File Title
1 Lessons From Genetic Testing in Pediatric Cancers
2 Risk Factor for Early Death in Cancer Patients: Bankruptcy
3 Shooting for the Moon: The New Cancer Space Race
4 Timing of Surgery After Neoadjuvant Therapy in Rectal Cancer
5 Driving and Vasovagal Syncope? Serious Accidents, Harm Rare
6 Updated AAP Guidelines Address Procedural Pain in Newborns
7 Atopic Dermatitis: Could Probiotics and Prebiotics Help?
8 New Guidelines: Diagnostic Imaging of Chest Pain in ED
9 Clinical Guideline on Hematuria Released by ACP
10 Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster Unnecessary
11 Most Malpractice Claims Attributed to Few Physicians
12 New VADT Data: Hypoglycemia Is a Risk Factor for CVD in Some
13 Top US Cancer Centers Call for Greater Uptake of HPV Vaccine
14 User-friendly Tool Predicts Antidepressant Response
15 Brain BDNF Expression May Explain Cognitive Reserve
16 U.S. Senator Markey Places Hold on Obama's Nominee to Lead FDA
17 Missed Stroke in Patients With Vertigo: A Rare Event?
18 No Worries! CAD Genetic Risk Disclosure Okay at Alzheimer's Genotyping
19 FDA Approves First U-500 Insulin Pen Device
20 High-Dose Vitamin D Doesn't Improve Glycemic Parameters
21 Sirolimus Curbs Post-Transplant Skin Cancer Risk
22 Asians Have Better Gastric Cancer Prognosis
23 Adding Endocrine Therapy to Breast Cancer Treatments May Increase Symptoms
24 Smoking Cessation Pill No Better Than Nicotine Patches or Lozenges
25 Prenatal Vitamin D Has a Weak Effect on Wheezing
26 Mixed Opioid Agent Adds to Growing List of Therapies for IBS-D
27 Gastroschisis Increasing in Children of Young, Black Mothers
28 Kidney Stones on the Rise in the United States
29 Independent Experts Say OncoMed Cancer Drug Unlikely to Succeed in Study
30 Dust Mite Allergen a Possible Player in Intestinal Disease
31 Immunosuppression After Kidney Transplant Does Not Impair Pubertal Development
32 Schizotypal Personality Disorder May Alter Body Language Perception
33 Most Child and Adolescent Deaths Still Preventable
34 With Genetic Testing Results, More May Be Better
35 Topiramate for Substance Use: Upside/Downside
36 New Depression Screening Guidelines Released
37 Anesthesia and Cognitive Decline: No Link?
38 St Jude ICD-Lead Safety Alert From 2015 Labeled Class 1 by FDA
39 Screening Picks Up Early CRC With Better Chance of Survival
40 Early Invasive NSTEMI Strategy: Fewer MIs in Small Trial
41 New Public Service Campaign in US to Raise Prediabetes Awareness
42 Radiotherapy for Rectal Cancer and Secondary Malignancies
43 Strenuous Physical Activity Linked to ALS in Older Women
44 TTFields Plus Chemo Shows Benefit in Pancreatic Cancer
45 Abrupt Dip in Hydrocodone Prescriptions After Rescheduling
46 Fecal Immunochemical Test Screening Effective at 4 Years
47 NEJM Editor Backtracks on Data-Sharing 'Parasites' Editorial
48 FDA Gives Full Approval to Amgen Blood Cancer Drug
49 Caution Urged in Interpreting Breast Cancer Gene Panels at Individual Level
50 Adjuvant Chemo Tied to Improved Survival in Locally Advanced Bladder Cancer
51 WHO Sees Zika Outbreak Spreading Through the Americas
52 Glaxo Evaluating Possibility of Using Vaccine Technology for Zika
53 Drug Exec Shkreli Will Not Answer Questions at Hearing--Letter
54 U.S. Govt Suspends Enrollment in Cigna Medicare Advantage, Drug Plans
55 Inpatient Dermatology Consults Associated With Better Diagnosis of Skin Disorders
56 Ranibizumab Treat-and-Extend Regimen May Be Better for Neovascular AMD
57 Classroom Standing Desks May Curb Kids' Sedentary Time
58 Hamstring Injuries Rising Among Pro Soccer Players
59 More Evidence HIV/AIDS Fight Requires Multiple Approaches
60 Refractive Outcomes Stable at Five Years After SMILE Procedure for Myopia
61 Rapid Early Weight Gain Tied to Higher Childhood Blood Pressure
62 U.S. FTC Probes Turing Over Drug Prices, Shkreli's Lawyer Says
63 U.S. Moms-to-Be Seek Reassurance About Zika After Trips Abroad
64 CV Risk Reduction Claim for Empagliflozin Filed With US FDA
65 Cath-Lab Radiation Exposure: How Dosimetry Badges Can Lie
66 After Dust Settles, Mixed Reaction to New US Dietary Guidelines
67 Inappropriate Cancer Screening Prevalent in People Over 65
68 Oral Propranolol Best for Reducing Infantile Hemangioma
69 FDA Panel Considers Allergen Immunotherapy Development
70 CMS Releases Details on Meaningful Use Hardship Exceptions
71 Once-Discounted Flint Physician Heads Lead Poisoning Response
72 N/A
73 N/A
74 N/A
75 N/A
76 N/A
77 Parents' Debt May Influence Childrens' Emotional Wellbeing
78 Targeted School Closures Might Help Fight Pandemic Flu
79 Dating App Tinder Adds STD Testing Locator, Ending Feud With Non-profit
80 Ranks of U.S. Centenarians Growing Rapidly--Report
81 India's Maharashtra Is First State to Give Surrogacy Mothers Maternity Benefits
82 'Practice-Informing' Results in Non-clear RCC: ASPEN Trial
83 Russia at AIDS Epidemic Tipping Point as HIV Cases Pass 1 Million--Official
84 Healthy Diet May Improve Sleep Quality
85 U.S. Government Suspends Enrollment in Cigna Medicare Advantage, Drug Plans
86 A 'Real-World' Study of Prostate Cancer Surveillance
87 Aetna's Deal for Humana Will Push Up Costs for Seniors--Think Tank
88 Inadequate testing thwarts efforts to measure Zika's impact
89 Ancient wildebeest cousin boasted bizarre dinosaur-like trait
90 Italian consortium set to win giant Chile telescope contract
91 Russian cosmonauts breeze through spacewalk outside space station
92 Short-legged Oregon arachnid gets 'behemoth' name
93 U.S. private space companies plan surge in launches this year
94 Smart band-aid on the horizon
95 Small country, big Universe--Luxembourg aims for space business
96 Sleep tight: genome secrets could help beat the bedbug's bite
97 Prehistoric man enjoyed roasted tortoise appetisers, Israeli archaeologist says
98 U.S. doctors upgrade Zika precautions; virus found in saliva, urine
99 CDC widens Zika virus guidelines for pregnant women
100 CDC: Link between Zika, microcephaly looks "stronger and stronger"
101 Puerto Rico declares public health emergency over Zika virus
102 WHO seeks $25 million for six-month fight against Zika
103 Emotional distress tied to weapon use for teens
104 Smoking bans lead to better national health
105 Athletes weigh gold lust against Zika health fears
106 FDA staff backs biosimilar to Remicade; J&J and AbbVie fall
107 FDA rejects expanded use of Vertex's cystic fibrosis drug
108 Chinese shoppers in South Korea shun luxury for local brands
109 Millions of Chinese hurry home ahead of Lunar New Year
110 A room without a view: second life for Swiss army bunkers
111 'Le doggy bag' slow to catch on in France
112 Ireland unveils minimum alcohol price plan to reduce drinking
113 Cognac makers ramp up U.S. efforts as China sips less
114 Factbox: The culture of Cognac
115 Greek fortress, key to ancient Jerusalem, uncovered, researchers say
116 Corked? Fine wines languish in China warehouses as consumers cool