File Title
1 Fossilized lizard, 99 million years old, is a clue to 'lost ecosystem'
2 Australia's ugly mammals fail to catch the eye of scientists, study shows
3 Now you're talking: human-like robot may one day care for dementia patients
4 Orbital eyes first customer for in-space satellite servicing
5 Bionic fingertip gives sense of touch to amputee
6 The World's Most Innovative Research Institutions
7 Mysterious extinction of prehistoric marine reptiles explained
8 Bezos' space company aims for passenger flights in 2018
9 Clouds over Indonesia obscure total eclipse of the sun for many
10 Going places: machine beats top Go player in win for artificial intelligence
11 Israeli placental cell therapy could cure radiation sickness
12 NASA plans to fix Mars spacecraft leak then launch in 2018
13 Form of genetically elevated 'good' cholesterol may actually be bad
14 Grid cells' role in human imagination revealed
15 Scientists watch activity of newborn brain cells in mice; reveal they are required for memory
16 Blame your noisy brain for misses and fumbles
17 'Sticky waves: ' molecular interactions at the nanoscale
18 Down the rabbit hole: How electrons travel through exotic new material
19 Classical physics in a spin
20 Clocking the rotation rate of a supermassive black hole
21 Evolutionary 'selection of the fittest' measured for the first time
22 57 different pesticides found in poisoned honeybees
23 Understanding why nights are getting warmer faster than days
24 The benefits of food processing: Processing food before eating likely played key role in human evolution
25 'Daedalus dilemma' of the immune system
26 New gene variants found in childhood body mass index
27 Surgery improves survival rates for men with prostate cancer if radiation treatments fail
28 Final review of health problems that may be linked to Agent Orange exposure during Vietnam War
29 Mindfulness in the workplace improves employee focus, attention, behavior, new management-based research concludes
30 Oxytocin can improve compassion in people with symptoms of PTSD
31 Link between gum disease and cognitive decline in Alzheimer's
32 Gut microbes influence platelet function, risk of thrombosis, study shows
33 Algorithm allows a computer to create a vacation highlight video
34 'Ultra-processed' foods make up more than half of all calories in US diet
35 ADHD or just immature?
36 Get sleep sorted by age five to help children settle at school
37 The 'great smoky dragon' of quantum physics
38 Less than meets the eye: How do computers--or our brains--recognize images?
39 Major breakthrough in new MRI scan technology for lung disease
40 Continuous leaking of radioactive strontium, cesium from Fukushima to the ocean
41 Close comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos
42 Rosetta: Type of ice reveals the age of comets
43 Dust grains could be remnants of stellar explosions billions of years ago
44 High throughput computing helps LIGO confirm Einstein's last unproven theory
45 New learning procedure for neural networks
46 Reverse engineering human biology with organs-on-chips
47 Smartphone security: Why doodling trumps text passwords
48 Red wonder: Chemists pave way for phosphorus revolution
49 Conservation sea change
50 Give and take: Researchers analyze how nutrient pollution can negatively impact important ecological relationships
51 Fighting cavities could one day be as easy as taking a pill, research shows
52 Competition favors the shy bird
53 Major source of methanol in the ocean identified
54 Higher ozone, lower humidity levels associated with dry eye disease
55 Climate change less politicized among minority groups
56 Cutting cattle carbon: Bad breath and flatulence
57 Oldest pine fossils reveal fiery past
58 Decline of crocodile ancestors was good news for early marine turtles
59 Human influence on climate dates back to 1930s, new research finds
60 Slower evolution and climate change drove ichthyosaurs to extinction
61 Two out of five U.S. infants from low-income families are not vaccinated against rotavirus
62 Wealth doesn't protect US blacks from greater chance of incarceration
63 Blast behaviour research could save British troops
64 Developing sustainable food cities
65 Children born prematurely are disadvantaged at school and into adulthood but delaying school entry may not be the answer
66 Is educational neuroscience a waste of money?
67 Black and brilliant? A female genius? Not according to RateMyProfessors, study finds
68 Are you trying to be difficult?
69 Economic dynamic between the two leading software delivery models
70 Research reveals workplace interventions to combat burnout, work-related stress
71 I'd like to thank...myself
72 Internet domain space overcrowded and stifling demand, suggesting a future 'not-com' boom
73 How to Train Your Robot: New Programming System Helps Humans to Interact
74 Meteor Caught on Camera Flashes and Bangs Through Scotland [VIDEO]
75 Climate Change and Increasing Carbon Dioxide Levels Alter Species Interactions, May Have Beneficial Effects
76 Scientists Create Robotic Roaches that Can Squeeze into Small Cracks [VIDEO]
77 Food Shortage Linked to Climate Change Could Kill Half a Million People by 2050
78 NASA Scientist: Greenland's Darkening Ice and Melt Is 'Train Running Downhill'
79 Parrot Brains More Efficient than Ape Brains
80 New Artificial Octopus-Like Skin for Robots Can Stretch and Change Color
81 Chimpanzees Throw Stones at Trees in Never-Before-Seen Behavior
82 Rare Whale Colony Off Madagascar Is Super-Size [VIDEO]
83 Hubble Space Telescope Captures Most Distant Galaxy Ever Seen [VIDEO]
84 Landmark Analysis of Psychology Studies Might Be Flawed, Says New Critique
85 Quantum Computer May Be Scalable and Could Crack Encrypted Secrets
86 Astronaut Scott Kelly Returns from Space Two Inches Taller
87 Tiny Beetles Water Ski Across Pond Surface Remarkably Fast [VIDEO]
88 Climate Change May Be Responsible for Sea Lion Food Shortage, Study Says
89 ALMA Spots Baby Star Swaddled in a Growing Blanket of Gas
90 Ancestral Gene Prevented All Life on Earth from Being Slime
91 Light-up, Soft Skin for Robots Stretches the Boundaries of Robotic Interface
92 Six New Rattlesnakes Found Slithering in Western U.S.
93 Deep-Diving Robot Discovers Mysterious 'Ghost' Octopus Species, Breaks Depth Record for Octopus Suborder [PHOTO]
94 Tiny Dwarf Deer Hunted to Extinction by Humans in Panama
95 Paper Claiming Human Hand Was 'Designed by Creator' Sparks Outrage, Retracted by Publisher
96 Clean Energy May Be a Bad Thing for Global Water Resources
97 Banksy's Identity Might Have Been Revealed by Mathematics Study
98 Scientists Observe Evolution of Rapidly Evolving Fish in Real Time
99 MIT Researcher Creates Donald Trump AI Twitter Bot Using Deep Learning Algorithm
100 Massive Space Shuttle Fuel Tank Set to Make Journey from New Orleans to Los Angeles
101 Seal 'Helicopter Moms' Have More of Love Hormone
102 Zika Linked by Science to Small Brain and Head Development [VIDEO]
103 Marine Protected Areas Can Create Fisherman Collaboration--Or Not
104 NASA New Horizons Spots Snow on Pluto's Mountain Peaks in Cthulu
105 South Carolina Courts Exhibit Massive Racial Bias Against African Americans During Sentencing Decisions, Study Says
106 World's Oldest Lizards Entombed in Amber Shed Light on Reptile Evolution
107 Scientists Prepare for Drilling Expedition at Crater Formed by Asteroid that Killed Dinosaurs
108 Superman Has Some Bad News: Scientists Discover the Formula for Kryptonite--Sort Of
109 Orangutan Population More than Double Previous Estimates, Apes Still Critically Endangered, Survey Says
110 Rare Albino Whale 'Gallon of Milk' Spotted in Mexico for 2nd Time