File Title
1 Novel technique used to study graphene's response to air
2 New technique for rapidly killing bacteria using tiny gold disks and light
3 Researchers use electron microscope to reveal how semiconductor nanowires grow
4 Replacement for silicon devices looms big with new discovery
5 Capturing 'black gold' with light
6 Democratizing high-throughput single molecule force analysis
7 Advanced energy storage material gets unprecedented nanoscale analysis
8 New microwave imaging approach opens a nanoscale view on processes in liquids
9 Study shows temperature can dramatically affect behavior of 2-D materials
10 Injectable nanoparticle generator could radically transform metastatic cancer treatment
11 Tiny nanostructures promise big impact on high-speed low-power optical devices
12 A nanoparticle does double duty, imaging and treating atherosclerosis
13 DNA 'origami' could help build faster, cheaper computer chips
14 Nanomotors could help electronics fix themselves
15 New fuel cell design powered by graphene-wrapped nanocrystals
16 World's thinnest lens to revolutionize cameras
17 Split light wave switches nano-enhancers of light on and off
18 'Sticky waves'--molecular interactions at the nanoscale
19 Revolutionary graphene filter could solve water crisis
20 Team works on reconfigurable magnetic nanopatterns
21 Atomic vibrations in nanomaterials
22 Team makes orientation of magnetism adjustable in new materials
23 Newly developed model of DNA sheds light on molecule's flexibility
24 New type of bioegradable nanogenerator for use inside the body does not need external power source
25 NIST invents fleet and fast test for nanomanufacturing quality control (w/ Video)
26 The science of watching paint dry
27 Sperm found to swim in groups when in viscoelastic fluids
28 Scientists find the temperature at which glass becomes a liquid
29 Rogue rubidium leads to atomic anomaly
30 Semiconductor-inspired superconducting quantum computing devices
31 'Disruptive device' brings xenon-NMR to fragile materials
32 New strategy helps quantum bits stay on task
33 Outsourcing crystal space
34 Compressing turbulence to improve inertial confinement fusion experiments
35 Detecting radioactive material from a remote distance
36 Sharkskin actually increases drag
37 Laser beams with a 'twist'
38 Fundamentally accurate quantum thermometer created
39 X-ray studies search for Ebola cure
40 The quest for spin liquids
41 Experimentation and largest-ever quantum simulation of a disordered system explain quantum many-particle problem
42 Researchers develop new lens for terahertz radiation
43 Shock compression research shows hexagonal diamond could serve as meteor impact marker
44 Method turns glass from clear to opaque with the flick of a switch
45 Physicists develop a formula that contradicts decades of published research
46 Counting electrons with unmatched accuracy
47 Experiment shows magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing's energy efficiency
48 Physics pair show that Ising model can be used as a universal spin model
49 Team takes giant step forward in generating optical qubits
50 Astronomers discover colossal 'super spiral' galaxies
51 Grandpa astronaut to break Scott Kelly's space record
52 Pluto reveals more secrets
53 Dust counter got few 'hits' on Pluto flyby
54 Hubble unveils monster stars
55 VLA shows earliest stages of planet formation
56 Astronomers see black hole raging red
57 A source accelerating Galactic cosmic rays to unprecedented energy discovered at the centre of the Milky Way
58 Young sun-like star shows a magnetic field was critical for life on the early Earth
59 Astronomers discover the most metal-poor galaxy in the local universe
60 Students map Milky Way with dwarf stars
61 Astronomers discover unexpected changes of bright spots on Ceres
62 NASA to test fire in space by burning unmanned orbiting craft
63 Four new giant planets detected around giant stars
64 Space travel rules needed within five years: UN
65 Europe-Russia mission departs on hunt for life on Mars (Update 3)
66 What's eating at Pluto?
67 Europe, Russia embark on search for life on Mars
68 Year-in-space astronaut hangs up his spacesuit, retires
69 Star-forming ring spotted around distant supergiant star Kappa Ori
70 Telescopes combine to push frontier on galaxy clusters
71 Clocking the rotation rate of a supermassive black hole
72 Astronomers discover two new 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets
73 Close comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos
74 Ten years of discovery by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
75 Domino's to trial robots for pizza delivery
76 Twitter an awkward child as it turns 10
77 Autonomous cars aren't perfect, but how safe must they be?
78 Paying attention to words not just images leads to better image captions
79 Drones revolutionize ecological monitoring
80 High-tech bird watching for shapeshifting airplane wings
81 Startup makes virtual reality intuitive with eye-tracking
82 Virtual reality girds for test in marketplace
83 Researchers crack 50-year-old nuclear waste problem, make storage safer
84 Recalculating! By not driving the optimal route, you're causing traffic jams
85 Apple says FBI out to 'rewrite history' in iPhone case
86 PlayStation virtual reality gear to launch in October (Update)
87 Robotics expert: Self-driving cars not ready for deployment
88 Google reveals 77 percent of its online traffic is encrypted
89 VR on the cheap: How to watch without a headset
90 Smartwatches can now track your finger in mid-air using sonar
91 Google computer wins final game against S. Korean Go master
92 Amazon seeks patent for buying items with a look
93 Google's AlphaGo gets 'divine' Go ranking
94 Research helps bacteria-powered microrobots plot a course
95 Fish and insects guide design for future contact lenses
96 Robot learning companion offers custom-tailored tutoring
97 Human Go champ scores surprise victory over supercomputer
98 Coming to a hotel near you: the robot humanoid receptionist
99 Brazil uses dammed lake surface for floating solar panels
100 Chemists develop an ultra-sensitive test for cancers, HIV
101 Researchers demonstrate hydride-ion conduction for potential next-gen batteries
102 Converting E. coli into a pharmaceutical factory
103 Double catalyst for the direct conversion of synthesis gas to lower olefins
104 New material could make aircraft deicers a thing of the past
105 Cellular 'backpacks' could treat disease while minimizing side effects
106 3-D printing could one day help fix damaged cartilage in knees, noses and ears
107 New method could unleash solar power potential
108 Researchers turn carbon dioxide into sustainable concrete
109 Evidence for a remarkable structural diversity of amyloid fibrils in human and animal tissue
110 How a pill could improve breast cancer diagnoses