File Title
1 Penn engineers use network science to predict how ligaments fail
2 Mind-controlled prosthetic arm moves individual 'fingers'
3 Ice sheet modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps predict sea-level rise
4 Freezing steak improves tenderness of some cuts, study finds
5 Newly identified genes impact how transplanted stem cells give rise to blood cells
6 UNC School of Medicine scientists discover new way bacterial infections spread in the body
7 An international group synthesizes georgeite for first time
8 To encourage exercise, losing a financial reward is more effective than gaining one
9 Aerobic fitness may protect liver against chronic alcohol use
10 New research challenges cascading effects of shark declines
11 Genome of bed bug decoded
12 Observing brain diseases in real time
13 Scientists: Think more broadly to predict wildlife climate change survival
14 The mystery about the Chelyabinsk superbolide continues three years later Espanol
15 Eternal 5D data storage could record the history of humankind
16 Chewing sugar free gum could save the NHS 8.2 million pounds a year
17 Oncogene controls stem cells in early embryonic development
18 All sugars are not alike: Isomaltulose better than table sugar for type 2 diabetes patients
19 X-raying of fossil beetles
20 'Swiss army knife' molecule
21 Signpost for sentinel cells
22 Infants should sleep in their own beds to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome
23 A novel canonical transformation provides insights into many-particle physics
24 Tissue fluid flow can reveal onset of osteoarthritis
25 New technique for turning sunlight into hydrogen
26 Jawless fish brains more similar to ours than previously thought
27 Manager supported wellness
28 Engineering material magic
29 Interferon not beneficial for most stage III melanoma
30 UNH research: Lactation, weather found to predict milk quality in dairy cows
31 Solved protein structure holds key to much-needed therapies for metabolic disorder
32 Genetic variation shown in patients with severe vascular complications of infection
33 A new spin on quantum computing: Scientists train electrons with microwaves
34 Discovery lays the foundation to expand personalized chemotherapy for leukemia patients
35 Light used to measure the 'big stretch' in spider silk proteins
36 Drug development crisis linked to bad technology choices, experts argue
37 Vulnerability to depression linked to noradrenaline
38 Better water management could halve the global food gap
39 New study highlights effectiveness of a herpesvirus CMV-based vaccine against Ebola
40 New study finds clear differences between organic and non-organic milk and meat
41 Scientists discover new microbes that thrive deep in the earth
42 Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health
43 Rooting the family tree of placental mammals
44 Readmission rates at children's hospitals influenced by patients' characteristics
45 No change in epilepsy incidence in younger patients; Increase among elderly
46 Proton pump inhibitors may be associated with increased risk of dementia
47 Childhood obesity, rapid growth linked to pregnant moms eating lots of fish
48 Caregivers likely to experience emotional, physical, financial difficulties
49 Penn study: Visualizing a parasite crossing the blood brain barrier
50 New subgroups of ILC immune cells discovered through single-cell RNA sequencing
51 Raising a child has a bigger effect on the immune system than gastroenteritis
52 Wide and stubborn variations in longevity across Europe over past 20 years
53 Tailored acupuncture lessens pain intensity in chronic pain (fibromyalgia)
54 Membership of social/community groups after retirement linked to longer life
55 Virtual reality therapy could help people with depression
56 Trapped in amber: Flower identified by Rutgers plant biologist as new species
57 Scientists prove feasibility of 'printing' replacement tissue
58 Ancient flowering plant was beautiful--but probably poisonous
59 Heart attack patients with cardiogenic shock fair well 60 days post-discharge
60 'Invisible work' takes toll on unpaid caregivers
61 Paying employees to exercise doesn't work, but the reverse might
62 Cybathlon-- a global Olympic-style competition to advance assistive & robotic technologies
63 Making cancer-fighting cells in the lab
64 Guam research fills voids
65 TUM at AAAS in Washington: Materials with self-healing powers
66 Detective scientists discover ancient clues in mummy portraits
67 Educator challenges AAAS to join the search for Next Einstein
68 New hardware to expand fast fiber-to-the-home
69 Does living near an oil or natural gas well affect your drinking water?
70 Exeter's world-leading climate change research showcased in prestigious science event
71 Drones for research: DePaul University archaeologist to explain UAV use at FIFA
72 Hypertensive women with physically demanding jobs at 3 times risk of heart disease
73 Speech disorder called apraxia can progress to neurodegenerative disease
74 Progress in fighting cancer and infections with T cell therapy
75 What values are important to scientists?
76 Dr. Stan Riddell, an innovator in cancer immunotherapy at Fred Hutch, to present at AAAS annual meeting
77 Market integration could help offset climate-related food insecurity
78 AAAS 2016--Food security: Building resilience into the world's food system
79 New appreciation for human microbiome leads to greater understanding of human health
80 Mind and molecules--Fingerprinting psychiatric illness
81 Scientists and American Indian tribal members talk climate change realities at AAAS
82 Exploiting high speed light for super slow science
83 UK science leads the way in nuclear research
84 Eating breakfast could help obese people get more active
85 Americans' support for science remains strong
86 Language juggling rewires bilingual brain
87 When machines can do any job, what will humans do?
88 Loss of sleep during adolescence may be a diabetes danger
89 Big data and patient-powered research aim to solve complex diseases
90 Incentivizing citizen science discovery for a sustainable world
91 Nudging science toward openness
92 Planet formation around binary star
93 Proto-planet has 2 masters
94 Science responds to globalized disease threat to farms and food systems
95 How learning languages translates into health benefits for society
96 Dark matter scientists on brink of discovering elusive particles
97 Kenneth Miller reviews Dover model of standing up for science
98 Study of cognitive development in deaf children revisits longstanding debate
99 Kill the rabbit
100 Most precise measurement of energy range for particles produced by nuclear reactors
101 Using stories to teach human values to artificial agents
102 Most precise measurement of reactor Antineutrino spectrum reveals intriguing surprise
103 From huts to cities: Changes in dwellings impact microbe exposure for human immune system
104 Caught in the act: UW astronomers find a rare supernova 'impostor' in a nearby galaxy
105 A new form of frozen water?
106 Registry data used to examine gender gaps in blood thinners, appropriate use
107 An engineer's valentine to children
108 How true is conventional wisdom about price volatility of tech metals?
109 Stem cell gene therapy could be key to treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy
110 Rare beluga data show whales dive to maximize meals