File Title
1 Kylie Jenner Dedicated an Entire Snapchat Story to Her Pimples
2 You Won't Believe How Much Processed Food Americans Eat
3 How to Pull Off the Bright, Metallic Makeup that's So Hot this Spring
4 Jimmy Carter's Miraculous Cancer Treatment Worked for Me Too
5 3 Stars Who Have Opened Up About Their Pee Problems
6 Lena Dunham Finally Swears Off Photoshop for Good
7 5 Ways to Keep Your Workouts from Getting Boring
8 Gabrielle Reece on Her Most Embarrassing Moment, Biggest Weakness, and Best Fitness Tip
9 Kristin Cavallari: 'I Wouldn't Be Happy Only Being a Stay-at-Home Mom'
10 Sleep deprivation increases hunger in similar way to marijuana
11 Evidence links Guillain-Barre Syndrome to Zika virus
12 Persistent snoring in children can harm their health
13 Gene study uncovers 'spectrum of mutations' in mesothelioma
14 Type 1 diabetes raises risk for certain cancers, study finds
15 Cannabis use affects processing of emotions
16 Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy benefits winter babies
17 Study sheds light on urban sleep disorders
18 Central Nervous System: Structure, Functions and Diseases
19 10% price cut on fruits and veg 'could prevent thousands of heart deaths'
20 Prostate cancer: low vitamin D may predict aggressive disease
21 Novel device measures stiffness and stickiness of red blood cells
22 Gray hair could one day be prevented with new gene discovery
23 Top five medical innovations of the past, present and future
24 Chronic stress leads to brain inflammation and memory loss
25 Hostile attitude when young linked to memory problems later in life
26 Moderate drinking raises heart attack, stroke risk, but not for long
27 What is Amniotic Fluid? What does Amniotic Fluid do?
28 Prostate cancer and radiotherapy: second malignancy risk?
29 High-fat diet may raise cancer risk by changing gut stem cells
30 Agricultural impact of climate change 'could kill over 500,000 people in 2050'
31 ADHD medication and low bone density: are kids at risk?
32 The effects of aging: can they be reversed?
33 Small, regular dose of aspirin keeps colorectal cancer at bay
34 Cannabis use linked to worse treatment outcomes for psychosis patients
35 Sinus Infection Symptoms: Signs, Duration, Complications
36 Drinking more coffee may stave off multiple sclerosis
37 Using a computer might reduce cognitive decline
38 Cancer grows by 'manipulating healthy neighboring cells'
39 CDC: more effort needed to fight superbugs
40 Eat your broccoli to protect against liver cancer
41 'Groundbreaking' cancer discovery holds promise for personalized therapy
42 Could Zika's link to microcephaly be in the neural stem cells?
43 Monkeys use their brains to drive wheelchairs
44 E-cigarettes helped up to 22,000 English smokers quit in 2014
45 Nitrous oxide could reduce bad memories of a traumatic event
46 Drinking more water reduces sugar, sodium and saturated fat intake
47 Avoiding peanut after building tolerance is safe for children
48 High-GI diet linked to increased lung cancer risk
49 Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
50 Model placenta could reveal how pathogens reach an unborn child
51 HIV/AIDS countries worst affected need 'up-front finance' for long-term fight
52 Could yogurt help lower high blood pressure?
53 Thirdhand smoke exposure may raise risk for type 2 diabetes
54 Brain region responsible for violence identified
55 Could low vitamin D in pregnancy mean a risk of MS in offspring?
56 Fitness and strength in youth predicts diabetes, regardless of weight
57 Prostate cancer survival 'dependent on site disease spreads to'
58 DXM (Dextromethorphan): Facts, Effects and Health Risks
59 Turmeric: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
60 Adolescents drink too much caffeine
61 Surgery without stitches in sight thanks to 'origami tools'
62 Raynaud's disease likely underestimated as a drug side effect
63 Lack of stem cells could underlie recurrent miscarriage
64 World first: bionic fingertip enables amputee to feel texture
65 Chemical exposure decreases with change of cosmetics
66 10 Common Labor Complications
67 Fukushima's legacy: radiation poisoning or psychosocial damage?
68 Being overweight or short could hinder life prospects
69 Hydrolized infant formula does not prevent allergies
70 Being socially active may boost late-life satisfaction and ease decline
71 HIV and hepatitis C co-infect over 2 million people worldwide
72 Revisiting breast density, exercise and breast cancer
73 Friends with health benefits: how your pals could boost well-being
74 Consuming iron with green tea may lessen tea's benefits
75 How much water should I drink each day?
76 School entry age may impact risk of ADHD diagnosis
77 Over half of America's calories come from 'ultra-processed' foods
78 Male Hypogonadism: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
79 Chinese exercise is good for the heart
80 Eye lens regeneration from own stem cells: 'a paradigm shift in cataract surgery'
81 Paper calls for more research into microbes as cause of Alzheimer's
82 Organ donation: most are willing to give, so why is there a donor shortage?
83 Uterus transplantation: first procedure in US fails due to complications
84 What is sun protection factor (SPF)? What is the best sunscreen?
85 Does Viagra encourage melanoma cells to proliferate?
86 Just three laws could cut gun deaths by over 90%
87 Gum disease may worsen cognitive decline for Alzheimer's patients
88 New method finds 57 pesticides in poisoned honey bees
89 Multi-gene test identifies early breast cancer that may be spared chemo
90 Younger siblings: are they better for older child's health?
91 Cancer breakthrough? Drug combo eradicated breast cancer tumors in 11 days
92 Could a probiotic pill prevent dental cavities?
93 Sleep apnea may drive tumor growth by promoting blood vessel formation
94 Children reap the benefits of video games
95 Salt could lead to weight gain by driving fatty food intake
96 Keep moving to halve the risk of Alzheimer's
97 Salmon: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information
98 The financial burden of surviving cancer
99 Birth control pill for men steps closer
100 Blueberries could be used to fight Alzheimer's, researchers suggest
101 Yoga may ease symptoms for atrial fibrillation patients
102 Prostate cancer detection from urine RNA steps closer
103 Smartphones enable the world's largest disease study
104 Tattoos could help fight common infections
105 New tracer improves the tracking of cells during MRI
106 Value-Based Care Is Ripping into Health System Profits
107 RheumNow: Drugs that May Induce Raynaud's
108 Cardiac Protection Drug Promising for Kids Getting Chemo
109 Pneumovax Falls Short in Lupus
110 Genetic CKD Risk Screening Not (Yet) Useful in Blacks