File Title
1 Only about half of suicidal patients asked if they have access to firearms
2 Child and adolescent perceptions of oral health: Life course perspectives
3 Saliva liquid biopsy
4 Predicting caries risk at 30-months of age in medical settings
5 Adjunctive minocycline microspheres
6 MicroRNA-146a is abundant in extracellular vesicles released by osteoclasts
7 Small molecule replacement therapy to rescue craniofacial defects
8 The National Dental PBRN as a learning health system
9 Computer-assisted approaches as decision support systems serving to combat the Zika virus
10 Turning mortal enemies into allies? Ants can.
11 World Bank climate policy officer describes keys to success of the Paris agreement
12 Is Alaska's first new butterfly species in decades an ancient hybrid?
13 Google glass meets organs-on-chips
14 USC researchers discover a key difference between mouse and human kidney cells
15 Speeding up accuracy of flood risk assessment
16 EARTH: Protracted drought threatens California levees
17 Before retinal cells die, they regenerate, Penn vet blindness study finds
18 Penn researchers show rising opioid prescriptions following low-risk surgeries
19 Why marketing and HR executives need to coordinate their activities
20 Most eccentric planet ever known flashes astronomers with reflected light
21 Moffitt pathologists identify new potential target in ovarian serous cancer
22 Study shows precision medicine's potential to define the genetics of autoimmune disease
23 Educating community research facilitators helps protect integrity of study results
24 Why are women more prone to knee injuries than men?
25 Building owners 'face risks' from chlorine-resistant bacteria
26 Cryptographic system lets users control access to their data
27 New online version of the Chinese intolerance of uncertainty scale--is it valid?
28 Stanford scientists develop new technique for imaging cells and tissues under the skin
29 Dissecting the animal diet, past and present
30 Study sheds light on patterns behind brain, heart systems; circadian rhythms
31 New gene identified as cause, early indicator of breast cancer
32 Maths could help search and rescue ships sail more safely in heavy seas
33 Acceptability of alternative drugs and strategies to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Kenya
34 Astronomers found a star with a record variation period
35 Cobimetinib in melanoma with BRAF V600 mutation: Indication of minor added benefit
36 Secukinumab in ankylosing spondylitis or psoriatic arthritis: Added benefit not proven
37 New effects of ketamine abuse uncovered
38 Addendum on regorafenib in metastatic colorectal cancer: Added benefit no longer proven
39 Dabrafenib/trametinib: Considerable added benefit for men with advanced melanoma
40 Spelling mutations and evolutionary advantages
41 Antibiotics for appendicitis--yes and no
42 Capturing the acid-base reactions in alcohol
43 Your brain might be hard-wired for altruism
44 Lesbian, gay, bisexual Canadians report higher rates of mental health issues
45 New study supports link between Omega-3 supplementation and reduction in depression
46 New research gathers more evidence for innovative stroke treatment
47 Small birds' vision: Not so sharp but superfast
48 Ocean acidification takes a toll on California's coastline at nighttime
49 College can cultivate innovative entrepreneurial intentions
50 Advances in big data: Implications for dental research
51 The science of watching paint dry
52 AADR/ADA: Bridging research evidence and clinical decision-making
53 Microbiome associated with severe caries in Canadian First Nations children
54 Longevity of restorative treatments in pediatric patients: EBD in the era of EHR
55 Natural resilience to major life stressors is not as common as thought
56 Rescue inhaler study: New approach increases mastery of life-saving technique
57 Forgetting to learn
58 Evidence-practice gap for sealant application: Results from a dental PBRN
59 Identification of rare ADCY9 mutations and non-syndromic oral clefts in Puerto Ricans
60 New biotechnology to inhibit microRNA activity and novel applications
61 China's forest recovery shows hope for mitigating global climate change
62 Where did the 'Siberian unicorn' disappear?
63 Expanding use of recycled water would benefit the environment and human health
64 Stanford chemists develop an ultra-sensitive test for cancers, HIV
65 Key findings--Discovery of the characteristics of subcortical regions in schizophrenia
66 Mercury rising?
67 Women with impaired stress hormone before pregnancy have lower-birthweight babies
68 Dartmouth's 'Wild-ID' tracking technology highlights vulnerability of wildebeest migration
69 How rocks shaped the Civil War
70 Biological field stations: Keeping a pulse on our planet
71 Baby monkeys grow faster to avoid being killed by adult males
72 PERK-opathies: Stress mechanism underlying neurodegeneration
73 Single brain cells reveal genes controlling formation, development
74 Galapagos lakes reveal tropical Pacific climate since Biblical times
75 Specialized nursing care needs assessment model developed for pediatric patients
76 Common treatment of TB in advanced HIV patients doesn't save more lives
77 New golden frog species discovered in Colombia
78 Adversity forges unlikely friendship between hyenas, wolves
79 Biodiesel from sugarcane more economical than soybean
80 Wrangler Supercomputer speeds through big data
81 Rare form of diabetes may require alternate treatment
82 Study: Divided parties rarely win presidential elections
83 Signed, sealed, undelivered: Mechanisms underlying polycystic kidney disease
84 Researchers generate whole-genome map of fruit fly genetic recombination
85 TGen helps track down deadly bloodstream infection
86 BU researchers discover how RNA editing may promote tumor growth
87 The linguistics of signifying time: The human gesture as clock
88 Common painkillers are more dangerous than we think
89 Adaptation to increasing flood risk in Europe should aim to reduce impact
90 New technique for rapidly killing bacteria using tiny gold disks and light
91 New cytoplasmic role for proteins linked to neurological diseases, cancers
92 Measuring chemistry: Local fingerprint of hydrogen bonding captured in experiments
93 Cancer burden can be alleviated by training foreign medical graduates in surgical oncology
94 Hubble unveils monster stars
95 Successful mentoring programs begin with focus, training
96 Moffitt: Neutralizing tumor acidic environment improves immune-targeting therapies
97 Study: Communicating vehicles could ease through intersections more efficiently
98 Keep an eye on children's calories, researchers say
99 New MD Anderson-developed breast cancer staging system emphasizes importance of tumor biology as prognostic indicator
100 Researchers refute textbook knowledge on macrophage metabolism in inflammatory diseases
101 Nature conservation areas no haven for butterflies
102 Students as teachers effective in STEM subjects
103 Temporary disconnects shed light on long-term brain dysfunction
104 Researchers find ancient DNA preserved in modern-day humans
105 Study shows spinal cord stimulation reduces emotional aspect of chronic pain
106 Replacement for silicon devices looms big with ORNL discovery
107 VCU scientists develop computer models simulating stem cell transplant recovery
108 Paying attention to words not just images leads to better image captions
109 Stem cell therapy reverses age-related osteoporosis in mice
110 New compounds discovered as candidates for new antimicrobial drugs against Listeria infection