File Title
1 Boat mooring chains scour Rottnest (Australia) seagrass releasing CO2
2 SLU scientist helps move structural biology into 'big data' era
3 Adolescent female pandas not the demure homebodies once thought
4 Unique beak evolved with tool use in New Caledonian crow
5 Why does food make your mouth water? (video)
6 Study: How more R&D funding can hasten green revolution
7 Study says marine protected areas can benefit large sharks
8 Just made a bad decision?
9 Smartwatches can now track your finger in mid-air using sonar
10 Transforming the US transportation system by 2050 to address climate challenges
11 Sweet corn genes related to crowding stress identified
12 New microwave imaging approach opens a nanoscale view on processes in liquids
13 Scientists discover microbiome that may be responsible for male reproductive disorders
14 Trade in rare plants on social media must be monitored
15 Companies that are interactive, informative can be more influential
16 The sounds of eating may reduce how much you eat
17 Two brand new dung beetle species from montane grazing sites and forests in Mexico
18 Mismatched expectations most common reason for patients not completing HPV vaccine series
19 Post-traumatic stress disorder seen in many adults living with congenital heart disease
20 Nature study reveals rapid ice-wedge loss across Arctic
21 Historian uncovers secrets of the Reformation hidden in England's oldest printed bible
22 New treatment for common incurable eye condition
23 A boost in microRNA may protect against obesity and diabetes
24 Study suggests reduced immunosuppression drug dose may be best for kidney transplant outcomes
25 Paving the way for metastasis
26 Using generic cancer drug could save many millions of dollars
27 Molecules that may keep you young and alive
28 Phosphonate emerging zinc binding group in matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
29 Dopamine key to vocal learning, songbird study finds
30 Do we need to reconsider the guidelines for treatment of older people with diabetes?
31 IUPUI psychologists explore pain in Hispanic Americans
32 Conservatives and liberals do think differently
33 Digging deeper: Study improves permafrost models, reduces uncertainties
34 Playing dumb and giving the cold shoulder: How stereotypes pervade the workplace
35 A glance into the future of the Arctic
36 What incentives work best to get a team to exercise more?
37 A rolling stone gathers no mates
38 Profane relations: The irony of offensive jokes in India
39 Nanostructures promise big impact on higher-speed, lower-power optical devices
40 Omega-3 fatty acids shown to exert a positive effect on the aging brain
41 Good news! You're likely burning more calories than you thought when you're walking
42 Study finds racial differences in smoking patterns, screening
43 Similarities in fruit fly nervous systems transform view of metamorphosis
44 The next step in preventing diabetes
45 Oil and natural gas boom causes methane emissions to increase
46 Laser beams with a 'twist'
47 Photosynthesis more ancient than thought, and most living things could do it
48 Incredible images reveal bacteria motor parts in unprecedented detail
49 Reduction in dietary diversity impacts richness of human gut microbiota
50 400,000-year-old fossils from Spain provide earliest genetic evidence of Neandertals
51 Mothers with postnatal depression reluctant to have more than two children
52 Sand dunes are important desert dust sources
53 When memories age
54 New research highlights need to give greater consideration to sleep in stroke care
55 In cubosomes it's their interior that counts
56 Novel blood test for Alzheimer's diagnosis
57 Female frogs identify own offspring using inner GPS
58 Woodlands in Europe: More tree species, more benefits
59 New electrode for ion concentration analysis
60 Researchers discover fairy circles in Australia
61 New way to harvest stem cells better for donors
62 Challenging observations of 2-D melting and surface premelting at the single-particle level
63 Microbes may not be so adaptable to climate change
64 New research shows growing up in poor neighborhoods increases likelihood of obesity
65 New DNA results answer consumers' demand for trust in seafood
66 Austerity linked to rising mortality rates among older pensioners
67 Complex learning dismantles barriers in the brain
68 The Lancet: New research further supports association between Zika virus, infection and microcephaly
69 Basing regulation of commercial speech about pharmaceuticals on scientific evidence
70 Planned repeat C-section not linked to worse child health than vaginal birth after C-s
71 Mindfulness meditation provides opioid-free pain relief, study finds
72 Winds hide Atlantic variability from Europe's winters
73 Storks give up on winter migration in favor of junk food
74 Slow path to recovery for southern right whales
75 A global increase in antioxidant defenses of the body may delay aging and its diseases
76 Nearly half of women who stop smoking during pregnancy go back to smoking soon after baby is born
77 Children in intensive care recover faster with little to no nutrition
78 Crowd review
79 In vitro tests of Vype vapor reveal no cell stress, DNA damage or cell transformation
80 Detecting radioactive material from a remote distance
81 TSRI scientists identify molecular markers of kidney transplant rejection
82 Pregnant T. rex could aid in dino sex-typing
83 Sharkskin actually increases drag
84 UK's anti-lobbying clause risks jeopardizing public health, warn experts
85 Refugees have a substantially higher risk of psychotic disorders
86 Antibiotic resistance in children is high and associated with previous antibiotic use
87 Communicating genetic disease risk has little or no impact on health related behavior
88 No evidence that genetic tests change people's behavior
89 Pregnant mother's weight, glucose and blood pressure affect baby's size
90 Examination of effect of CMS policy to suppress substance abuse claims data
91 Link between genetically elevated maternal BMI and higher offspring birth weight
92 Treatment lessens cerebral damage following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
93 Substantial proportion of US measles cases intentionally unvaccinated
94 To increase group exercise, Penn study suggests rewarding the individual and the team
95 Scratching the surface: Real-time monitoring of surface changes at the atomic level
96 Misleading p-values showing up more often in biomedical journal articles, Stanford study finds
97 Network of germ sleuths heads off nearly 276,000 foodborne illnesses a year
98 Risk of schizophrenia and other psychoses three times higher in refugees
99 Bacterial airborne signal encourages fungal growth critical in lung infections
100 MRI helps predict preterm birth
101 Insect wings inspire antibacterial surfaces for corneal transplants, other medical devices
102 New technique could more accurately measure cannabinoid dosage in marijuana munchies
103 Eggshell nanoparticles could lead to expanded use of bioplastic in packaging materials
104 How a pill could improve breast cancer diagnoses
105 The quest for spin liquids
106 Lizards keep their cool
107 Geologists discover how Australia's highest mountain was created
108 Understanding obesity from the inside out
109 Scientists have synthesized new molecules with anticancer and antioxidant activity
110 NIST creates fundamentally accurate quantum thermometer