File Title
1 New scanning technology benefits diabetic eye care in national telemedicine trial
2 System lets Web users share aspects of their browsing history
3 Time spent playing video games may have positive effects on young children
4 How weight affects 'wait!'
5 Scientists find brain cells that know which end is up
6 Family technology rules: What kids expect of parents
7 States where midwives practice independently have lower rates of cesarean deliveries
8 Predicting potential pharma side effects
9 Millennials more likely than older adults to donate clothing rather than trash it
10 Asparagus freezing tolerance related to rhizome traits
11 Genetically modified anthocyanin-expressing citrus developed
12 Researchers unlock mechanisms in the brain that separate food consumption from cravings
13 An active social life associated with well-being in life
14 Effects of salinity and nutrient deficiency determined for spinach
15 Human influence on climate dates back to 1930s, new research finds
16 MGHfC study finds positive attitudes prevail within families of people with Down syndrome
17 Dengue research conference joins forces to prevent mosquito-carried viral diseases
18 Doctors aren't diagnosing or treating most cases of prediabetes, UF study finds
19 Geochemists show experimental verification of principle of detailed balance
20 Design research can improve patient experiences of radiotherapy
21 Bird communication: Chirping with syntax
22 How to predict pediatric post-concussion symptoms: Published in JAMA
23 People in their 60s uniquely benefit from giving advice despite fewer chances to offer it
24 UNC School of Medicine researchers prove HIV targets tissue macrophages
25 New nanoparticle technology to decipher structure and function of membrane proteins
26 Violin varnish: Key to a fiddle's tone
27 Everyone sees the world through their own prism
28 Division of labor in social insects: All-rounders cope better with threats than specialists
29 More than 2 million people co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C
30 New discoveries on the connection between nicotine and type 2 diabetes
31 Cell insights shed light on everyday process of renewal and repair
32 Evolutionary leap from fins to legs was surprisingly simple
33 New target could help to reduce symptoms of asthma attacks, research shows
34 Nature: KIT simulation analyzes cosmic rays
35 Zorro, the new Latin American fish species, takes off the mask to show its true identity
36 Shareholders rate women board members more highly than men
37 Probing the relationship between brain activity and moral judgments of children
38 Fingolimod in multiple sclerosis: No hint of added benefit in new therapeutic indication
39 Surprisingly long learning curve for surgeons operating on oesophageal cancer
40 Sea level rise threatens larger number of people than earlier estimated
41 Drug-resistant genes spread through environment, not meat products
42 Innovative catalyst fabrication method may yield breakthrough in fuel cell development
43 Leading cause of stroke in young going untreated--and it shouldn't, study finds
44 Potential bacterial indicator for serious intestinal disease in premature infants found
45 Scientists uncover history of ancient viruses as far back as 30 million years ago
46 Slower evolution and climate change drove ichthyosaurs to extinction
47 Scientists call for a shake-up in the way we record biodiversity
48 Infant milk formula does not reduce risk of eczema and allergies, according to new study
49 A new Pacific-Rim Trade Agreement threatens future access to medicines
50 Many women around the world leave health facilities too soon after giving birth
51 New breast cancer genetic mutation found in Chinese population and will help refine screening and target drug development
52 Physical activity does not influence breast density: Protective effect against breast cancer is due to other mechanisms
53 Diabetes treatment can reduce mammographic density
54 Special infant milk formula offers no protection against allergies or autoimmune disorders
55 Being short or overweight linked to reduced life chances
56 Syntax is not unique to human language
57 Radical change projected for northern forests is rooted in past, current management
58 Low-level arsenic may impact fetal growth, Dartmouth-led study finds
59 Amputee feels texture with a bionic fingertip
60 Small cuts, big outcomes
61 Health apps and the sharing of information with third parties
62 Assessment tool may help predict risk of persistent postconcussion symptoms among children
63 Findings do not support use of vitamin D to reduce pain from knee osteoarthritis
64 Cardiovascular safety of obesity treatment naltrexone-bupropion uncertain
65 Short man or overweight woman? Your size could make you poorer
66 State-level immigration policies grow more common
67 UC San Diego biophysicists discover how hydra opens its mouth
68 Why Hurricane Irene fizzled as it neared New Jersey in 2011
69 Unique optical trapping system offers way to launch high-power laser light
70 Increased education could help adolescents limit caffeine consumption
71 For lupus patients, anti-inflammatory immune cells are maturing into wrong cell type
72 Inside the mouth of a hydra
73 Video games improve brain connections in multiple sclerosis patients
74 Fifteen shades of photoreceptor in a butterfly's eye
75 Shark babies remain strong in future acidic oceans
76 Researchers develop miniaturized fuel cell that makes drones fly more than 1 hour
77 Global warming increases rain in world's driest areas
78 Current treatment options for SLE published by Dove Medical Press
79 Hospitals participating in accountable care organizations tend to be large and urban
80 UT, ORNL scientists gain new insights into atomic disordering of complex metal oxides
81 Citizen scientists help NASA researchers understand auroras
82 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope secondary mirror installed
83 Molecular-level relationships key to deciphering ocean carbon
84 Treeing it up: Research team documents design of wood-based polymers
85 New drug class offers potential new treatment for lethal bacteria
86 Penn team reverses signs of naturally occurring chronic periodontitis
87 Warming up optoelectronic research
88 Eye cells may use math to detect motion
89 Multi-scale simulations solve a plasma turbulence mystery
90 Public corruption by officials may not be as rampant as reported
91 Tufts University nutrition scientists provide updated MyPlate for older adults
92 I'd like to thank...myself
93 Towards the goal of precision therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma
94 Dementia plaques attack language center of brain
95 Plasma processing technique takes SNS accelerator to new energy highs
96 New therapeutic target in myeloma discovered
97 Discovery identifies new RX target for age-rleated macular degeneration & Alzheimer's
98 Drug-loaded nanocarriers in tumor targeted drug delivery
99 Two percent of US employees go to work each week despite being sick
100 'Thinking and feeling'
101 Children know best whether an allergy spray works for them
102 Healthy lifestyle advice provides long-term benefits
103 Hashtag activism can effect real-world change
104 Genes influence sleep/wake timing of seizures in people with epilepsy
105 Spider toxin analogue may help relieve pain
106 Some medications increase risk of blood vessel constriction in extremities
107 Study: Cancer cells eat their neighbors' 'words'
108 Blood clots pose major risks for patients undergoing bladder cancer surgery
109 Few studies focus on threatened mammalian species that are 'ugly'
110 How cancer cells fuel their growth