans employees from getting new iPhones, says Apple is 'on the side of terrorists'
87 Samsung unveils new high-speed 256GB storage chips for smartphones
88 FBI Director James Comey seeks to reassure Congress that Apple fight is not about precedent
89 Obama administration, FBI must act to restore US government's credibility in Apple's encryption debate
90 Foxconn's Sharp takeover postponed because of undisclosed liabilities, report says
91 MasterCard brings back free Monday rides for Londoners using Apple Pay
92 Apple's Photos apps for iOS 10 & OS X 10.12 to restore iPhoto editing features--report
93 Apple lead attorney Bruce Sewell to testify before US Congress on encryption debate March 1
94 Spark gets iPad & watchOS 2 support, Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed Identity
95 Apple pushes 7.2.1 software update to third-generation Apple TV
96 Rumor: Apple to launch 9.7" iPad Pro--not Air--in March with Pencil & Smart Keyboard support
97 Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Twitter expected to file motions backing Apple in unlock debate
98 Apple TV adds new app categories, advertises Tim Cook's ABC interview in tvOS App Store
99 Rev. Jesse Jackson lauds Tim Cook's stand against FBI demands
100 Apple rails against FBI demands for 'GovtOS' in motion to vacate decryption request
101 AppleInsider podcast talks iPad Pro as Mac replacement, iPhone capacities, Apple v. the FBI & more
102 Rumor: Apple's 4-inch iPhone event pushed back a week, to March 22
103 Watch Republicans Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz side with FBI in Apple encryption debate
104 Apple-FBI battle will set precedent for future court orders, FBI director acknowledges
105 Court overturns Apple's $120 million patent win against Samsung
106 Apple directors reelected, outside proposals rejected at annual shareholder meeting
107 Amid FBI row, Apple hires developer behind secure messaging app Signal
108 Foxconn & Sharp to delay takeover talk deadline by 1-2 weeks, report says
109 San Bernardino's top cop says it's likely 'there is nothing of any value' on iPhone the FBI wants Apple to crack
110 Apple School Manager Web portal enters beta ahead of iOS 9.3 debut
111 Apple lawyer warns government on road to 'limitless' power in iPhone encryption fight
112 Apple's new 4-inch iPhone to enter mass production soon, estimated to ship 12M units in 2016
113 FBI contacted Apple, received data related to San Bernardino case 3 days after shooting
114 This week on AI: FBI debate explodes, Mac & iPhone leaks, Apple patent win overturned
115 Apple press event coming week of March 21 with new iPad & new 4-inch 'iPhone SE,' said to lack 3D Touch--reports