File Title
1 CCNY researchers introduce new route to thermal measurements with nanometer resolution
2 ICES Journal of Marine Science publishes special issue on ocean acidification
3 In Russia, discovery of preserved Siberian moose with the DNA of ancient animal
4 Sweeping review of human genome IDs stroke risk genes
5 Imaging shows impact of PTSD in earthquake survivors
6 New biomarker identifies uveal melanoma patients at high risk for metastasis
7 'Informed consent' states often give women considering abortions inaccurate information
8 Microorganisms duke it out within algal blooms
9 Biological clocks orchestrate behavioral rhythms by sending signals downstream
10 Increased risk of obesity with increased time in the US in Filipino immigrants in New York
11 Mutated gene associated with colon cancer discovered in 18th-century Hungarian mummy
12 A human liver microphysiology platform for studying physiology, drug safety, and disease
13 Understanding ageism prolongs your life
14 Plankton feces could move plastic pollution to the ocean depths
15 New laser achieves wavelength long sought by laser developers
16 Nanotechnology delivery system offers new approach to skin disease therapies
17 New theory of deep-ocean sound waves may aid tsunami detection
18 Metabolic phenotyping of blood plasma allows for the detection of lung cancer
19 Immune therapy breaks down wall around pancreatic tumors for chemo to attack
20 Survey: Americans would pay more to support biodiversity
21 In grasslands, longer spring growing season offsets higher summer temperatures
22 Lower limit for future climate emissions needed, research says
23 Brain connectivity disruptions may explain cognitive deficits in people with brain injury
24 Study may widen patient pool that benefits from EPZ-5676 against acute myeloid leukemia
25 Childhood poverty, parental abuse cost adults their health for years to come
26 Biofuels from algae: A budding technology yet to become viable
27 Cancer patients with limited finances are more likely to have increased symptoms and poorer quality
28 Blood vessels sprout under pressure
29 New software provides and overview of the big data of genome sequencing
30 New national study finds Crohn's disease diagnosis difficult to obtain and life altering
31 Autoimmune diseases gonna be defeated
32 DNA as a weapon of immune defense
33 Single dose of trastuzumab kick starts immune response in certain breast cancers
34 Giant meteor hits Earth. Why no one saw it.
35 Spectacular new Milky Way map reveals colder parts of galaxy
36 These bizarre worms form social swirls while they sunbathe
37 Will tiny satellites launch a new space frontier?
38 To protect natural resources, put a price tag on them, say scientists
39 Ocean acidification is taking a toll on coral reef growth. Can we save the reefs?
40 Mystery solved: Scientists trace radio bursts to a galaxy far, far away
41 What a cactus, a beetle, and a pitcher plant can teach about harvesting water
42 What's that mysterious underwater hum? It might be fish gas.
43 Scott Kelly's one year in space to end with bumpy ride home
44 Quantum dots finally take a giant leap forward
45 Australian Aborigines spent 50,000 years isolated from the rest of us
46 How snail shells are unravelling the ancient secret of asymmetry
47 How oxygen may have delayed latest SpaceX launch
48 Did all animal life on Earth begin with a sea sponge?
49 Did global warming 'pause'? Depends how you define 'pause'
50 What prehistoric wisdom teeth tell us about human evolution
51 3.5 billion years ago, the Earth's climate maybe wasn't so different from today
52 How an MIT team created a warning system for rogue waves
53 After two technical delays, will SpaceX be able to launch Falcon 9 Sunday?
54 Hubble snaps picture of cosmic blue 'bubble'
55 Why is there a leap day? Is there an alternative? (+video)
56 Third launch scrapped in a week: Is SpaceX failing or just innovating?
57 Scientists find 'exquisite' 515-million-year-old fossilized nervous system
58 Mexico's monarch butterfly population makes a comeback. What happened?
59 Understanding others: A smarter way to search for aliens?
60 Owl wars: Biologists kill one bird to save another
61 Why do people trust robot rescuers more than humans?
62 Dusty dinosaur bone sheds new light on perplexing giant predators
63 Costs rise faster than water, according to sea level rise study
64 Slovenia eagerly awaits hatching of 'dragon' eggs
65 After a record 340 days in space, Scott Kelly returns to Earth
66 What delayed SpaceX's launch this time?
67 Can mummies talk? Scientists find out.
68 N/A
69 How is astronaut Scott Kelly adjusting to gravity after a year in space?
70 Astronomers detect repeating fast radio burst. What's causing these FRBs?
71 Spurred by climate change, Middle East faces worst drought in 900 years
72 This tiny dragonfly migrates the longest distance of any insect
73 Mystery of cosmic radio bursts grows even more intriguing (+video)
74 For Everglade wading birds, security comes at a high cost
75 Why is the deepest part of the ocean so noisy?
76 Middle Saxon site unearthed in eastern Britain
77 Following historic year in space, Scott Kelly relishes fresh air, salad, and a cool dip
78 Water may have had a much longer history on Mars than we thought
79 Astronomers spot glimmer of a galaxy that dates back to universe's infancy
80 This new robot skin can glow, stretch--and walk
81 World's oldest terrestrial fossil is a fungus, scientist says.
82 These beetles waterski, scientists say. How do they do it? (+video)
83 Why is Greenland's ice sheet getting 'darker'?
84 Critique of landmark study: Psychology may not face replicability crisis after all
85 Will quantum computing kick off an encryption revolution?
86 Rare Omura's whale colony off Madagascar studied for the first time
87 Scott Kelly's epic year in space: Is NASA any closer to Mars?
88 These 12 lizards were trapped in amber for 99 million years (+video)
89 Adorable 'ghost-like' octopus spotted on sea floor near Hawaii (+video)
90 Scientists confirm snow on Pluto, but what is it made of?
91 NASA's Scott Kelly back on Earth, but mission continues
92 What's in the crater left by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs?
93 8,000 more Sumatran orangutans than we thought, but worries remain
94 Huge albino whale spotted in waters off Mexico
95 A pup is born! Wild sea otter gives aquarium visitors show of a lifetime
96 A total eclipse of the sun is coming. Here's how to catch it.
97 Mercury mystery: What makes the planet's surface so dark?
98 Researchers develop flexible, radar-cloaking skin
99 Study of human hands in scientific journal cites 'Creator,' gets retracted
100 Leafy Greens, Your Intestinal Health and Fighting Salmonella
101 How air Pollution Affects our Global Health
102 Shining Light on Jet Lag
103 When High Blood Pressure Isn't Obvious
104 Starbucks or Coke: What's Worse?
105 Strategies to Stop Snoring
106 The Potential Dangers of Powdered Alcohol
107 How Sex Affects Internal Organs
108 The Alcohol Harm Paradox: Why the Poor Face More Risk
109 Unlocking Breast Cancer's Secrets
110 Activating "Beige" Cells to Lose Weight