File Title
1 Breakthrough enables ultra-fast transport of electrical charges in polymers
2 Improved harvest for small farms thanks to naturally cloned crops
3 Germs, humans and numbers
4 Antarctic fungi survive Martian conditions on the International Space Station
5 Calculating whiskers send precise information to the brain
6 Typical food triggers creation of regulatory T cells
7 Smartphone app linked to increase in contraceptive use in India
8 Finding the right antithrombotic (anti-clotting) drug for you
9 Scientists discover protein's starring role in genome stability, and possibly cancer prevention
10 Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy increase risk for high blood pressure after delivery
11 New way to identify brain tumor aggressiveness
12 Study shows minorities had lower risk of coronary heart disease than whites
13 Of mice and men (and pigs), a cystic fibrosis mystery solved
14 Genetic testing for childhood cancer patients can identify cause and treatment potential
15 International study describes new glioma subtypes
16 New molecular profiling for glioma
17 Toward a better understanding of the mechanisms blocking cancer cell growth
18 Heavy fermions get nuclear boost on way to superconductivity
19 Model of viral infection during pregnancy caused autism-like behaviors in mice
20 Scientists decode brain signals nearly at speed of perception
21 Increasing breastfeeding worldwide could prevent over 800000 child deaths and 2000 deaths from breast cancer every year
22 Bed bugs develop resistance to widely used chemical treatments, rendering them ineffective
23 Recent summer temperatures in Europe are likely the warmest of the last 2 millennia
24 Chronic pain changes our immune systems
25 Significant number of young people with undiagnosed bipolar disorder
26 Researchers tease apart a pathway certain cancer cells use to replicate
27 What is the optimal dose of medication to prevent the evolution of drug resistance?
28 Study finds toxic pollutants in fish across the world's oceans
29 Keeping immune cells quiet on a diet?
30 Inhibiting certain immune signals halts development of autism in mice
31 Replacement of the Y chromosome in male mice
32 Ancient Babylonians used geometry to track Jupiter
33 How 'more food per field' could help save our wild spaces
34 Genomics studies assess childhood, young adulthood cancers
35 Fertility issues for patients with cancer examined in collection of articles
36 New insights into PI3K pathway and cancer metabolism
37 Cherry-flavored e-cigs may deliver higher levels of benzaldehyde than other flavors
38 Patients admitted as weekend emergencies significantly older and more disabled
39 Genetic sequencing can help guide treatment in children with solid tumors
40 Daughters of interracial parents more likely than sons to identify as multiracial
41 TSRI study reveals workings of mysterious 'relief valve' that protects cells from swelling
42 Bed bugs have developed resistance to neonicotinoids
43 For this nanocatalyst reaction, one atom makes a big difference
44 A cancer's surprise origins, caught in action
45 Estrogens alleviate hyperactivity in zebrafish with autism gene
46 New study indicates why children are likelier to develop food allergies
47 Chemists uncover how key agent allows diseases to reproduce
48 Want to learn a new skill? Faster? Change up your practice sessions
49 Insect growth regulator wears a second hat: Infection fighter
50 N/A
51 Male mice without any Y chromosome genes can father offspring after assisted reproduction
52 Researchers shed new light on regulation of repetitive DNA sequences
53 It's complicated: Benefits and toxicity of anti-prion antibodies in the brain
54 To burn sugar or not to burn sugar: How eggs store fuel for embryo development
55 Dietary changes may help postpone dialysis in patients with chronic kidney disease
56 Electric patch holds promise for treating PTSD
57 Texas A&M research hints at a nutritional strategy for reducing autism risk
58 Epigenetics drives weight differences between identical twins
59 Why you won't lose weight with exercise alone
60 Octopuses shed their asocial reputation
61 Drug Shortage Guidelines: Sign of an Ongoing Problem?
62 Beta-Blocker After PCI Might Cut Infarct Damage
63 Flexible Hours for Residents Not Tied to Worse Outcomes
64 Airway Collapse Tied to Worse Respiratory Quality of Life
65 Obama Pitches $1.1 Billion to Fight Opioid, Heroin Addiction
66 ESRD in Lupus: A Work in Progress?
67 CardioBrief: Entresto Maker in Deep Water Over Terrifying TV Ad
68 Poll: Most Americans Are Trying to Reduce Sugar Intake
69 Number of Obesity Medicine Specialists on the Rise
70 Insurers Wrestle with Costs, Utility of Genetic Tests
71 GCA: Uptick in Severe Infections in First Year
72 Is Absorb Stent Too Big for Its Own Good?
73 Endometrial Ca Surgery: Robot or Not, Survival Is Same
74 Stroke Rounds: Loose BP Targets Risky for Women, Minorities
75 Online CBT May Help 'Body Dysmorphic' Patients
76 Embolization in HCC Not Helped with Chemo Beads
77 Morning Break: Ken Stabler CTE; Sexual Transmission of Zika; More Rx Price Hikes
78 Brazil: Reported Microcephaly Numbers Rising
79 ALA Gives White House Low Marks for Full Tobacco Control
80 Type 2 Diabetics, MetSyn Patients Get Less Exercise
81 Person-to-Person Transmission of Legionnaire's Disease Reported
82 U.S. Red Cross Asks Blood Donors to Wait 28 Days After Visiting Zika Areas
83 Zika Mosquitoes' Habits May Foil U.S. Elimination Efforts
84 Seafood Linked to Less AD Pathology Despite Mercury
85 Australia Reports Two Cases of Zika Virus, Detects Mosquitoes at Sydney Airport
86 Sanofi Launches Hunt for Zika Vaccine as Disease Fears Grow
87 Americans Say They Are Trying to Cut Sugar Intake--Poll
88 Thai Health Ministry Says Don't Panic Over Zika Virus
89 Apremilast Effective for Psoriatic Arthritis
90 Living Donor Kidney and Parathyroid Transplant Successful
91 Similar Long-Term Uterine Cancer Survival with Laparoscopic, Open Hysterectomy
92 Newly Released Documents Show Profit-Seeking Behind Price Hikes at Turing, Valeant
93 FBI Joins Flint, Michigan Water Contamination Probe
94 California-Based Medical Marijuana Eyes Mexico as Next Big Market
95 Tumor DNA in Urine May Indicate Bladder Cancer Aggressiveness
96 Dose-Dependent Hypercalciuria Linked with Deferasirox
97 Italy Cracks Down on Smokers as Tough Law Takes Effect
98 Office Visits Prior to Screening Colonoscopy Add to Medical Costs
99 Long shifts for surgery residents don't threaten patient safety
100 Dupilumab Reduces Polyp Burden in Nasal Polyposis
101 Survival Disparities Exist for Younger Patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma
102 Indoor Tanning Linked to Melanoma Among Young Women
103 Headaches in Women with Migraine Rise in Perimenopause
104 Califf for Commish? Threatened Filibuster and 'Holds' Rock Confirmation Process
105 Quantifying the Risk for Prion Disease
106 Nonadherence to ADHD Meds: Red Flag for Illicit Drug Use?
107 New Guidance: Bisphosphonate Holidays for Low-Risk Patients
108 New $65 Mln Anti-Malaria Push to Protect 50 Mln Through Affordable Home Spray
109 Venezuela Likely Underestimating Zika Cases--Doctors, Colombia Say
110 Aetna Says Individual Exchange Business Improved