File Title
1 Earth's Aurora Erupts with Powerful X-Ray Display
2 Milky Way's Neighbor Is a Clean Freak
3 World's Oldest Tea Found in Chinese Emperor's Tomb
4 Ancient Babylonians Tracked Jupiter with Calculus
5 Statues of Greek Gods Unearthed in Crete
6 Nazi Begged for Life After Helping Kill Millions
7 Captive Orcas, Dolphins Gain New Federal Protections
8 Polecats on the Comeback Trail in Britain
9 Rare Albino Falcon Chick Survives Trafficking Ordeal
10 Octopuses Actually Are Social, Shift Colors During Fights
11 500-Pound Bird Was Eaten to Extinction by Humans
12 Bed Bugs Show Resistance to Widely Used Chemicals
13 Ice-Age Mammoth Bones Found Under Oregon Football Field
14 Zika and Climate Change: What You Need to Know
15 Mysterious Sonic Boom Reported Over New Jersey
16 Wind and Solar Could Dominate US Power by 2030
17 Wildfires Are Burning Some of World's Oldest Trees
18 Discovery of mechanism that enables bacteria to elude antibiotics
19 Laboratory-bred corals reproduce in the wild
20 New biomarker to assess stem cells developed
21 The strain allows to control the magnetic properties of individual iron atom
22 Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain
23 A new class of drug slows growth of castration-resistant prostate cancer cells
24 Proton therapy controls common pediatric brain tumor with fewer long-term side effects
25 The Lancet Oncology: Proton beam therapy offers potential to treat childhood brain cancer with fewer severe side effects than conventional radiotherapy
26 Seaweed offers the solution to transporting stem cells and wound treatment
27 Vital clues to future cancer development in normal breast tissue DNA
28 A new, cheap and fast IT system which allows to predict crimes and to better organize police shifts
29 Study reveals subtle brain differences in men with autism
30 Cornell researchers create first self-assembled superconductor
31 Camouflage really does reduce the chances of being eaten
32 CU-Boulder study: Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans
33 Study assesses how to avoid unnecessary acute admission to hospital
34 First impressions: When the mating market resembles a super market
35 Lasting impressions: Psychologists discover what influences our food choices
36 Recent studies show value of technology and in-person communications
37 Media narratives counter prejudice attitudes
38 Oncologists issue guidance for allocating scarce chemotherapy drugs
39 'Pop quiz' could help predict sexually transmitted infections in young women
40 Cholesterol levels improve with weight loss and healthy fat-rich diet
41 Study shows US has greater link between low birth weight and inequality
42 Finger tracing can lift student performance in maths
43 Survey shows Aussies' love and concern for Great Barrier Reef
44 Virtual reality makes its best users the most queasy
45 Breastfeeding could add $300 billion into the global economy
46 Hubble sees monstrous cloud boomerang back to our galaxy
47 New report: Most uninsured Texans say cost of health insurance too high
48 Clashes with cops more injurious than civilian-only skirmishes
49 Are some people more likely to develop adverse reactions to nanoparticle-based medicines?
50 Viral infection during pregnancy causes autism-like behaviors in mice
51 Standard BMI inadequate for tracking obesity during leukemia therapy
52 Refugee women at higher risk of preterm birth, study finds
53 Wildlife win when cash takes edge off 'park vs. people' conservation conflict
54 Moon was produced by a head-on collision between Earth and a forming planet
55 New therapy halts progression of Lou Gehrig's disease in mice
56 Protein combination improves bone regeneration, UCLA study shows
57 A diet dividend
58 University of Arizona researchers identify food additive that may prevent skin cancer
59 UTEP professor shows that hearing aids improve memory, speech
60 Researchers' preclinical trial upends conventional wisdom about responses to fear
61 Enzymes with the potential to increase wheat yields
62 Teens take fewer risks around slightly older adults
63 IU, Regenstrief study: Cognitive training effects differ by older adult's education level
64 Life history effects on the molecular clock of autosomes and sex chromosomes
65 Putting silicon 'sawdust' in a graphene cage boosts battery performance
66 Failing hearts use alternative fuel for energy
67 Penn researchers use network science to help pinpoint source of seizures
68 NYU research: Shedding light on genetic switches
69 Study: New drug could be safer, non-addictive alternative to morphine
70 Treating Parkinson's disease by solving the mysteries of movement
71 Study offers new insights into Group A Streptococcus
72 Ischemic renal failure and organ damage: A new mouse model holds the key
73 Oregon researchers document the work of leafcutter ants
74 Adverse outcome pathways: Path to improved chemical tests without animals
75 Researchers develop completely new kind of polymer
76 Fleeting fruit in a tropical forest
77 A step towards keeping up with Moore's Law
78 Forsyth scientists map mouth microbes
79 Second-hand smoke increases fatness, hinders cognition in children
80 Unnecessary blood tests common before low-risk surgeries: Ontario study
81 Satellites show Florida beaches becoming darker, and that's good for sea turtles
82 Microtubules, assemble!
83 How severe maternal inflammation can lead to autism-like behavior
84 The brain communicates on several channels
85 Marijuana survey finds medical users more likely to consume edibles and vaporize
86 Epigenetics: The importance of mixed motifs
87 Want to rewire a neuron? You've got to take it slow
88 Epigenetic switch for obesity
89 How bats recognize their own 'bat signals'
90 Social work conference urges greater 'father-friendly' culture
91 Necroptosis: How crystals precipitate cell death
92 Is cannabis addictive? Are there treatments? Answers in New journal's roundtable discussion
93 Enormous blades could lead to more offshore energy in US
94 Identifying another piece in the Parkinson's disease pathology puzzle
95 Giant gas cloud boomeranging back into Milky Way
96 New research into the origins of the Austronesian languages
97 Oil fires in Libya continue
98 Anticholinergics may not be best choice for rehab patients with dementia
99 Multi-center study reveals unique subtypes of most common malignant brain cancer
100 In lung cancer, not all HER2 alterations are created equal
101 Brain's 'amplifier' compensates for lost inner ear function
102 Intact nature offers best defense against climate change
103 Small is different
104 Too-few proteins prompt nanoparticles to clump
105 Landscape pattern analysis reveals global loss of interior forest
106 The CNIO uses the Internet network theory to decipher the first epigenetic communication network
107 Sensing the future of molecule detection and bioproduction
108 Harnessing the oxidising power of air
109 Vaccine study shapes plan to wipe out rabies in free-roaming dogs
110 Victimized adolescents more at risk of thinking about suicide or attempting suicide at 15