File Title
1 Insect wings inspire antibacterial surfaces for corneal transplants, other medical devices
2 Eggshell nanoparticles could lead to expanded use of bioplastic in packaging materials
3 Sweet 'quantum dots' light the way for new HIV and Ebola treatment
4 Scientists create painless patch of insulin-producing beta cells to control diabetes
5 Simple mechanism may have allowed primitive cells to maintain internal conditions
6 Advanced magnetic resonance imaging technology to track cells in the body
7 Team screens cardiac drugs that also attack cancer
8 Water dimer captured inside a fullerene-C70
9 Core-shell nanostructures show promise in production of fuel gases
10 Spongy material helps repair the spine
11 Artificial 'nose' sniffs out pollution to protect Disney art on international tour
12 Desert cactus purifies contaminated water for aquaculture, drinking and more
13 Getting closer to using beer hops to fight disease
14 Tying lipstick smears from crime scenes to specific brands
15 Small birds' vision: Not so sharp but superfast
16 Dissecting the animal diet, past and present
17 Baby monkeys grow faster to avoid being killed by adult males
18 Researchers generate whole-genome map of fruit fly genetic recombination
19 Drug makes stem cells become 'embryonic' again
20 For first time, scientists use CRISPR-Cas9 to target RNA in live cells
21 Could bread mold build a better rechargeable battery?
22 New cytoplasmic role for proteins linked to neurological diseases, cancers
23 Evolution meets biochemistry to better understand how dopamine receptors work
24 Plants host fungi on demand
25 Viruses 'piggyback' on host microbes' success
26 Evolution of hermaphroditic nematode proves deterministic maternal effects can give offspring head start in life
27 Selfish bumblebees are not prepared to share
28 Scientists generate a new type of human stem cell that has half a genome
29 Bacterial resistance to copper in the making for thousands of years
30 Surface-going cave crickets actually more isolated than cave-dwelling cousins
31 Keeping ribosomes stuck may stop virulent bacteria strain in its track
32 Bonobos found to focus more on feel-good imagery than danger or aggression
33 Vipers found to not have the fastest strike after all
34 The ocean's loudest invertebrates may be silenced by acidification
35 Scientists discover parts of organs 'have minds of their own' when it comes to growth
36 Scientist helps move structural biology into 'big data' era
37 Unique beak evolved with tool use in New Caledonian crow
38 Fairy circles found in Australian outback
39 Incredible images reveal bacteria motor parts in unprecedented detail
40 Using chemical oscillation to better understand patterns in brain and heart systems
41 Stone Age hunters contributed adaptive variants to present-day Europeans
42 Researchers find ancient DNA preserved in modern-day humans
43 Tomb radar: King Tut's burial chamber shows hidden rooms (Update)
44 Mysterious 'Tully monster' is a vertebrate, research finds
45 Most presidential candidates speak at grade 6-8 level, study shows
46 Mathematician pair find prime numbers aren't as random as thought
47 Site of 1503 shipwreck tied to Vasco da Gama found off Oman
48 Isotope studies shed a new light on the eating habits of Neanderthals
49 Pregnant T. rex could aid in dino sex-typing
50 400,000-year-old fossils from Spain provide earliest genetic evidence of Neandertals
51 Newly discovered dinosaur reveals how T. rex became king of the Cretaceous
52 Study shows early human impacts on biodiversity
53 How a farm boy from Wales gave the world pi
54 Pi might look random but it's full of hidden patterns
55 Satellites and shipwrecks: Landsat satellite spots foundered ships in coastal waters
56 Paleontologists discover 250-million-year-old new species of reptile in Brazil
57 Larger set of translations may shed light on an idiosyncratic Amazonian language
58 Society can have a strong influence on how honest we are, says a new study
59 Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution, study finds
60 First microwhip scorpion from Mesozoic period found in Burmese amber
61 Decline of crocodile ancestors was good news for early marine turtles
62 Chew on this: Study of ancient teeth bites theory of early primate disappearance
63 Slower evolution and climate change drove ichthyosaurs to extinction
64 Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple
65 Study shows precision medicine's potential to define the genetics of autoimmune disease
66 Why are women more prone to knee injuries than men?
67 General Mills to label products with GMOs ahead of Vt. law
68 Norway set to allow gender change without medical intervention
69 Pathologists identify new potential target in ovarian serous cancer
70 Gut microbiome of mother found to impact immunity of mice pups
71 The anatomy of pain
72 Recreating the web of blood vessels that keep human tissue alive
73 Scientists discover neural mechanisms in mouse brains that indicate that we actively forget as we learn
74 New gene identified as cause, early indicator of breast cancer
75 Your brain might be hard-wired for altruism
76 Psychologist says there are no rules of attraction when it comes to meeting your match
77 New effects of ketamine abuse uncovered
78 Mindful eating, meditation may lead to better metabolic health
79 Scientists uncover new pathway for research in brain diseases
80 Educating community research facilitators helps protect integrity of study results
81 No clear path to government-lowered drug prices
82 Acne treatment--antibiotics don't need to kill bacteria to clear up your skin
83 Psychology study finds cortisol level is a key predictor of lower-birthweight babies
84 Acceptability of alternative drugs and strategies to prevent malaria in pregnancy in Kenya
85 Emerging nutraceuticals for aging individuals
86 Researcher discusses issues with 'vaccine hesitancy'
87 Discovery of the characteristics of subcortical regions in schizophrenia
88 The brain may show signs of aging earlier than old age
89 Antibiotics as the primary treatment for mild appendicitis
90 Review article uncovers clues to the causes, risk factors for and prevention of drowning deaths
91 Single brain cells reveal genes controlling formation, development
92 Natural resilience to major life stressors is not as common as thought
93 WHO sends specialists in response to Guinea Ebola flare-up
94 Hundreds of lives lost due to variations in common heart procedure
95 'Brain doping' may improve athletes' performance
96 The Go Files: AI computer clinches victory against Go champion
97 Peculiar pattern found in 'random' prime numbers
98 Oldest ancient-human DNA details dawn of Neanderthals
99 High-fat diets raise risk of obesity in offspring
100 Horse-sized dinosaur sheds light on T. rex's origins
101 Fermat's last theorem earns Andrew Wiles the Abel Prize
102 What Google's winning Go algorithm will do next
103 On the hunt for a mystery planet
104 The Go Files: AI computer wraps up 4-1 victory against human champion
105 The red-hot debate about transmissible Alzheimer's
106 Turkish academics jailed for 'making terrorism propaganda'
107 Memories retrieved in mutant 'Alzheimer's' mice
108 Living factories of the future
109 Dengue vaccine aces trailblazing trial
110 Weird and wonderful Pluto spills its secrets
111 Hints of new LHC particle get slightly stronger
112 South Korea trumpets $860-million AI fund after AlphaGo 'shock'
113 What China's latest five-year plan means for science
114 Practical DNA
115 Africa's elite
116 Metropolis now
117 The elephant in the room we can't ignore