File Title
1 African Boy Attacked by Chimps Recovers After New York Surgery
2 Brazil Authorizes Forced Entry to Private Property to Fight Zika
3 Should Pediatricians Screen for Adverse Police Exposures?
4 Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation May Ease PTSD, Major Depression
5 Prehypertension in Pregnancy Tied to Small Babies, Stillbirths
6 Bilateral Cochlear Implants Outperform Unilateral in Postlingual Deafness
7 Zika Virus Spreads Fear Among Pregnant Brazilians
8 Levamisole-Adulterated Cocaine Linked to Pyoderma Gangrenosum
9 TB Tests Often Inaccurate in HIV-Positive Pregnant Women
10 Major Complications Common After Tracheostomy in Young Children
11 Many Depressed Teens Don't Get Needed Treatment
12 Did Brazil, Global Health Agencies Fumble Zika Response?
13 CVS to Make Overdose Drug Naloxone Prescription-Free in Ohio
14 Sun Hopes Cut-Price Generic Gleevec Will Win Third of U.S. Market
15 Few Strategies Prevent Contrast-Induced Nephropathy
16 ACOG Issues Guidance on External Cephalic Version
17 Higher Intake of Fiber May Protect Against Breast Cancer
18 Benzodiazepines: No Dementia Risk?
19 Frailty a Risk Factor for 1-Year Postoperative Mortality
20 More Evidence that Sitting Too Much Is Bad, Ups Diabetes Risk
21 Antibiotic Prescribing Down 4.5 Years After Brief Training
22 Vaginal Microbes May Be Transferred After Cesarean Delivery
23 Millions of Women at Risk for Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies
24 Tiny but Dangerous: The Mosquitoes Spreading Zika
25 Prenatal Exposure to Household Chemicals Hurts Kids' Cognition
26 COPD Drug Does Not Significantly Reduce Ventilator Time
27 Flip Flop: ED Drugs Not Tied to Prostate Cancer Return
28 1 in 7 Colorectal Cancers Found in Younger Patients (<50)
29 First Chemo 'Antidote' Cuts Deaths from 5-FU Toxicity
30 Genetic Variants Predict Lithium Response in Bipolar Disorder
31 Meta-Analysis Confirms Benefit of Stent Retrievers in Stroke
32 TV Ads for Lung Cancer Drug Are Needed, Says BMS
33 President Asks for $1 Billion for Cancer 'Moonshot' Funding
34 Post--Cardiac-Surgery Hyperglycemia: Not One Size Fits All
35 New Guidance on Diabetes Care in Elderly Residential Facilities
36 Cancer Kills 7500 Each Day in China
37 Follow-up Care Poor for Adolescents with Depression
38 Texts Can Improve Drug Adherence for Chronic Disease
39 Lupus Raises Mortality by 67%; Young Adults at Highest Risk
40 ONC Task Force Weighs in on EHR Ratings
41 Shared Decision-Making Not Common During Dialysis Discussions
42 Chopra, Tanzi: Devices Will Reduce Disease, Alter Medicine
43 Poor Blacks at Higher Risk of Dying After Esophageal Cancer Surgery
44 Race for Zika Vaccine Gathers Momentum as Virus Spreads
45 Tendon Pain Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
46 Express Scripts Drops Coverage of Valeant Diabetes Drug Glumetza
47 Brazil's Rousseff Calls for War on Zika-Carrying Mosquito
48 Pentagon Chief Announces Measures to Improve Military QOL
49 Face-Down Sleeping Can Put Mechanical Strain on Eye in Glaucoma
50 Bisphosphonate Use Tied to Lower Mortality in Critically Ill
51 Blue Light from Screens, Bulbs Won't Damage Retina
52 High Risk Kids of Both Genders Are Victims of Dating Violence
53 Dabigatran, Warfarin Bleeding Risks Differ in Real-World Settings
54 An Ethical Way to Choose Which Kids Get Chemo During a Shortage?
55 Activity with PD-1 Inhibitors in Upper GI Cancers
56 Where the Candidates Stand on Healthcare Issues
57 Cherry-Flavored e-Cigarettes Linked to Lung Irritant
58 Embryo Gene Editing Gets the Go-Ahead in UK
59 U.S. CDC Says in Full Outbreak Mode in Response to Zika
60 New Standard of Care in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer?
61 'Landmark' Study Identifies Genetic Link to Schizophrenia
62 Soy May Protect Against Fertility Harms of Endocrine Disruptors
63 EU to Review Metformin Meds to Unify Renal Recommendations
64 Severity of Menopause Symptoms Linked to Sedentary Lifestyle
65 Mixed Rotavirus Vaccine Series Safe and Immunogenic
66 Middle-Age Whites in US Dying at Higher-Than-Expected Rates
67 Nearly 75% of Physicians Have Certified EHRs
68 Natalizumab Ups JCV Seroconversion, Antibody Index in MS
69 Deformed Babies also Suffering Eye Damage Linked to Zika in Brazil
70 Does Medicaid Pay Enough for Common Surgeries?
71 Obama: Diagnostic Tests, Vaccines and Treatments Needed for Zika Virus
72 U.S. Researchers Call for WHO to Take Rapid Action on Zika
73 Telemetry Ward Suffices for Stable Non-ST-Elevation ACS in Analysis
74 AHA Releases First Scientific Statement on Acute MI in Women
75 CHMP Recommends Coagadex for Factor X Deficiency
76 Asian Women on Bisphosphonates at Higher Risk of Atypical Femur Fracture
77 Maternal Prepregnancy Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Autism
78 Tough Workouts 'May Not Lead to Weight Loss'
79 U.S. Official Sees Zika Vaccine Trials Starting by End of 2016
80 Questions About Protocol After Death in French Trial
81 Poor Growth-Monitoring Practices Need Overhaul
82 Study Informs on Which Fruits and Veggies Best Prevent Weight Gain
83 Theranos Lab Poses 'Immediate Jeopardy' to Patients, CMS Says
84 Physician Assistant Home Visits Worth It After Heart Surgery
85 Weight May Influence Timing of Puberty for Boys
86 Tocilizumab Plus Methotrexate Faster Fix in Some with RA
87 Adding Estrogen to Solifenacin Doesn't Improve Efficacy in OAB
88 US Insurers Dragging Feet on Covering New Drugs, Novartis Says
89 Celebrity-Backed Anonymous Messaging App Alarms Parents, Politicians
90 Caught Off-Guard by Zika, Brazil Struggles with Deformed Babies
91 Biannual Survey Results May Lead Kidney Transplant Centers to De-list Patients
92 Massachusetts Challenges Gilead's Hepatitis C Drug Prices
93 U.S. Judge Rules Against Louisiana Abortion Restrictions
94 Surgical Service Adds Value in Suspected Child Abuse
95 Women with Sleep Trouble Have High Type 2 Diabetes Risk
96 Newer Biologics for RA on Par with TNF-Inhibitors for CV Risk
97 Ivacaftor Appears Safe for Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis
98 Redemption in Liberia: A Hospital's Painful Recovery from Ebola
99 AbobotulinumtoxinA Effective for Treating Foot Deformity in CP
100 Anti-VEGF Therapy Worthwhile Even When Diabetic Macular Edema Persists
101 Kids Who Pass Out Should Be Positioned on Their Side, Doctors Say
102 Biosimilar Drugs Get Boost as UK Cost Agency Backs Their Use
103 Galapagos Bowel Drug Fails in Research Trial
104 Trump Drug Cost Comments Raise New Risks for Pharma Stocks
105 Travel Industry Faces Growing Concern Over Zika Virus
106 Health Insurer Centene Missing Data Drives with Client Information
107 U.S. Boosts Study of Zika, Birth Defect Link as Virus Seen Spreading
108 Big Pharma's Bet on Big Data Creates Opportunities and Risks
109 Fertility Consult in Cancer Care: Now a Routine Referral
110 Suicide May Be 'Contagious'