File Title
1 On Twitter, e-cigarette ads spread like secondhand smoke
2 1 in 10 suicide attempt risk among friends and relatives of people who die by suicide
3 Comparison of smoking cessation therapies finds similar quit rates
4 Pharmacists key to detecting chronic kidney disease in at-risk patients
5 Serious adverse drug reactions rare from certain treatment for vascular tumor in infants
6 Rutgers bitcoin study reveals false beliefs on ease of use and privacy
7 Uncorrected farsightedness linked to literacy deficits in preschoolers
8 Improved chances of discovering hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis
9 Early puberty associated with gestational diabetes
10 Anti-hydrogen origin revealed by collision simulation
11 Paracetamol use in pregnancy can cut female fertility, study finds
12 The magnetic compass of birds is affected by polarized light--PNAS study
13 Community-level violence linked to teens' risky sexual behavior
14 Regular caffeine consumption does not result in extra heartbeats, study shows
15 Ecotourism, natural resource conservation proposed as allies to protect natural landscapes
16 Why you should never use the term 'the mentally ill'
17 Mercury levels in rainfall are rising in parts of North America, study finds
18 A new magnetoresistance effect occurring in materials with strong spin-orbit coupling
19 Bed bugs that feed are more likely to survive pesticide exposure
20 Social media use in young adults linked to sleep disturbance
21 Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy, risk of asthma, wheezing in offspring
22 Scientists provide new guideline for synthesis of fullerene electron acceptors
23 CRISPR used to repair blindness-causing genetic defect in patient-derived stem cells
24 Being married might hurt your chances of weight loss after surgery
25 Solving hard quantum problems: Everything is connected
26 Better access to contraception means more sex for married couples
27 How can peers, parents, schools and new media stop bullying?
28 For breast cancer patients, never too late to quit smoking
29 E-cigarette vapor boosts superbugs and dampens immune system
30 The developmental origins of osteoporosis
31 Cardiac and metabolic risk factors significantly more likely in severely obese teens
32 Updated clinical practice guideline issued on chiropractic care for low back pain
33 Antibiotic use in early life disrupt normal gut microbiota development
34 New theory linking brain activity to brain shape could throw light on human consciousness
35 New fluorescent nanomaterials whose inspiration was taken from plant antenna systems
36 A key mechanism has been discovered which prevents memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
37 Treating depressive symptoms from their roots
38 A master switch that plays a key role in energy metabolism and human brain evolution
39 IBS report electric transport across molybdenum disulfide grain boundaries
40 Sedentary lifestyle spells more menopause misery
41 Research: Many Latino kids struggle to reach a healthy weight by kindergarten
42 Both hemispheres of the brain process numbers
43 The Milky Way's clean and tidy galactic neighbor
44 Breaking the brain's garbage disposal: Study shows even a small problem causes big effects
45 Model explains huge recurring rainstorms in tropical Indian and Pacific oceans
46 HKUST-Harvard Scientists discovered ways to clock the beginning of the Universe
47 Heavy smokers who quit more than 15 years ago still at high risk for lung cancer and should be screened
48 Study details source of mental problems associated with MS
49 DNA imprinting defects associated with childhood osteosarcoma development and progression
50 Group therapy helps autistic children to cope better with everyday life
51 The best way to help homeless youth is hardly ever used
52 O, no: Ozone levels elevated in presence of wildfire smoke
53 Scientists prove key aspect of evolutionary theory
54 Study finds shark hotspots overlap with commercial fishing locations
55 Clarifying the role of magnetism in high-temperature superconductors
56 Galaxy cluster environment not dictated by its mass alone
57 Mailed nicotine patches, with no behavioral support, is associated with smoking cessation
58 In galaxy clustering, mass may not be the only thing that matters
59 Open-source laser fabrication lowers costs for cancer research
60 A new model emerges for monsoons in a changing global climate
61 Acoustic tweezers moves cells in three dimensions, builds structures
62 Carnegie Mellon team develops targeted photosensitizer for cell manipulation
63 1 in 7 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed before recommended screening age
64 Study links fatty liver and heart failure in obese people
65 Encapsulated human islet cells can normalize blood sugar levels in mice
66 Health goes downhill when older adults stop driving
67 Highly efficient heavy metal ions filter
68 Exposure to high levels of air pollution associated with higher risk of preterm birth
69 Scientists synthesize nanoparticles that can deliver tumor suppressors to damaged livers
70 New mouse-human modeling system enables study of disease development in vivo
71 Gene often lost in childhood cancer crucial in cells' life or death decision
72 Mailed nicotine patches with no behavioral support associated with cessation
73 Researchers may hold key to developing a single treatment against several types of Ebola
74 Rapid, affordable energy transformation possible
75 Targeted axillary dissection of lymph nodes after chemotherapy improves staging accuracy of node-positive breast cancer
76 Research team identifies rare dinosaur from Appalachia
77 No more insulin injections?
78 Helmet-wearing increases risk-taking and sensation-seeking
79 Childhood cancer survivors face increased risk of metabolic syndrome
80 Climate change: Ocean warming underestimated
81 The connection between excess iron and Parkinson's disease
82 In Gulf of Mexico, microbes thrive above natural oil seeps
83 Vanderbilt study shows brain function differs in obese children
84 Newfound strength in regenerative medicine
85 Descendants of Black Death confirmed as source of repeated European plague outbreaks
86 Increasing oil's performance with crumpled graphene balls
87 Graphene composite may keep wings ice-free
88 NIH-funded study suggests potential to predict peanut allergy immunotherapy outcomes
89 New research uncovers hidden bias in college admissions tests
90 Potential therapeutic targets identified for multiple sclerosis
91 Hacking the programs of cancer stem cells
92 New mechanism of antitumor action identified
93 New theory aids search for universe's origin
94 Over-hunting threatens Amazonian forest carbon stocks
95 Acid-sensitive molecular changes contribute to the emergence of pandemic influenza
96 Link between food advertising and child food consumption
97 Optogenetic technology developed at UMMS uses light to trigger immunotherapy
98 Odds are overwhelming that record heat due to climate change
99 1 in 50 16-year-olds affected by chronic fatigue syndrome
100 Digital enhancement of cryoEM photographs of protein nanocrystals
101 Patients who are not prescribed opioids find more improvements in physical function, study
102 Biologists develop method for antibiotic susceptibility testing
103 Kidney fibrosis in older transplants links to failure
104 Lizards camouflage themselves by choosing rocks that best match the color of their backs
105 How to detect and preserve human stem cells in the lab
106 Conductive concrete could keep roads safer in winter weather
107 Fertility experts identify genetic pattern in womb linked to IVF failure
108 Russian volunteer programmers helped the Lomonosov MSU to find the mysterious black holes
109 Dramatic decline in complaints by imprisoned transgender patients after staff LGBT training
110 New sensors to combat the proliferation of bacteria in very high-humidity environments