File Title
1 Oracle to phase out much-maligned Java browser plugin
2 T-Mobile adds Amazon Video, other services to controversial Binge On program
3 Apple acquires analytics startup LearnSprout to boost educational tech
4 Sharp leaning towards Japan's Innovation over Foxconn in takeover bids--report
5 Apple Pay support reported to arrive at Bank of America, Wells Fargo ATMs
6 Apple's third Turkish retail store to open in 2016, report says
7 Apple could bring long-distance wireless charging to iPhone, iPad as soon as 2017
8 Apple culture hinders recruitment and talent retention efforts, report says
9 Apple merges iTunes Radio channels into Apple Music, Beats 1 now lone free-to-stream service
10 AppleInsider podcast talks earnings, beta releases, Apple Music, car & more
11 Innovation still undecided on Sharp rescue plans as Foxconn raises bid, tries to allay job fears
12 Apple considering original TV shows to boost 'cable-like' streaming coming in Sept.--report
13 Rumor: Apple has 'hundreds of staff' working on virtual & augmented reality projects
14 Apple supplier Sony takes hit in December quarter on lower image sensor sales
15 London mayor tried to convince Apple to sponsor 'Garden Bridge' project
16 Google launches dedicated AdWords app for iOS
17 App face-off: Apple iMessage vs. WhatsApp Messenger
18 Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search issue uncovered in 2011
19 This week on AI: As Wall Street worries, Apple has 4" iPhone, iPad Air 3 & new MacBooks coming soon
20 Mossberg: Twitter has become secret-handshake software
21 VMware Fusion, Workstation team axed
22 No, Apple is not dying and neither is the iPhone
23 Oracle pulls plug on Java browser plugin
24 Beleaguered Samsung warns of tough 2016 after 4Q profit plunges 40%
25 U.S. FCC wants more companies making cable boxes
26 How Apple's new speed bump could make it an even stronger company
27 Apple's Angela Ahrendts: 'I don't see them as retail employees, I see them as executives'
28 Jim Cramer: The Apple analysts are blowing it
29 Macworld reviews Numbers 3.6.1 for Mac: 'The best version of Apple's spreadsheet app so far'
30 Apple is in a position to overtake Samsung as world's top chip buyer
31 Apple recalls certain AC wall plug adapters and Apple World Travel Adapter Kit customers
32 Bernie Sanders camp suspicious of Microsoft's influence in Iowa Caucus
33 Apple's attempt to draw attention away from iPhone sales leaves Wall Street unimpressed
34 Samsung widens worldwide smartphone unit share lead
35 Strong dollar impacts Apple's earnings in a major way
36 Skylake Mac notebooks may see staggered launches in 2016
37 Apple TV gets free, personalized newscasts with new Watchup app
38 Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple iPhone 7 Plus to offer innovative dual-camera configuration
39 Why Apple's 'iPhone 5se' would be a desperate move
40 Oppenheimer sees major boost for Cirrus Logic in Apple's iPhone 7; CRUS stock soars 16%
41 Apple acquires education-tech startup LearnSprout
42 Apple Pay coming to ATMs from Bank of America and Wells Fargo
43 Alphabet Inc. may soon dethrone Apple as the world's most valuable company
44 U.S. Treasury official to meet EU antitrust team over Apple tax deals
45 Apple developing cutting-edge long-range wirelessly-charged iPhones and iPads
46 Why we'll see Apple's OS X-powered 'MacPad' tablet within two years
47 Apple's plan to hook you on iPhone upgrades is slowly being revealed
48 Apple's Project Titan hits a major speed bump
49 Apple looking to develop original TV series as part of new video strategy, sources say
50 Apple and the coming tech apocalypse
51 Replace the departed free iTunes Radio with free iTunes radio
52 Why you should avoid free VPNs
53 He shot an Indian wedding on his iPhone. The results? Spectacular
54 Apple acquires Flyby Media; assembles large team of virtual and augmented reality experts
55 Apple Watch beats Rolex in luxury brands ranking
56 Is there really a market for a new four-inch iPhone?
57 The Best Gaming Mac you can buy today is...
58 Apple's Board should put a dividend of $4 per share in place and buy back 25% of the stock immediately
59 Killing the headphone jack could really pay off for Apple
60 Why Apple acquired LearnSprout
61 Apple CEO Tim Cook is smarter than you think
62 Apple seriously ramps up their secret Virtual Reality project
63 How the iPhone 6/Plus ruined Apple
64 Microsoft's Windows Phone is Zuned
65 Pottery Analysis Reveals Visigoths Settled En Masse in Northeast Bulgaria Shortly before Roman Empire's Division
66 Study overturns prevailing ideas about sacrifices at Tenochtitlan
67 Genetic history of present-day Indians
68 The aftermath of 1492
69 Lima: Remains of presumed weaver dating back to 3,500 years ago found in huaca
70 Ancient humans dispersed through Arabia during greener times
71 Neolithic megalithic tomb in Spain comprehensively examined for the first time
72 Archaeologists find remains of women sacrificed 1,000 years ago in Peru
73 Research reveals K'omoks people's advanced fishing methods a thousand years ago
74 Archaeologists uncover surprising secret in Bristol Cathedral's first dig for more than 150 years
75 Roman-Byzantine grave unearthed on Istanbul's ?[I]stiklal Avenue
76 East Asia makes a comeback in the human evolution stakes
77 Discovering a Roman Imperial Winery at Vagnari (Italy)
78 As the Arctic Erodes, Archaeologists Are Racing to Protect Ancient Treasures
79 History Is Melting
80 Excavation Reveals Significant Statuettes at Archaeological Site of Aptera
81 'Fujizuka' mound in Shizuoka dates to Edo Period, survey shows
82 Inscriptions on Sharjah tomb prove Oman kingdom existed in third century BC
83 Ancient Australian bird extinction points to humans
84 Ancient Babylonians Used Geometry to Track Jupiter
85 Math whizzes of ancient Babylon figured out forerunner of calculus
86 The hyperloop alternative to a very fast train
87 NASA prepares for Mars missions
88 Corpse-eating bacteria a forensic tool
89 Machine vision peers around corners
90 Is this giant supernova a new type of cosmic object?
91 Chemical messengers could make poo transplants obsolete
92 3-D printing delivers smash-proof ceramics
93 Ancient Babylonians used geometry to track planets
94 Diving between two tectonic plates
95 When octopuses don't want any trouble
96 Can we predict large earthquakes?
97 Was the Moon born in a head-on collision?
98 Blocked protein stops autism developing in mice
99 Fungi survive Martian conditions in Space Station experiment
100 Zika mosquitoes genetically engineered to self-eliminate
101 Cyborgs Evolving in the US Military
102 Gene-Hacked Mosquitoes to Fight Zika Virus
103 Crash-Proof Drone Tossed into Icy Crevasse
104 Seawater Plume Transmits Radio Signals
105 Barbie Now Comes in Tall, Petite and Curvy
106 DeLorean Going Back to the Future
107 A.I. Slam Dunks Impossible Game of 'Go'
108 Gigantic Gas Cloud on Collision Course with Our Galaxy
109 NASA Remembers Fallen Astronauts, Pledges Mars Mission
110 No, Earth Isn't Flat: Here's How Ancients Proved It