File Title
1 Spongy material helps repair the spine (video)
2 Artificial 'nose' sniffs out pollution to protect Disney art on international tour
3 Yoga improves quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation
4 Study shows patients prefer iPads to doctors when discussing surgery
5 Active surveillance for prostate cancer can give men good quality of life
6 Tying lipstick smears from crime scenes to specific brands (video)
7 A step toward a birth control pill for men
8 Desert cactus purifies contaminated water for aquaculture, drinking and more (video)
9 Getting closer to using beer hops to fight disease
10 DNA 'origami' could help build faster, cheaper computer chips
11 Blueberries, the well-known 'super fruit,' could help fight Alzheimer's
12 A nanoparticle does double duty, imaging and treating atherosclerosis
13 Nanomotors could help electronics fix themselves
14 Potential new therapeutic target for hypertension may offer less side effects
15 RNA sequencing opens door to accurate, highly specific test for prostate cancer
16 Study finds kidney transplant donation rates vary widely across Europe
17 Almost 1/3 of infertile men at increased risk of metabolic diseases as they age
18 Lake Huron's Chinook salmon fishery unlikely to recover due to ongoing food shortage
19 Satellites and shipwrecks: Landsat satellite spots foundered ships in coastal waters
20 NASA tracking the influence of tides on ice shelves in Antarctica
21 UTSW researchers find newly identified immunity pathway protects mammals from virus-cause
22 New fuel cell design powered by graphene-wrapped nanocrystals
23 American Thoracic Society applauds action to reduce methane emissions
24 Rapid response for inflammation control in songbirds' brains could lead to therapies in humans
25 Practicing tai chi reduces risk of falling in older adults
26 Differential immuno-capture biochip offers specific leukocyte counting for HIV diagnosis
27 Change in mosquito mating may control Zika virus
28 Circuit for experience-informed decision-making ID'd in rats
29 Space station astronauts ham it up to inspire student scientists
30 Parents of premature babies get confidence boost from home-from-hospital project
31 Antitrust laws may hinder socially-responsible business collaboration
32 Ultrasonic surgery reduces pain and swelling after chin surgery
33 A virus common among livestock depends on a micro-RNA to replicate
34 Neurofeedback reduces pain, increases quality of life for cancer patients suffering from chemotherapy-induced neuropathy
35 Early detection: Colorectal cancer rates declining in Germany
36 Science can now link climate change with some extreme weather events
37 Functional heart muscle regenerated in decellularized human hearts
38 CPAP may not improve glycemic control in people with diabetes
39 Higher tax leads to better government quality
40 'Cadillac tax' on health benefits will hit middle class hardest: Study
41 Attribution of extreme weather events in the context of climate change--new report
42 Penn experts warn that touting 'naturalness' of breastfeeding could backfire
43 Science curriculum tailored to English language learners boosts student achievement
44 Drexel researchers testing most effective seizure treatments
45 Study: Individual rewards can boost team performance at work
46 New, non-invasive method allows to determine whether a child is celiac or not
47 Researchers dig up new molecular details on 'the other type' of stem cells
48 Social networks used in the assessment of damage caused by natural disasters
49 New analytical model for e-sports predicts who is winning--and why
50 Soap bubbles for treating stenosed blood vessels
51 Symbiosis with partner exchange
52 Beta-blockers could reduce the risk of COPD exacerbations
53 New 'AsthmaMap' could redefine disease and personalize treatment for patients
54 Paradigm shift: Scientists demonstrate the wavelike nature of van der Waals Forces
55 Family-based counseling increases physical activity and improves diet quality in children
56 Lower oil prices lead to higher CO2 emissions
57 Chinese scientists realize quantum simulation of the Unruh effect
58 Lack of TRPV2 impairs thermogenesis in mouse brown adipose tissue
59 World's thinnest lens to revolutionize cameras
60 'Popular girls' have less lice--in the monkey world
61 Retirement is good for your health
62 Heart attacks could be reduced by rethinking the way we prescribe statins
63 A younger sibling may be good for your child's health
64 Rates of prophylactic mastectomy have tripled in past decade despite no survival benefit
65 Burning more calories linked with greater gray matter volume, reduced Alzheimer's risk
66 New lifeline for patients with inoperable neuroendocrine cancers
67 Paleontologists discover 250-million-year-old new species of reptile in Brazil
68 Seismic for the spine: Vibration technology offers alternative to MRI
69 Spray-on coating could ice-proof airplanes, power lines, windshields
70 Different kinds of physical activity shown to improve brain volume & cut Alzheimer's risk in half
71 Multi-gene test identifies early breast cancer patients who can be spared chemo
72 How a bad night's sleep might worsen cancer development
73 Can nutritional supplements impact genetic hearing loss in children?
74 A foldable material that can change size, volume and shape
75 Quality control for genetic sequencing
76 Can we predict aggressiveness of prostate cancer before surgery with a blood test?
77 Experiment shows magnetic chips could dramatically increase computing's energy efficiency
78 Unpacking space radiation to control astronaut and earthbound cancer risk
79 Wildland fire emissions worse in polluted areas
80 Evidence in the Cassia Hills of Idaho reveals 12 catastrophic eruptions
81 Skin has the nerve to tell you to scratch
82 New imaging method makes gall bladder removals, other procedures more safe
83 INRS takes giant step forward in generating optical qubits
84 NASA station leads way for improved measurements of Earth orientation, shape
85 Lead exposure changes gut microbiota, increases chance for obesity
86 New gene variants found in childhood body mass index
87 Conservation sea change
88 New studies of the 'natural history' of schizophrenia raise hope for new treatments
89 New class of drugs specifically induces cell death in B cell blood cancers
90 Down the rabbit hole: How electrons travel through exotic new material
91 HIV-infected young males have higher rates of bone loss than females
92 Fighting cavities could one day be as easy as taking a pill, research shows
93 How do hairspray and shampoo work? (video)
94 Surgery improves survival rates for men with prostate cancer if radiation treatments fail
95 Open science in action!
96 Give and take
97 Spending on public higher education overlooks net benefits as investment in state's future
98 Enzyme involved in glucose metabolism promotes wound healing, study finds
99 Wealth doesn't protect US blacks from greater chance of incarceration
100 Turn off the Alzheimer's disease
101 New report recommends research to improve understanding of relationship between fatigue and crash risk
102 Final review of health problems that may be linked to Agent Orange exposure during Vietnam War
103 Rice scientists synthesize anti-cancer agent
104 Algorithm allows a computer to create a vacation highlight video
105 Climate change less politicized among minority groups
106 Study identifies possible marker for lung cancer chemotherapy
107 Adapting training to age
108 Cleveland clinic study shows gut microbes influence platelet function, risk of thrombosis
109 News coverage of Fukushima disaster found lacking
110 New learning procedure for neural networks