File Title
1 Sleeping in at the weekend might reduce diabetes risk
2 Thwarting abnormal neural development with a new mutation
3 Rate of 2.6 million stillbirths a year is 'too high'
4 Do not prescribe antibiotics for common cold, doctors urge
5 Cocaine may spur brain cells to destroy themselves
6 Depression and obesity common among bipolar patients with exhausted stress system
7 Intensive exercise with intervals "more effective"
8 Arts and culture can combat loneliness among older people, says new research
9 New biomarkers for improved treatment of severe heart and lung disease
10 Ticks that transmit Lyme disease reported in nearly half of all US counties
11 New findings may enhance PARP inhibitors therapy in breast cancer
12 Upcoming EU data protection ruling gives green light for sharing patient data across health and care sector
13 Researchers develop inequality monitoring system to reduce preventable A&E admissions
14 Human sounds convey emotions clearer and faster than words
15 Easier diagnosis for fungal infection of the lungs
16 Childhood poverty linked to brain changes related to depression
17 Laws of nature predict cancer evolution
18 FDA outlines cybersecurity recommendations for medical device manufacturers
19 New tool puts accurate DNA analysis in fast lane
20 Eradicating B12 deficiency for the elderly is as simple as screening for it
21 Size matters when it comes to food
22 A nutrition supplement is associated with lower death rate in patients, new study shows
23 Scientists take steps to make weak TB drugs strong again
24 New app can help doctors predict risk of preterm birth
25 Scientists discover blueprint of body's heat sensor
26 Virtual bone biopsy helps identify why people with diabetes are at risk of bone fractures
27 Findings suggest earlier hospice enrollment, avoidance of ICU admissions, hospital deaths would improve quality of end-of-life care
28 Study compares health care usage, costs in developed countries for patients dying with cancer
29 Physicians receive less aggressive end-of-life care, less likely to die in a hospital
30 Current therapy for patients with Parkinson's disease shown to be ineffective
31 Water dispensers in schools: do they lower obesity in students?
32 New Research on inflammation and cancer: A prehistoric code regulates cell motility
33 New dementia report: Alzheimer's drugs prescriptions six times higher than a decade ago, UK
34 New target identified for reducing cancer metastasis
35 Scientists to 'artificially evolve' sleeping sickness bacterium
36 Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientists find new evidence of immune system plasticity
37 New IVF device will allow 'natural fertilization'
38 Study may explain why stroke risk in women changes after menopause
39 HeLP-her cluster randomized controlled trial shows weight gain prevention among women in rural Australian community
40 Intimate partner violence shows bidirectional link with depression among South African women during pregnancy and post-partum
41 Environmental toxin may increase risk of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses, study suggests
42 Breasts put girls off sport--new research
43 Liver Function: What Does the Liver Do?
44 Most restaurants serve oversized, high-calorie meals
45 Resting brain chatter predicts ability to learn second language
46 Macmillan Cancer Support says 'don't tell cancer patients to take it easy'
47 Breakthrough in human cell transformation could revolutionize regenerative medicine
48 Aclidinium bromide in COPD: Proof of considerable added benefit for certain patients
49 Immunity genes could protect some from E. coli while others fall ill
50 Most parents say they set limits on teen drivers--but teens don't always think so
51 Research discovers potential new therapeutic target for ALS
52 Psoriasis patients have reduced access to efficient treatment method with age
53 Women at higher risk to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
54 Leishmaniasis: the flesh-eating, dog-culling war plague
55 Keep exercising, say heart experts
56 People with dementia gain from learning self-management skills
57 Omega 3 levels affect whether B vitamins can slow brain's decline
58 Synthetic biologists use bacterial superglue for faster vaccine development
59 The age-related change of angiotensin receptor promotes hypertension
60 A closer look at heart cell connectors could catch "hidden" rhythm disorders in the future
61 Breakthrough in direct conversion of human cells from one type to another
62 Drug shows promise for halting cancer virus
63 Infant-friendly flu vaccine developed with key protein
64 Young people after Obamacare: Some ER visits down, others way up
65 Nanoparticles combine photodynamic and molecular therapies against pancreatic cancer
66 Post-term delivery raises risk of complications and illness for newborns
67 Task force provides guidance on use of osteoporosis drugs
68 When older adults stop driving, they may experience health declines
69 Immune 1-2-3 punch against parasites reveals potentially ancient cell death pathway
70 Delirium is common in older gastrointestinal surgery patients
71 Does greater scrutiny of transplant centers create disparities for the sickest patients?
72 Researchers urge screening of stroke patients for silent heart disease to prevent thousands of deaths
73 Frailty may increase complication risk following urologic surgery
74 Physical attraction linked to genes that control height, study finds
75 Easier access to children's GP appointments linked to reduced use of emergency departments
76 New TSRI study shows path to 'dial down' autoimmunity without compromising immune response
77 Advances in continuous glucose monitoring technology will pave the way to an artificial pancreas
78 UCB's new epilepsy drug BRIVIACT receives EU approval
79 New experiments determine effective treatments for box jelly stings
80 Anxiety can impact people's walking direction
81 New precision medicine guidelines aimed at improving personalized cancer treatment plans
82 Disrupting cell's supply chain freezes cancer virus
83 Can we improve acceptance of HIV testing?
84 Too much sugar during adolescence may alter brain's reward circuits
85 Robotics exoskeleton for shoulder rehabilitation
86 Socio-economic status may impact care of children with epilepsy
87 New source of liver disease in obesity caused by saturated fat, but not unsaturated fat
88 Genetics influence knee pain sensitivity in osteoarthritis patients
89 Soldiers with PTSD more 'tuned' to angry faces because of over-connected brain circuits
90 To hear a pitter patter from afar: Catching heartbeats with millimeter-wave radar
91 Study reveals why your brain makes you slip up when anxious
92 Social anxiety is highly heritable but is affected by environment
93 Gone fishin' for natural products, with a new dragnet
94 Research on worms reveals how the brain compensates for sensory loss and points to its early evolutionary roots
95 Father's depression during pregnancy linked to premature birth risk
96 Profectus Viosciences initiates Ebola vaccine Phase 1 clinical trial
97 Rapastinel (GLYX-13) shown to improve ketamine or PCP-induced cognitive impairment in mice
98 Preoperative frailty associated with increased risk of death following surgery
99 Increased diabetes risk associated with youth antipsychotic treatment, rare
100 Substance use and indoor tanning among Colorado high school students
101 Exposure to environmental toxin may lead to Alzheimer's
102 Interim guidelines for pregnant women during a Zika virus outbreak published by CDC
103 FDA approve Arzerra (ofatumumab) as extended treatment for recurrent or progressive chronic lymphocytic leukemia
104 Confirmed: alcohol consumption in the West also has a genetic component
105 Excellent results for Straumann in independent peri-implantitis study
106 Irregular heartbeat is riskier for women
107 Exercise for people with dementia improves balance and reduces dependence
108 Biopsy robot combines MRI and ultrasound
109 Pre-exposure prophylaxis, used to prevent HIV, found to be as safe as aspirin
110 Organ 'biological age' could predict transplant success