File Title
1 Using light for targeted drug delivery could help fight tumors, local infections
2 How much does African-American race play a role in stroke risk?
3 Despite progress in tobacco control, adequate treatment only reaches 1 in 7 smokers globally
4 New test could predict dementia risk during routine GP visits
5 Study finds no link between surgical anesthesia and MCI
6 Cervical cancer: the importance of regular screening
7 Blood test could identify which patients need antibiotics
8 NCDB study results define optimal waiting time before surgery following chemoradiotherapy
9 Omega-3s: could genetically modified oil seed crops replace fish?
10 Gene therapy for rare bleeding disorder factor VII deficiency achieves proof-of-concept
11 Structure of protein complex that plays key role in modulating immune system revealed
12 Cleveland clinic finds pregnancy-associated melanoma is associated with higher death rates
13 Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty: A promising new weight loss procedure
14 Genetic variation may explain Asian susceptibility to Kawasaki disease
15 Study results leading to the development of a new type of anticancer agent
16 Clarifying the mechanism for making blood cells
17 3D clues show how old TB drugs could be made strong again
18 Biomarker predicts likely chemo result for stage 2 colon cancer patients
19 Long-term exposure to ozone may increase lung and cardiovascular deaths
20 Fewer than 1 in 5 nurses comply with guidelines for standard precautions
21 New study of gene mutations causing Leigh syndrome shows effects on embryonic development
22 Up to 50 percent of women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer could be cured with 1 treatment model
23 It's mom who sees troubles for teens with food allergies
24 Age-related response to the hepatitis B vaccine linked to inflammation
25 Memory capacity of brain is 10 times more than previously thought
26 Eating the right fats could save 1 million lives per year
27 French drug trial details murky, should not influence future cannabinoid research
28 Close to 40 percent of formerly suicidal Canadians subsequently achieve complete mental health
29 Genetics and environment impact familial depression
30 Benefits of cystic fibrosis drug ivacaftor reported in pre-school children for the first time
31 Advance improves cutting and pasting with CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing
32 Novartis' new heart failure medicine now available in the UK
33 Chickenpox, shingles vaccine may cause corneal inflammation in some patients
34 Like air traffic, information flows through neuron 'hubs' in the brain, finds IU study
35 New knowledge on why patients with type 2 diabetes present smelling problems
36 Muscle weakness: scientists unravel defects in rare hereditary disease myotubular myopathy
37 Dangerous driving puts kids at higher risk of getting hit during school drop-offs
38 Majority of Americans support strengthening Medicare law to require coverage of obesity programs
39 New Western University study suggests arthroscopic knee surgery not cost-effective compared to other 'non-operative' treatments
40 Study: gap sheds light on why gout patients may suffer despite effective treatments
41 Researchers pinpoint place where cancer cells may begin
42 53 genes responsible for kidney functionality discovered
43 Inherited genetic markers may predict melanoma survival--and help plot course of disease
44 Brain study reveals mindfulness could help prevent obesity in children
45 Penn-engineered neural networks show hope for axonal repair with minimal disruption to brain tissue
46 Childhood trauma associated with worse impulse control in adulthood, U-M study finds
47 Parental support has positive effect on children's eating behaviours
48 'Rat casino' shows flashing lights incite risky gambling moves
49 Simple test could improve treatment for biggest leukaemia killer
50 What will be your cause of death? Interactive test could hold the answer
51 Exploring the intersection of oral health and systems medicine to identify next-generation biomarkers
52 Smarter diagnosis for lipoedema
53 Nonrecommended screenings for prostate, breast cancer in older individuals
54 Study examines associations of HPV types, risk of head and neck cancers
55 Cells from cow knee joints used to grow new cartilage tissue in laboratory
56 Glowing tumors could help surgeons cut out cancer
57 Doping in sports: is it worth it?
58 'Homing' molecule discovery could help speed-up fight against flu
59 Wanted: women without cancer to contribute to Moffitt Cancer Center's quality-of-life research
60 Sensory function: thalamus enhances and stores sensory information
61 Computer modeling provides insight into cellular-level effects of schizophrenia risk genes
62 Continued increase in birth defect of abdominal wall
63 Immune response differences might determine severity of West Nile Virus disease
64 Targeted school closure policies may help the fight against pandemic influenza
65 Challenges, current research, and a potential new treatment for the neglected tropical disease mycetoma
66 Examining genetic diversity of T. cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease, from California kissing bugs
67 Clot buster treatment safe, effective for patients who required living assistance pre-stroke
68 Zika Virus: What You Need to Know
69 How a food packaging chemical could lead to weight gain
70 PCP (Phencyclidine): Facts, Effects and Health Risks
71 Searching for genetic links between autism and other disorders
72 More detailed blood testing available for patients with disorders including sickle cell and thalassaemia, UK
73 Smart guns: 60% of Americans would buy one
74 NYU study explains why mistakes slow us down, but not necessarily for the better
75 Government funds nearly two-thirds of US health care: AJPH study
76 Role model stem cells: How immune cells can self-renew
77 Mitochondrial DNA levels in the blood may predict risk of developing kidney disease
78 Why are habits so hard to break?
79 A predictive risk map for the nematode parasite Mansonella perstans in Uganda
80 Changing dosing instructions on liquid medicines from teaspoons to milliliters could reduce the risk of dosage errors by 50 percent
81 Guidelines for human genome editing
82 Migraines worsen as women approach menopause
83 Children's social and emotional well-being varies with parental debt
84 Colorectal cancer drivers differ between younger and older patients
85 NYC pedestrian traffic makes for safer street crossings: Google Street View study
86 Columbia neuroscientists develop new tools to safely trace brain circuits
87 MHC class II molecules on graft endothelium promote acute rejection
88 Identification of a driver of fibrosis in chronic kidney disease
89 New biomarkers may influence drug design and alternative treatments of cancer, study shows
90 The [beta]-1 adrenergic receptor and RAGE work together to break hearts
91 Immune system maintains a memory of past infections by priming genes for future encounters
92 UT Southwestern study shows how certain drugs alter metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells
93 Morbidly obese patients may benefit from bariatric surgery prior to knee replacement
94 New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries
95 Dartmouth study helps fill in gaps in our visual perception
96 New study holds hope for improving outcomes for children exposed to methamphetamine
97 Computer modeling provides insight into cellular-level effects of schizophrenia risk genes
98 Two proteins control the growth of the heart and its adaptation to high blood pressure
99 Antibodies may provide 'silver bullet' for Ebola viruses
100 Study identifies important regulator of chronic, low-level inflammation
101 Cocktail of factors from fat-derived stem cells shows promise for critical limb ischemia
102 Research in mice confirms that melatonin could be of use for preventing sepsis
103 Mitochondrial troublemakers unmasked in lupus
104 Dramatic decline in complaints by imprisoned transgender patients after staff LGBT training
105 A defense protein that causes cancer
106 N/A
107 Exact pol(e) position--precisely where the polymerase is changed
108 New data on pluripotent stem cells released: a greatly promising alternative to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cerebral infarction treatment
109 When it comes to newborns, age matters
110 Looking to lose weight in 2016? Step on the weighing scales