File Title
1 Severe anemia linked to risk for intestinal disease in premature infants
2 Study calls into question current MERS vaccine strategy
3 Pregnancy vitamin D supplementation may help winter baby's bones
4 Engineered hydrogel scaffolds enable growth of functioning human breast tissue
5 Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy do not improve bone health
6 New biomarker identifies uveal melanoma patients at high risk for metastasis
7 New climate study argues for carbon fee
8 Intense competition for reproduction results in violent mass evictions
9 Successful precision medicine will require more accurate genome sequencing
10 New national study finds Crohn's disease diagnosis difficult to obtain and life altering
11 Whole-exome sequencing: A rational approach for 'diagnostic odyssey' patients
12 What if extraterrestrial observers called, but nobody heard?
13 Air pollution linked to higher risk of preterm birth for mothers with asthma
14 Why celestial bodies come in different sizes
15 Physicians with highly educated spouse less likely to work in rural underserved areas
16 Effectiveness of insulin regimens for patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes
17 Severe anemia linked with risk of serious intestinal disorder among VLBW infants
18 Screening for impaired vision in older adults
19 First gene for grey hair found
20 They work for stores and airlines--could customer loyalty programs work in health care too?
21 Brain connectivity disruptions may explain cognitive deficits in people with brain injury
22 Photoshop filters for safer bridges
23 DNA as a weapon of immune defense
24 Better biopsies through biofluidics
25 Policies to lower prices on fruits and vegetables may help save thousands of lives
26 A 10 percent price change could prevent heart disease and death
27 Cardiovascular risk profile linked to profession in older workers
28 Imaging shows impact of PTSD in earthquake survivors
29 DTC genetic tests create conundrum for physicians, unrealistic expectations for patients
30 Hospitalization of patients with myelomeningocele in the 21st century
31 The evolution of amyloid toxicity in Alzheimer's
32 Can't sleep? Street lights may be keeping you awake
33 A new way to stretch DNA
34 Drugs that treat osteoporosis also can cause small risk of thigh bone fractures
35 Life or illusion? Avoiding 'false positives' in the search for living worlds
36 Publication in Nature one of string of discoveries using Texas-developed technology
37 Study may widen patient pool that benefits from EPZ-5676 against acute myeloid leukemia
38 Do we have free will?
39 Study points to cannabis' effect on emotion processing
40 When less is more
41 MAVEN observes Mars moon Phobos in the mid- and far-ultraviolet
42 Increased risk of obesity with increased time in the US in Filipino immigrants in New York
43 Sexual health communication between Asian-American adolescents and health-care providers
44 New theory of deep-ocean sound waves may aid tsunami detection
45 Why the 'Johnny Depp Effect' doesn't always work
46 Female fertility is dependent on functional expression of the E3 ubiquitin ligase Itch
47 Nuclear export of opioid growth factor receptor is CRM1 dependent
48 Subcutaneous insulin therapy fails to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation
49 A human liver microphysiology platform for studying physiology, drug safety, and disease
50 Sweeping review of human genome IDs stroke risk genes
51 New Geosphere article examines massive 2014 Colorado avalanche
52 High-protein canola meal beneficial for growing pigs
53 Two-way clustering method for QSAR modeling of diverse set of chemicals
54 Organic cation transporter CarT crucial for Drosophila vision
55 Single dose of trastuzumab kick starts immune response in certain breast cancers
56 Both sides now: Brain reward molecule helps learning to avoid unpleasant experience, too
57 'Informed consent' states often give women considering abortions inaccurate information
58 Black widows are color-coded to deter predators without tipping off prey
59 Doctor, patient expectations differ on fitness and lifestyle tracking
60 Microorganisms duke it out within algal blooms
61 How useful are microsatellites?
62 Engineered swarmbots rely on peers for survival
63 CCNY researchers introduce new route to thermal measurements with nanometer resolution
64 Brain boost: ONR Global sponsors research to improve memory through electricity
65 Blocking inflammation prevents cell death, improves memory in Alzheimer's disease
66 New insights into how antiarrhythmic drugs work
67 In grasslands, longer spring growing season offsets higher summer temperatures
68 Scripps Florida scientists find way to predict activity of stem cells
69 Major advances and ongoing challenges for gene therapy in SCID-X1
70 Anthropocene examined
71 Syracuse chemists combine biology, nanotechnology to create alternate energy source
72 First evidence that constant stress causes organisms to program changes in offspring
73 A new way to discover DNA modifications
74 In Russia, discovery of preserved Siberian moose with the DNA of ancient animal
75 Improved imaging takes x-ray risks out of the picture
76 Study finds 5x increase in hand sanitizer use when located in hospital
77 Cancer patients with limited finances are more likely to have increased symptoms and poorer quality
78 Study suggests lower income Ontario seniors less likely to access newly approved drugs
79 MOOC instructors may need more support for successful courses
80 New NIST method may find elusive flaws in medical implants and spacecraft
81 Metabolic phenotyping of blood plasma allows for the detection of lung cancer
82 Childhood poverty, parental abuse cost adults their health for years to come
83 Mutated gene associated with colon cancer discovered in 18th-century Hungarian mummy
84 Study celebrates the success of EU air quality policy amidst Brexit uncertainty
85 ICES Journal of Marine Science publishes special issue on ocean acidification
86 NYU study defines social motivations of urban farms
87 Is anti-TNF therapy safe for inflammatory bowel disease patients with prior cancer?
88 Immune therapy breaks down wall around pancreatic tumors for chemo to attack
89 Is rare wildlife traded on the darknet?
90 Renal insufficiency: Frequently undetected
91 The sponges strike back
92 Survey: Americans would pay more to support biodiversity
93 Study hints at regeneration of nerve insulation to treat CHARGE birth defects
94 Activity monitoring devices provide reliable records of activity
95 Biofuels from algae: A budding technology yet to become viable
96 Snoring in children can affect their health
97 E-cigarettes are estimated to have helped 16,000-22,000 smokers in England to quit in 2014
98 Plankton feces could move plastic pollution to the ocean depths
99 Chronic conditions rise in older people
100 Research demonstrates that air data can be used to reconstruct radiological releases
101 New laser achieves wavelength long sought by laser developers
102 Lower limit for future climate emissions needed, research says
103 Blood vessels sprout under pressure
104 Free ambulance service halves pregnancy-related deaths in rural Ethiopia
105 In emergencies, should you trust a robot?
106 Nanotechnology delivery system offers new approach to skin disease therapies
107 Injustice can spread
108 Three 'twisted' photons in 3 dimensions
109 Moth genitalia is the key to snout grass borers from the Western Hemisphere
110 Understanding ageism prolongs your life