File Title
1 Apple's deal with Google for cloud services may not last
2 OWC USB-C Dock review: Opens up a MacBook's possibilities
3 Easy ways to speed up older iPads and iPhones
4 Harvard Law professor and former Obama special assistant dismisses FBI's claims
5 Apple Watch predicted to capture 50% market share in 2016
6 Apple preps Apple TV owners for March 21 event
7 Apple's Tim Cook on FBI fight: 'No one's going dark'
8 How to move your Windows PC files to your new Mac
9 Three emerging technologies Woz loves, and what he thinks of Tim Cook
10 Nintendo's first iPhone app is a social surprise
11 Apple engineers, if ordered to unlock iPhone, might resist
12 Surface-going cave crickets actually more isolated than cave-dwelling cousins
13 Amping antimicrobial discovery with automation
14 Climate warming accelerating carbon loss from thawing Arctic soils, Dartmouth study finds
15 Time to eat
16 Expansion mini-microscopy: High quality magnification on the cheap
17 Most presidential candidates speak at grade 6-8 level
18 Young sun-like star shows a magnetic field was critical for life on the early Earth
19 Rat problems in poor neighborhoods linked to depressive symptoms
20 Coral on a chip cracks coral mysteries
21 Keeping ribosomes stuck may stop virulent bacteria strain in its track
22 Antibody developed at Johns Hopkins slows tumor growth and metastasis in mice
23 Marijuana use disorder is on the rise nationally; few receive treatment
24 Why are some people more attached to their phones than others?
25 Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in Europe 2014
26 Free database shows where to find some of the world's most toxic snakes
27 Science sheds new light on the life and death of medieval king Erik
28 Researchers discover sophisticated alarm signaling in a primitive insect
29 Winter storms of 2013-14 the most energetic to hit western Europe since 1948, study shows
30 Smaller, cheaper microbial fuel cells turn urine into electricity
31 Healthcare systems must adapt to cope with escalating impact of aging populations
32 Allowing women to extend labor reduces rate of cesarean delivery
33 Interventions to minimize high-risk prescribing can cut emergency admissions
34 Childhood pre-migration health and circumstances shed light on 'healthy migrant effect'
35 Scaling mental resilience more effectively
36 'Invulnerable' coatings for cutting tools from gas
37 Snub-nosed monkeys: Conservation challenges in the face of environmental uncertainty
38 Chinese scientists modulate cholesterol metabolism to potentiate T-cell antitumor immunity
39 New soft material could reduce complications for women suffering from urinary incontinence
40 The hormone cortisol has been linked to increased aggression in 10-year-old boys
41 First successful extraction of ancient DNA from a southern African mummy
42 Treatment lessens cerebral damage following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
43 Making electronics safer with perovskites
44 Silent oceans: Acidification stops shrimp chorus
45 Potential Zika virus risk estimated for 50 US cities
46 Poor diet and lack of exercise accelerate the onset of age-related conditions in mice
47 Solving the mystery of the Tully Monster
48 Threatened plant gets boost from biotech lab
49 Why some tumors withstand treatment
50 Health effects of sit-stand desks, interventions aimed to reduce sitting at work are still unproven
51 CU study shows how Paralympic track sprinters are slowed by curves
52 Scientists discover parts of organs 'have minds of their own' when it comes to growth
53 Atrial fibrillation patients at highest stroke risk not prescribed necessary medication
54 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Public transport, walking and cycling to work are all associated with reductions in body fat for adults in mid-life
55 Stronger measures needed to deter use of cough and cold medicine in young children
56 Physical activity found to decrease risk of dying in COPD
57 Climate variations analyzed 5 million years back in time
58 Tooth loss and untreated caries predict food intake limitations
59 Postponing restorative intervention of occlusal dentin caries by non-invasive sealing
60 Household catastrophic health expenditure and impoverishment
61 Scientists generate a new type of human stem cell that has half a genome
62 Setting a national agenda for surgical disparities research
63 Risk score may help identify patients at risk for sudden cardiac death after acute coronary syndrome
64 Many AFib patients at highest risk of stroke not receiving recommended oral anticoagulant therapy
65 Identifying priorities for surgical disparities research
66 Human challenge promises to speed up dengue vaccine development
67 High standards produce mixed effects on marriages
68 Child abuse contributes the most to mental health problems in the Canadian Armed Forces
69 Mouse model yields possible treatment for autism-like symptoms in rare disease
70 Electrical brain stimulation could support stroke recovery
71 Experimental dengue vaccine protects all recipients in virus challenge study
72 Increased dementia risk in women--a matter of proteins?
73 Unexpected changes of bright spots on Ceres discovered
74 Selfish bumblebees are not prepared to share
75 Flipping a light switch recovers memories lost to Alzheimer's disease mice
76 Starvation signals control intestinal inflammation in mice
77 Vermont Vaccine Testing Center study reveals effective, single-dose dengue vaccine
78 Mitochondrial metabolism linked to acute kidney injury
79 'Lost' memories can be found
80 10-minute urine test can measure specific compounds from food consumed
81 Last piece of dengue vaccine puzzle found effective in small trial
82 Healthy heart equals healthy brain
83 A surprising makeover turns an ordinary protein into a magnetic sculptor
84 Within six families, a path to personalized treatment for an immune disorder
85 Critically endangered crocodile hatchlings from same nest may have multiple fathers
86 Women may keep verbal memory skills longer than men in the early stages of Alzheimer's
87 Monster mystery solved
88 Researchers prevent, normalize tumors using light to control cell electric signals
89 Re-energizing the aging brain
90 Fat worker ants survive starvation five times longer than skinny foragers
91 Athletes sprinting with left leg prostheses could miss out on golds at Paralympics
92 Counterattack of the hepatitis B virus
93 Analysis of outcomes of hemophilia care over 50-year span reveals progress, disparities
94 Fairywrens learn mother's calls before they hatch
95 New material could make aircraft deicers a thing of the past
96 3-D printing could one day help fix damaged cartilage in knees, noses and ears (video)
97 Cellular 'backpacks' could treat disease while minimizing side effects
98 Generating electricity with tomato waste
99 Protein from bacteria alleviates food allergy symptoms
100 Regenerating forests create important carbon sinks in the Philippines
101 Scientists suggest a 100 times faster type of memory cell based on superconductors
102 Statins cut tuberculosis treatment time in mice
103 Employee recognition programs can reduce firm-level productivity
104 UTSW researchers find higher risk of mild cognitive impairment after traumatic brain injury
105 New program could improve hearing aid use for older adults
106 New ORNL method could unleash solar power potential
107 Whip spiders only look terrifying, UCLA biologist reports
108 Smartphones could improve skin cancer detection in developing countries
109 Compressing turbulence to improve inertial confinement fusion experiments
110 Outsourcing crystal space