File Title
1 Arboreal Austin: Forest Service publishes first urban forest assessment
2 Meat, food processing key to early human evolution
3 Dingo skull shape resistant to changes from hybridization
4 Clothes of the future will adjust to the weather, body temperature
5 Scientists say schedulers have less fun
6 Comet's age revealed by the type of ice it carries
7 Tiny hydra rips its face apart to open its mouth
8 Watch Google's AlphaGo computer take on world's best Go player
9 Meteoritic dust came from stellar explosions older than the sun
10 Study: Japanese great tits employ syntax
11 Study: Obese children at greater risk of pedestrian injury
12 First tomatoes, peas harvested from mock Martian farm
13 Researchers uncover history of ancient retroviruses
14 NASA spots fire and smoke in Thai wildlife sanctuary
15 Scientists explain why Mercury's surface is so dark
16 Study: More female traders could stabilize the market
17 Researchers call for urban toilets to be flushed with rainwater
18 100 million-degree fluid essential to fusion
19 Scientists create radar-trapping 'meta-skin'
20 Ray Tomlinson, inventor of email, dies at 74
21 Officials kill 10 escaped bison in Wisconsin
22 Russian scuba divers set deepest under-ice dive record
23 Astronaut Scott Kelly: Muscle soreness 'a lot higher than last time' after year in space
24 SpaceX Falcon launches on successful delivery mission
25 German scientists successfully teleport classical information
26 Study: Graffiti artist Banksy unmasked by geospatial analysis
27 Gator-infested waters offer solace to nesting birds
28 22 women of science who changed the world
29 Researchers unveil light-up, stretchable robot skin
30 Six new rattlesnake species identified in western U.S.
31 Hubble Space Telescope spies most distant galaxy
32 New photos show 'magic island' on Saturn's moon
33 Chinese scientists mistakenly reference God in scientific journal
34 ALMA spots newborn star with growing circumstellar disk
35 Beetles use same-sex behavior to assert dominance
36 Extinct 'marine bear' had a bite like a saber-toothed cat
37 Dragonfly is world's longest-distance flyer
38 Targeted online ads can change how your view yourself
39 California researchers reveal how to hack a 3D printer
40 Archaeologists find Anglo-Saxon island settlement in England
41 Rubies zapped in the microwave are redder, brighter
42 Cosmic clouds illuminated by newborn stars in new ESO photo
43 Fungus fossil is oldest known land organism
44 Lone star tick populations growing in Kansas
45 Scientists Say They've Found a Gene that Causes Gray Hair
46 No Sleep in the City? Light Pollution May Trigger Insomnia
47 The Surprising Health Benefit of Drinking Tea Every Day
48 Type 1 Diabetes May Raise Risk of Certain Cancers, Lower Risk for Others
49 Target's #NoFOMO Campaign Is All the Swimsuit Confidence You Need
50 FDA Issues Warning on Essure Birth Control Device
51 Check Out These Free (!) Fitness Classes at Nike, Lululemon, and More
52 7 Sporty Raincoats that Pack into Pouches
53 Exhausted? Here's How It Can Sabotage Your Workout
54 10 Charity Walks and Runs that'll Get You Sweating for a Cause
55 Lazy Weekend? This Is What It Does to Your Body
56 Monkeys Move Robotic Wheelchairs with Their Thoughts
57 One Alcoholic Drink Might Temporarily Bump Up Heart Risk
58 I Tried the New Nike Mid-Rise Sneaker and It Was Love at First Run
59 Cheaper Healthy Food Would Save Millions of Lives
60 Where You Work Out Says a Lot About You
61 8 Things ER Doctors Refuse to Have in Their Homes
62 Is It Possible to Choose a Baby's Gender Through IVF?
63 This Type of Food Makes You Feel Fuller Sooner
64 An 8-Move Circuit for People Who Hate Cardio
65 The Diet that Raises Your Risk for Lung Cancer, Even if You Don't Smoke
66 5 Alternatives to White Pasta You'll Want to Try
67 Heavy Coffee Drinkers Show Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
68 Some Energy Drinks May Increase Blood Pressure and Change Heart Rhythms, Study Says
69 Finally, an App that Shows How Makeup Looks on Dark Skin Tones
70 If You Have a Seltzer Habit, this Is What You Should Know
71 7 Water Bottles Health's Editors Swear By
72 How Feeding Peanuts to at-Risk Children (Under Supervision!) Can Prevent Allergies
73 Why Climbing on the Scale More Often Can Help You Lose Weight
74 Why You Shouldn't Freak Out if Your Child Has Head Lice
75 The Strange Way Botox May Help Knee Pain
76 These Cauliflower "Tater Tots" Will Be Your New Favorite Recipe
77 This Gym Bag Doesn't Look like a Gym Bag, and We Love It
78 This Is the Easiest Way to Slash 200 Calories from Your Daily Diet
79 Aspirin Is Linked to Lower Risk of Some Cancers
80 The Flat Iron that's Meant to Be Stored in Your Freezer
81 The Boxing Circuit that'll Get You a Knockout Body like J. Lo's
82 Viral Photo Is a Reminder that Lumps Aren't the Only Breast Cancer Symptom to Look Out For
83 Bold and Bright Workout Clothes for When You're Sick of Basic Black
84 This Is Why Bamboo Is the Next Big Thing in Beauty
85 Here's Why You Should Add More Veggies to Your Diet ASAP
86 Why Impulsive Couples Tend to Be Happy
87 4 Tricks to Make an Easy Switch to Daylight Saving Time
88 Move of the Week: Side Incline with a Twist
89 Body Fat May Be Bigger Health Danger than Body Size
90 Paid Sick Leave May Help Health of Whole Family
91 Tracksuits Are Back! 3 Stylish New Sets to Wear this Season
92 Wish Granted: Period-Concealing Bikini Bottoms Exist
93 Here's What to Know About Meldonium
94 Maria Menounos on Her Mom's Best Cooking Advice: 'There Are No Mistakes'
95 Women Having a Cardiac Arrest Are Less Likely than Men to Receive Help
96 7 Things to Know Before Your First Barre Class
97 6 Ceramic Kitchen Tools that Will Change the Way You Cook
98 3 Healthier Jerky Options with No Artificial Additives
99 Watch Jillian Michaels' Heartwarming Proposal to Longtime Girlfriend Heidi Rhoades
100 Beauty Salon Secret Menus and Treatments You Never Knew About
101 Science Explains Why You Can't Stop Eating Potato Chips
102 The Best Teas for Sleep, Anxiety, Bloating, Cramps, and More
103 5 Things People with Sensitive Skin Should Never Do
104 This Non-Toxic Anti-Aging Serum Transformed My Skin
105 Here's the Mani that Will Be Trending this Spring
106 How to Run Your Fastest Mile Ever
107 Help! Why Did I Suddenly Stop Losing Weight?
108 This Neurological Disorder Might also Be Tied to the Zika Virus
109 Woman Who Had First U.S. Uterus Transplant Loses the Organ Due to Complication
110 3 Moves to Sculpt an Upper Bod like Angela Bassett's