File Title
1 New composite material that traps oxygen selectively could be useful for energy applications such as fuel cells
2 Phosphorus atoms help drive metal to form ammonia, adding insights to turning renewable energy to fuel
3 Treeing it up: Research team documents design of wood-based polymers
4 Improving modern vaccines--sugar polymer tails wag the protein dog
5 'Person-on-a-chip': Engineers grow 3-D heart, liver tissues for better drug testing
6 Life's building blocks form in replicated deep sea vents
7 Building a better mouse trap, from the atoms up
8 Watching detox enzymes work could lead to better medicines
9 'Octopus-like' skin can stretch, sense touch, and emit light (w/ Video)
10 Metal-free recyclable polyester produced from a biomass-derived compound
11 Scientists control chemical reactions with static electricity
12 New material increases the lifetime of solar-powered electrons
13 Molecular Lego with an encoded blueprint
14 Superman can start worrying--we've almost got the formula for kryptonite
15 Sugar-power--scientists harness the reducing potential of renewable sugars
16 Ruby red improves in the microwave oven
17 Quality control for genetic sequencing
18 In worm-bacteria symbioses some microbes remain faithful to their hosts, others to their location
19 A virus common among livestock depends on a micro-RNA to replicate
20 Research resolves old polymorphism puzzle
21 Molecular experiment reverses evolution in birds obtaining a dinosaur-like lower leg
22 Collective memory in bacteria
23 Modified form of CRISPR acts as a toggle switch to control gene expression in stem cells
24 57 different pesticides found in poisoned honeybees
25 Competition favours shy tits
26 Momentum builds behind researcher's new biomass process
27 Seeing the light: Army ants evolve to regain sight and more in return to surface
28 Research team identifies key step in process of Shigella infection
29 Real-life aliens extremely efficient at turning their hosts into new parasites
30 Study finds more social insects have weaker immune response, highlights role of hygiene
31 Guppy study suggests larger brained animals have weaker immune systems
32 Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows
33 DNA work saves fish from extinction
34 Bats in Asia found to have resistance to white-nose syndrome fungus
35 Antarctic blue whales belong to three populations, study finds
36 Scientists call for a shake-up in the way we record biodiversity
37 New study offers insight into how life can adapt and potentially be reinvented
38 Biophysicists discover how hydra opens its mouth
39 Syntax is not unique to human language
40 Study suggests mutualistic symbiosis between parasitic mite and pathogenic virus responsible for bee colony loss
41 Researchers report cell-to-cell movement of mitochondria through a graft junction of two plant species
42 Satellites and shipwrecks: Landsat satellite spots foundered ships in coastal waters
43 Paleontologists discover 250-million-year-old new species of reptile in Brazil
44 Larger set of translations may shed light on an idiosyncratic Amazonian language
45 Society can have a strong influence on how honest we are, says a new study
46 Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution, study finds
47 First microwhip scorpion from Mesozoic period found in Burmese amber
48 Decline of crocodile ancestors was good news for early marine turtles
49 Chew on this: Study of ancient teeth bites theory of early primate disappearance
50 Slower evolution and climate change drove ichthyosaurs to extinction
51 Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple
52 World's oldest chameleon found in amber fossil
53 Paper on PLOS ONE creates a firestorm by referencing "the Creator"
54 New paper examines the details behind stock market 'flash crash'
55 Research explains success of extremist politicians
56 Experimental economics: Results you can trust
57 Pioneering bright light research reveals bone density of sea cows for the first time
58 Plant biomarker evidence of ancestral human lifestyle
59 Paleolithic bone tools found from South China
60 Extinct otter-like 'marine bear' might have had a bite like a saber-toothed cat
61 More connectivity does not always lead to more complex technology
62 Americans who see God as 'a secure base' tend to be more committed, satisfied on the job
63 Research demonstrates evolutionary algorithm could be used to predict oil price rises
64 520-million-year-old fossilized nervous system is most detailed example yet found
65 Fossil find reveals just how big carnivorous dinosaur may have grown
66 Scientists discover major Jurassic fossil site in Argentina
67 Researchers find newly identified immunity pathway protects mammals from virus-cause
68 MSF challenges Pfizer's India vaccine patent application
69 Almost one third of infertile men at increased risk of metabolic diseases as they age
70 US gives tentative OK to testing genetically modified mosquitoes
71 Obama health law missed 2015 enrollment target
72 Rapid response for inflammation control in songbirds' brains could lead to therapies in humans
73 Can we predict aggressiveness of prostate cancer before surgery with a blood test?
74 CDC: Travel OK to high-elevation cities in Zika countries
75 Beta-blockers could reduce the risk of COPD exacerbations
76 Practicing tai chi reduces risk of falling in older adults
77 Wave of suicides roils Canada aboriginal community
78 Saturated fat 'short-circuits' immune cells to trigger inflammation
79 Honduras reports first death from Zika-linked syndrome
80 Heart attacks could be reduced by rethinking the way we prescribe statins
81 How a bad night's sleep might worsen cancer development
82 Researchers identify cause of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics
83 New 'AsthmaMap' could redefine disease and personalize treatment for patients
84 Circuit for experience-informed decision-making ID'd in rats
85 Study identifies three state laws that 'substantially reduce' gun deaths
86 Differential immuno-capture biochip offers specific leukocyte counting for HIV diagnosis
87 Scientists surprised to find that amino acids, not sugar, supply most building blocks for tumor cells
88 Majority of California adults have prediabetes or diabetes
89 Vibration therapy improves mobility and strength in young people with cerebral palsy
90 Skin has the nerve to tell you to scratch
91 Doctors aren't diagnosing or treating most cases of prediabetes, study finds
92 Burning more calories linked with greater gray matter volume, reduced Alzheimer's risk
93 Seismic for the spine: Vibration technology offers alternative to MRI
94 Can nutritional supplements impact genetic hearing loss in children?
95 A younger sibling may be good for your child's health
96 Green tea and iron, bad combination
97 Rare dolphin 'stampede' shocks whale-watchers
98 Scientists developing durable ice repellant for commercial use
99 Want a better government? Raise taxes, study suggests
100 Study: Some extreme weather can be blamed on climate change
101 Most popular female monkeys have the fewest lice
102 Autonomous material folds, bends and shrinks on its own
103 New 250 million-year-old reptile species found in Brazil
104 Newfound bacteria can eat plastic
105 For most, a pay raise has no effect on happiness
106 Electrons jump down 'rabbit holes' in new type of cystal
107 Total invisibility cloak an impossibility, scientists say
108 Astronomers discover two new 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets
109 Early human habitat model reveals a dangerous existence
110 Close comet flyby threw Martian magnetosphere into chaos