File Title
1 Experiment shows magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing's energy efficiency
2 Physics pair show that Ising model can be used as a universal spin model
3 Team takes giant step forward in generating optical qubits
4 Using statistics to predict rogue waves
5 Down the rabbit hole: How electrons travel through exotic new material
6 Invisibility cloaks can never hide objects from all observers
7 The 'great smoky dragon' of quantum physics
8 Major breakthrough in new MRI scan technology for lung disease
9 Light helps the transistor laser switch faster
10 Protected Majorana states for quantum information
11 Lasers could make the Internet faster--and cleaner
12 Model simulates chemotaxis with clusters of eukaryotic cells
13 Understanding the dynamics of crowd behavior
14 Unique optical trapping system offers way to launch high-power laser light
15 Scientists gain new insights into atomic disordering of complex metal oxides
16 New material can control excitons at room temperature
17 Hop, skip and a jump: Researchers reveal molecular search patterns
18 Team simulates the expansion of the Universe
19 Creation of first practical silicon-based laser: Researchers take giant step towards 'holy grail' of silicon photonics
20 Research team achieves controlled movement of skyrmions
21 Death by gamma-ray bursts may place first lower bound on the cosmological constant
22 Hundred million degree fluid key to fusion
23 Engineers develop flexible skin that traps radar waves, cloaks objects
24 A proposed superconductivity theory receives exclusive experimental confirmation
25 Star Trek's vision becomes reality
26 New fuel cell design powered by graphene-wrapped nanocrystals
27 World's thinnest lens to revolutionize cameras
28 Split light wave switches nano-enhancers of light on and off
29 'Sticky waves'--molecular interactions at the nanoscale
30 Revolutionary graphene filter could solve water crisis
31 Team works on reconfigurable magnetic nanopatterns
32 Atomic vibrations in nanomaterials
33 Team makes orientation of magnetism adjustable in new materials
34 Team makes orientation of magnetism adjustable in new materials
35 Newly developed model of DNA sheds light on molecule's flexibility
36 New type of bioegradable nanogenerator for use inside the body does not need external power source
37 NIST invents fleet and fast test for nanomanufacturing quality control (w/ Video)
38 Electricity can flow through graphene at high frequencies without energy loss
39 Scientists invent a thermometer for the nanoscale
40 The secret to 3-D graphene? Just freeze it
41 Researchers use nanoparticles to send chemotherapy drug directly to the tumor site
42 Molecular architectures see the light
43 Researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials
44 Solving a nanotechnology riddle--what makes gold atoms stick together
45 Physicists get a perfect material for air filters
46 Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length
47 Physicist discovers new 2D material that could advance material science
48 New form of electron-beam imaging can see elements that are 'invisible' to common methods
49 Artificial control of exciplexes opens possibilities for new electronics
50 New research unveils graphene 'moth eyes' to power future smart technologies
51 Tiny filters, big news: Novel process uses graphene and boron nitride monolayers to separate hydrogen ion isotopes
52 Europe, Russia embark on search for life on Mars
53 Year-in-space astronaut hangs up his spacesuit, retires
54 Star-forming ring spotted around distant supergiant star Kappa Ori
55 Telescopes combine to push frontier on galaxy clusters
56 Clocking the rotation rate of a supermassive black hole
57 Astronomers discover two new 'hot Jupiter' exoplanets
58 Close comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos
59 Ten years of discovery by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
60 All we are is dust in the interstellar wind
61 Dark matter satellites trigger massive birth of stars
62 NASA salvages Mars mission that should have launched by now (Update)
63 SOFIA observatory indicates star eruptions create and scatter elements with earth-like composition
64 Sharpest view ever of dusty disc around aging star
65 Total solar eclipse sweeps across Indonesia
66 Jeff Bezos company planning human test space flights by 2017
67 Dust grains could be remnants of stellar explosions billions of years ago
68 Dying star offers glimpse of our sun's future
69 Dawn's first year at Ceres--a mountain emerges
70 Deciphering compact galaxies in the young universe
71 James Webb Space Telescope secondary mirror installed
72 Citizen scientists help NASA researchers understand auroras
73 Mercury's mysterious 'darkness' revealed
74 Hubble and a stellar fingerprint
75 SpaceX launches satellite, but fails to land rocket on barge
76 Cosmochemists find evidence for unstable heavy element at solar system formation
77 Game over! Computer wins series against Go champion (Update)
78 Google is hitting the road--literally--for user feedback
79 Social networks used in the assessment of damage caused by natural disasters
80 Configurable analog chip computes with 1,000 times less power than digital
81 Internet address gatekeeper OKs plan to break from US (Update)
82 Algorithm allows a computer to create a vacation highlight video
83 Beyond silicon--the search for new semiconductors
84 AI beats human Go grandmaster...again (Update)
85 Honda rolls out fuel cell in Japan, to lease 200 first year
86 Developers get early look at new Android software
87 German court rules Facebook like button may break law
88 Video shows Google self-driving car hit bus
89 Nations ranked on their vulnerability to cyberattacks
90 System loads web pages 34 percent faster by fetching files more effectively
91 Dreaming big with biomimetics--could future buildings be made with bone and eggshells?
92 Computer draws first blood in clash with Go grandmaster (Update)
93 Game over? New AI challenge to human smarts (Update)
94 Surgical tools made smaller with origami to make surgery less invasive
95 Leaf mysteries revealed through the computer's eye
96 Google opens access to mobile phone service Project Fi
97 BMW shows off concept car for the self-driving future
98 WiFi breadcrumbs reveal pedestrian patterns
99 System lets web users share aspects of their browsing history with friends, researchers
100 Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies at 74
101 Dartmouth's 'magic wand' pairs medical devices to Wi-Fi
102 Spray-on coating could ice-proof airplanes, power lines, windshields
103 Nanotech breakthrough could create cheaper solar power and medical devices
104 Newly discovered bacteria can eat plastic bottles
105 Rice scientists synthesize anti-cancer agent
106 Researchers build molecule that could significantly reduce brain damage in stroke victims
107 Scientists make renewable plastic from carbon dioxide and plants
108 'Big data' drills down into metabolic details
109 Researchers develop highly efficient hollow copper electrodes
110 Scientists discover a natural adhesive with biomedical applications