File Title
1 Major breakthrough in new MRI scan technology for lung disease
2 Small brain is good for the immune system--if you are a fish
3 Close comet flyby threw Mars' magnetic field into chaos
4 Widely used kidney cancer drugs can't stop recurrence
5 Competition favors the shy bird
6 Evolutionary 'selection of the fittest' measured for the first time
7 Using statistics to predict rogue waves
8 Mysterious infrared light from space resolved perfectly
9 Dramatically dynamic genomic evolution of a mighty mite
10 Clocking the rotation rate of a supermassive black hole
11 Deciphering compact galaxies in the young universe
12 Efficiency of water electrolysis doubled
13 Scientists developed a robust method for analysis of intestinal bacteria
14 Breast cancer has a higher incidence in obese women
15 Blood stem cells study could pave the way for new cancer therapy
16 Nutritional drink can help to conserve memory in case of prodromal Alzheimer's disease
17 Proved the great antitumoral potential of a compound derived from olives
18 57 different pesticides found in poisoned honeybees
19 Links between money and happiness uncovered
20 The 'great smoky dragon' of quantum physics
21 Blast behavior research could save British troops
22 People with anxiety show fundamental differences in perception
23 Less than meets the eye
24 'Daedalus dilemma' of the immune system
25 How stick insects handle indigestive food
26 Where males sense females in plants
27 Tracking the social networks of genes disrupted in complex diseases
28 New frog species discovered in India's wastelands
29 Brown fat keeps blood sugar in check
30 IBS team detects hot electrons in real time
31 Slamdunk: Graphical user interface uses 'X's and O's' to retrieve basketball plays
32 Early human habitat, recreated for first time, shows life was no picnic
33 Smartphone security: Why doodling trumps text passwords
34 TSRI study identifies new type of protein clump that may be implicated in ALS
35 Major source of methanol in the ocean identified [cf. 111]
36 Light exposure improves depressive symptoms among cancer survivors
37 Link between gum disease and cognitive decline in Alzheimer's
38 The Lancet: Universal background checks for purchasing guns and ammunition could substantially cut gun deaths in the USA
39 Gene may worsen cancer outcome by speeding metabolism of drugs
40 Flooding alleviated by targeted tree planting and river restoration, scientists discover
41 Overlooked resistance may inflate estimates of organic-semiconductor performance
42 BU study identifies 3 state laws that 'substantially reduce' gun deaths
43 Modified form of CRISPR acts as a toggle switch to control gene expression in stem cells
44 Drug overdoses in PA increased 14-fold in past 4 decades
45 Hispanic women who identify as white are healthier than those who don't
46 Jefferson researchers find highly active gene in aggressive human lung cancer
47 Negative cancer trials: Short-term whimper, long-term bang
48 Higher ozone, lower humidity levels associated with dry eye disease
49 Revision rates, patient characteristics in those undergoing septorhinoplasty
50 Lapatinib and trastuzumab shrinks HER2+ breast cancer in 11 days after diagnosis
51 Major differences between male and female breast cancers uncovered but male patients still disadvantaged by lack of research, say investigators
52 Grid cells' role in human imagination revealed
53 Super-clear synapses at super resolutions
54 Disproving hypothesis clears path for research for new treatment options for schizophrenia
55 Mother's smoking may increase her children's risk of lung disease as adults
56 Protein increases signals that protect cancer cells, Stanford study finds
57 Does ethnicity affect breast cancer biology?
58 Harnessing new technologies and policies for better ocean observation
59 Timing the treatment of cancer cells
60 Mystery surrounding methane plateau explained
61 The plastic-eating bacteria breakdown
62 ADHD or just immature?
63 Blame your noisy brain for misses and fumbles
64 Scientists watch activity of newborn brain cells in mice; reveal they are required for memory
65 Penn study shows a form of genetically elevated 'good' cholesterol may actually be bad
66 Blacks face a higher risk of kidney failure than whites, regardless of genetics
67 Reverse engineering human biology with organs-on-chips
68 Brown fat may warm us up at dawn
69 Patterns of brain swelling may explain susceptibility of children to cerebral malaria
70 Researchers optimize methods to study neurons during motor activity
71 Seeing the light: Army ants evolve to regain sight and more in return to surface
72 Don't let youth trip you; more than 50 percent young adults fall, trip
73 Turning to dirt as part of the climate change solution
74 How to get a handle on potential risks posed by fracking fluids
75 Nicotine vaccine delays the drug's effects in mice
76 Austin's urban forest
77 Researchers build molecule that could significantly reduce brain damage in stroke victims
78 Pitching gas against coal
79 Child care providers need more education, training on benefits of breastfeeding, human milk
80 Delivery strategies of chemotherapy to the central nervous system
81 Dark matter satellites trigger massive birth of stars
82 New intervention program reduces bullying in early childhood
83 Hooray for Hollywood robots: Movie machines may boost robot acceptance
84 Periorbital transplantation may be promising alternative to protect vision in facial transplant candidates
85 Can yoga help those experiencing depression, anxiety or PTSD?
86 Work climate contributes significantly to working moms' decision to breastfeed
87 Sticky, stony and sizzling science launching to space station
88 UTHealth research: Excess heat significantly affects health of migratory workers
89 ASRC professor leads study on reconfigurable magnetic nanopatterns
90 Serotonin deficiency implicated in rheumatoid arthritis
91 Children born prematurely are disadvantaged at school and into adulthood but delaying school entry may not be the answer
92 Scripps Florida study lays groundwork for potential bipolar disorder therapies
93 Risks less likely to be reported by public-health researchers paid by industry or military
94 Mass. General research team identifies key step in process of Shigella infection
95 Banning words on Instagram doesn't help--it makes it worse
96 Light helps the transistor laser switch faster
97 HIV patients in Africa with a specific genetic variant have much lower rate of TB
98 Bioprospecting study finds biosurfactant-producing microbes target biodiversity in Latin America
99 Illegal pet trade in Madagascar may threaten conservation and survival of endangered lemur species
100 Being bullied does not lead to higher substance abuse
101 Want a younger brain? Stay in school--and take the stairs
102 New report informs Social Security's process for determining if beneficiaries can manage benefits
103 One-size-fits-all support services don't suit needs of younger grandmothers raising grandchildren
104 Stanford scientists make renewable plastic from carbon dioxide and plants
105 First microwhip scorpion from Mesozoic period found in Burmese amber
106 Atomic vibrations in nanomaterials
107 Disney researchers take depth cameras into the depths for high-accuracy 3-D capture
108 Chinese stock market participation low, long-term investment planning needed
109 Expert panel urges new approaches to curtail US opioid epidemic
110 Expert outlines medical approach to treatment of traumatized refugees
111 Major Source of Methanol in the Ocean Identified [cf. 35]