File Title
1 What factors affect non-compliance with endocrine therapy among young women with breast cancer?
2 Oral bacteria linked to risk of stroke
3 TSRI scientists create vaccine against dangerous designer opioids
4 Cytokine plays dual role in regulating inflammatory bowel disease, study finds
5 MD Anderson researchers propose new staging for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer
6 'Beiging' white fat cells to fight diabetes
7 Mutual mistrust may have added a few X-files to the UFO era
8 TAxI shuttles protein cargo into spinal cord
9 Breaking the strongest link triggered Big Baja Earthquake
10 Titan probes depths of biofuel's biggest barrier
11 A new method to dramatically improve the sequencing of metagenomes
12 RNA modification discovery suggests new code for control of gene expression
13 Injuries and other health concerns are more common in older people after certain cancer surgeries
14 New RNA letter regulates gene expression
15 Research explains near-island biological hotspots in barren ocean basins
16 Compound in green tea found to block rheumatoid arthritis
17 Gravitational wave detection validates Einstein & early work of UMD physicists
18 UT Southwestern scientists find potential treatment for Friedreich's ataxia
19 Simplifying supersonic nozzle pressure monitoring
20 Some chemotherapy drugs may improve tumor response to immune checkpoint therapy
21 How early is infants' attention affected by surrounding culture?
22 Benefits associated with the reduction of mercury emissions far outweigh industry cost
23 Livestock donations to Zambian households yield higher income, improved diet
24 Portion of ancient Australian chert microstructures definitively pseudo-fossils
25 Graphic cigarette warnings trigger brain areas key to quitting smoking
26 First-in-class drug ONC201 shows potential for some blood cancers
27 UTA researchers devise more efficient materials for solar fuel cells
28 Trouble sleeping associated with behavioral problems in children with autism
29 Fossil analysis pushes back human split from other primates by 2 million years
30 Planning algorithm also generates contingency plans
31 Watch your step--forensics close in on footwear analysis
32 Renewable fuels from algae boosted by NREL refinery process
33 Nocturnal migrating songbirds drift with crosswinds and compensate near coastal areas
34 Are transgender individuals fit to serve in the military?
35 A penny for our thoughts? Copper influx key to brain cell development
36 Impact of climate change on parasite infections depends on host immunity
37 Necessity, the mother of participation
38 Heart organizations support core quality measures, with reservations
39 Results of first search for visible light associated with gravitational waves
40 AGU: Better, faster tsunami warnings possible with GPS
41 Zika doesn't deter Americans from traveling abroad, study shows
42 Overcrowding linked to violence and falls on psychiatric wards
43 Antibody-coated drug-eluting stents for coronary heart disease: No hint of benefit
44 First detection of gases in super-Earth atmosphere
45 New survey shows strong public support for medical research in Louisiana
46 Testing the power of stem cell-derived heart muscle cells
47 Study suggests sildenafil may relieve severe form of edema in swimmers
48 Person-centered app helps women with breast cancer
49 Disease, warming oceans rock lobster and sea star populations
50 Good survival of 'blue babies' and children with congenital heart defects
51 Mining a deep vein of data, researchers make key findings on IV device use
52 Revolutionary flexible smartphone allows users to feel the buzz by bending their apps
53 Social media face threats affect relationships; communication helps
54 Colorectal cancer patients need colonoscopy after cancer resection
55 New guide from AGS, NHTSA a green light to promoting safe driving for older adults
56 Cyber thieves making millions in profits
57 Care, disease management and sociobehavioral interventions in China and Australia
58 Beavers bring environmental benefits
59 New understanding of TB could lead to personalized treatments
60 There are always bacteria lurking in dental equipment, suggests research
61 Male cancer survivors less likely to reproduce
62 Scientists discover genetic changes linked to a major risk factor for blinding trachoma
63 Oxygen was present in the atmosphere much earlier than previously assumed
64 Push the tobacco industry to change through economic incentives, researchers say
65 First detection of super-Earth atmosphere
66 Graphene becomes superconductive--Electrons with 'no mass' flow with 'no resistance'
67 How cancer spreads throughout the body
68 Early family system types predict children's emotional attention
69 What does turbulence have in common with an epidemic?
70 Losing the fight against antibiotic resistance
71 Correcting a misconception: Stick insect's propulsion joint discovered
72 Manipulative behavior could be link between EI and delinquency in young women
73 Enhanced levels of carbon dioxide are likely cause of global dryland greening, study says
74 Slavery carried bilharzia parasites from West Africa to the Caribbean, genomics confirms
75 Decline in Chinese HFMD epidemic projected under new vaccination scheme
76 Animals revived after being in a frozen state for over 30 years
77 Arachnophobes overestimate spider sizes, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers
78 Brain structural effects of psychopharmacological treatment in bipolar disorder
79 Absorption of polypehnolic compounds in mangos shows potential benefits to human health
80 Researchers highlight brain region as 'ground zero' of Alzheimer's disease
81 Plant breeders, growers should pay attention to flush in fight against citrus greening disease
82 Immune response to flu vaccine linked to recipients' ethnic background
83 New study reveals fresh avocado-substituted diet significantly changes lipid profile
84 'Ecologically diverse' breast cancers more likely to be deadly
85 Study compares tests to detect acute HIV infection
86 Salt and sodium intake remains high in China
87 Synthetic plant hormones shut down DNA repair in cancer cells
88 Predicting if young men will live with their kids
89 Evidence insufficient to make recommendation regarding screening for autism
90 Researchers: Peer review system for awarding NIH grants is flawed
91 Ocean oases: How islands support more sea-life
92 Easter Island not destroyed by war, analysis of 'spear points' shows
93 Wistar scientists show how cancerous cells evade a potent targeted therapy
94 Adderall misuse rising among young adults
95 Advance could aid development of nanoscale biosensors
96 Improve winter road safety in Canada to decrease number of deaths
97 Gene could help identify psychosis risk in cannabis users
98 What your gut bacteria can tell you about type 2 diabetes
99 Journal to publish paper by video-gamers based on Stanford online RNA game
100 Chinese culture supports family caregiving for stroke survivors
101 Involving spiritual organizations may reduce health disparities among urban Black women
102 Running helps mice slow cancer growth
103 Electronic health records can help catch undiagnosed cases of type 2 diabetes
104 Science Signaling companion articles describe ONC201 mechanism of action
105 Tiny red crystals dramatically increase biogas production
106 Research offers new evidence about the Gulf of Mexico's past
107 Delirium, muscle weakness among overlooked symptoms of sepsis
108 Slight change to antibacterial drug may improve TB treatments
109 What do the world's leading shark researchers think of shark conservation policy?
110 Study: Low-dose imaging system performs as well as CT scans to assess pediatric condition