File Title
1 Down the drain: Here's why we should use rainwater to flush toilets
2 Molecular-level relationships key to deciphering ocean carbon
3 Urgent need to transform key food producing regions in Africa by 2025
4 UT, ORNL scientists gain new insights into atomic disordering of complex metal oxides
5 Potential Western Atlantic spawning area found for Atlantic bluefin tuna
6 System lets Web users share aspects of their browsing history
7 Mercury's mysterious 'darkness' revealed
8 Drug-resistant genes spread through environment, not meat products
9 Inside the mouth of a hydra
10 Scientists uncover history of ancient viruses as far back as 30 million years ago
11 Syntax is not unique to human language
12 Amputee feels texture with a bionic fingertip
13 Migration Sound and Climate Response: Deep-Water Fish Sound Could Reveal Ocean Secrets *
14 Texas and Reptile: Extinct Worm Lizard Discovered; Lived in Warm, Wet Environment
15 Whip Spiders: Eight New Species Found in Amazon Rainforest
16 Madagascar: Early Human Settlers Set Forests on Fire 1,000 Years Ago
17 Rare Sumatran Tigers Born in Indonesia and US Zoos
18 Ancient Armored Mammals were in Fact Giant Armadillos, Study Confirms
19 Reef Sharks Have Remarkably Small Appetite
20 Threatened Belugas: 'Adopt a Beluga' Campaign Finds Sponsors
21 New Fossil Fish Had Unique 'Hook-Shaped Sail' on Its Back
22 Shark Ultrasounds Boost Conservation Efforts Along Florida Coast (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW) [VIDEO]
23 Long-Distance Travel May Make Migratory Birds Smarter
24 Sand Sharks Have Involved Social Networks like Some Mammals, Study Says
25 Kids and Great Apes Create Similar Tools to Solve Problems
26 New Planet Discovered in Star Cluster Part of Taurus
27 Manatees: Record-Breaking 6,250 Counted During Aerial Surveys in Florida
28 Fish Can Be Right-Handed or Left-Handed, Study Shows
29 Mating Calls: Birds that Sing Together Are More Faithful
30 Blacktip Sharks: Breeding Females Find Year-Round Sanctuary in Australia Bay
31 Studying Compulsive Behavior in Dogs May Help Improve OCD Treatments for People
32 Invasive Species: 106 Burmese Pythons Were Killed in the Florida Everglades Hunt
33 Pluto's Moon, Charon, May Have Had an Ancient Ocean Beneath Its Fractured Surface
34 25 Teaspoons of Sugar Are in Some Coffee Drinks: That's More than Some Sodas
35 Near-Earth Asteroids are Spectacularly Destroyed Before Reaching the Sun
36 How a Colossal Ice Shelf Collapsed After the Last Ice Age
37 Longest-Lasting Stellar Eclipse in the Universe to Date Lasts Three and a Half Years
38 Sauropod Dinosaurs that Lived Millions of Years Ago Walked Instead of Swam
39 N/A
40 Micro Air Vehicles Design Based on Bat Flight
41 Climate Change May Cause Forests to Have a Makeover
42 New Map Reveals Which Parts of the World are More Sensitive to Climate Change
43 Gelatinous Sea Snails Flutter Through the Arctic Sea on Wings like Insects Through the Air
44 Five-Dimensional Black Hole May Break Down Einstein's Theory of General Relativity
45 Humans Set Madagascar's Forests on Fire 1000 Years Ago
46 NASA Hubble Space Telescope Catches a Fiery Exoplanet Changing Over Time
47 'Ugliest' Fossil Reptiles to Have Roamed China Were More Closely Related than Previously Thought
48 'Smart' Contact Lenses Made Possible by Stretchable Nano-Devices
49 Neuroscientists Discovere Why Humans are More Likely to Hurt Others After Given Orders
50 NASA's New Telescope May Reveal the Secrets of Dark Energy and Exoplanets
51 Honeybee Hive Collapse May be Rooted in the Size of the Hive
52 Does Your Child Snore? It Can Be Dangerous
53 Paper that says human hand was 'designed by Creator' sparks concern
54 Psychology's reproducibility problem is exaggerated--say psychologists
55 Liquid metal 'balloons' offer room-temperature soldering
56 First Zika-linked birth defects detected in Colombia
57 Statisticians issue warning over misuse of P values
58 The Go Files: 'Humanity-packed' AI prepares to take on world champion
59 Global warming already driving increases in rainfall extremes
60 CRISPR: gene editing is just the beginning
61 How the US CRISPR patent probe will play out
62 Five million US seeds banked for resurrection experiment
63 'Open-hardware' pioneers push for low-cost lab kit
64 The Go Files: champion preps for $1 million machine match
65 Chinese gravitational-wave hunt hits crunch time
66 Welcome to the CRISPR zoo
67 Citizen scientists take on latest gravitational-wave data
68 The Go Files: AI computer wins first match against master Go player
69 NASA reschedules troubled Mars InSight mission to 2018
70 CRISPR everywhere
71 'Sci fi' eye experiments improve vision in children--and rabbits
72 Who ordered that?
73 Food processing
74 Gene intelligence
75 Support communities involved in disease studies
76 Policy: Reboot the debate on genetic engineering
77 Governance: Learn from DIY biologists
78 Blockchain-based microgrid gives power to consumers in New York
79 Anti-inflammatory drugs can fix some signs of depression in mice
80 China set to surpass its climate targets as renewables soar
81 Whale algorithm could unlock secrets of their many dialects
82 Cosmic radio blast result called into question within days
83 Volcanic mount spun Mars around and rearranged its rivers
84 New UK Snooper's charter still gives state wide hacking powers
85 Zika virus likely to cause paralysing Guillain-Barre syndrome
86 US Supreme Court to test restrictive Texas abortion law
87 Facebook can map more of Earth in a week than we have in history
88 Summer on Titan may make its lakes ripple with waves
89 One Per Cent
90 Super-fast evolving fish splitting into two species in same lake
91 Glow-in-the-dark bacterial lights could illuminate shop windows
92 Planet Nine hunters enlist big bang telescopes and Saturn probe
93 Building aircraft in augmented reality is quicker and safer
94 Bromance helps stressed out warring chimps keep their cool
95 People will follow a robot in an emergency--even if it's wrong
96 Gentler attack on cancer may mean we can live with it for longer
97 Squid filmed using their ink clouds as smokescreen to catch prey
98 First life may have been forged in icy seas on a freezing Earth
99 Anti-inflammatory drugs can fix some signs of depression in mice
100 Aging Milky Way stopped making stars before it ran out of gas
101 Artificial tail-less sperm is the best test-tube sex cell yet
102 Animal invaders on Europe's kill list are set to be wiped out
103 Wild gorillas compose happy songs that they hum during meals
104 When will the universe end? Not for at least 2.8 billion years
105 Twin who spent a year on the ISS returns to Earth
106 Male sand martin birds filmed having sex with a dead male
107 Repeating cosmic radio blast adds mystery to their origins
108 Volcanic mount spun Mars around and rearranged its rivers
109 Alligators help protect bird nests--but still snack on chicks
110 The secret of beetles that waterski so fast they vanish