File Title
1 Switchable material could enable new memory chips
2 Novel study shows lower surgical mortality in hospitals with best nursing care
3 The indications of a new geological epoch marked by human impact are clear
4 Depression of either parent during pregnancy linked to premature birth
5 New process enables easier isolation of carbon nanotubes
6 Newly discovered photosynthetic bacteria is surprisingly abundant
7 Caltech researchers find evidence of a real ninth planet
8 Small but deadly: The chemical warfare of sea slugs
9 Researchers measure fish abundance in lakes using a few water samples
10 Brain study reveals mindfulness could help prevent obesity in children
11 'Squishy' robot fingers aid deep sea exploration
12 Chickenpox, shingles vaccine may cause corneal inflammation in some patients
13 Researchers pinpoint place where cancer cells may begin
14 Structure of protein complex that plays key role in modulating immune system revealed
15 Dark Matter: New Theory Points to Secondary Inflation to Explain Universe's Dark Matter
16 European Killer Whales Will Likely Go Extinct, Study Says
17 NASA Patents Rover with Shape-Shifting Capabilities for Space Exploration
18 Fertility: 'Spermbots' Could Help Women Conceive, Study Claims (VIDEO)
19 Stanford Scientists Develop Lithium Battery that Won't Catch Fire
20 Elephants Survive Poaching as Daughters Immediately Take Over Role of Killed Matriarchs, Study Finds
21 Salem Witch Hangings: Location of Hangings Identified as Proctor's Ledge
22 Green Pea Galaxies Help Explain Early Moments of Universe
23 ESA: New Research Sheds Light on Milky Way Twin with High-Speed X-Ray Winds
24 Woolly Mammoth: Remains Change Current Understanding of Modern Human Evolution
25 Hen Harrier: England Initiates New Plan to Save Species on Brink of Extinction
26 Alzheimer's: Urine Odor Could Be Biomarker, Research Shows
27 Hummingbirds Create Mini-Tornadoes During Flight (VIDEO)
28 Stem Cells: Molecular Signals that Stimulate Stem Cell Development Identified
29 Poverty Linked to Brain Changes in Children in New Study
30 Evolution: 'Hobbit' Species May Have Lived on Isolated Island in Indonesia
31 Spiders: Males of Newly Discovered Species Play 'Peekaboo' to Attract Females (VIDEO)
32 Black Hole: Scientists Discover Signs of Second Largest Black Hole in Our Galaxy
33 Chimpanzees: Being Social Boosts Beneficial Gut Bacteria, Study Claims
34 Global Warming: New Study Suggests Climate Change Could Hinder Ability of Plant-Eaters to Digest Plant Toxins
35 SpaceX: Drone Landing Attempt by Falcon 9 Fails for the Third Time
36 Climate Change: Man-Made Heat in Oceans Has Doubled Since 1997
37 Cosmic Particles Could Reveal Ancient Pyramid Secrets
38 Chronic Pain: New Finding Could Help Patients with Chronic Pain
39 Flower Blooms in Space for First Time, NASA Announces (PHOTO)
40 High-Rise Buildings: Living on Higher Floors Affects Survival Rate from Cardiac Arrest, Study Says
41 'Water Bear' Revived After Being Frozen for 30 Years
42 Cocaine: Study Reveals Ability to Stimulate Cannibalism in Mouse Brain Cells
43 Umbilical Cord Blood Testing Could Predict Life-Threatening Allergies
44 'Snowball Earth': Underwater Volcanoes Significant Feature of Time Period, Study Says
45 Five Planets Aligned: Rare Phenomenon to Occur for the First Time in 10 Years
46 Dissolvable Brain Sensor: Stunning Technology Monitors Brain Data Then Absorbs into the Body
47 David Bowie: Constellation Named in Honor of the Late Legend (TWEETS)
48 MS Cancer Treatment Yields 'Miracle' Results After Medical Trial
49 Marijuana: New Study Finds No Evidence of Connection Between Marijuana Use and IQ Decline in Adolescents
50 Getting Distracted at Work May Be Linked to Higher Levels of Intelligence, Study Says
51 Stephen Hawking Says Earth Will Certainty Meet Disaster
52 Harmful Mutations Accumulated in Early Humans Migrating Out of Africa, Study Says
53 SETI: New 'Alien' Species Will Replace Humans in the 21st Century
54 Mysterious 'Alien' Frogfish Baffles Residents of New Zealand (PHOTO)
55 Plastic Will Take Up More Space in Oceans than Fish by 2050, Report Says
56 Airborne Ultrasound: Public Exposed to Dangerous Levels, Study Says
57 Obesity: Intestinal Cancer Can Potentially Be Cured in Obese People, Suggests Study
58 Italian Town Shuts Down Wi-Fi Over Health Fears of Electromagnetic Waves
59 Hottest Year on Record: 2015 Leaves Record-Breaking Numbers Worldwide
60 Five Planets Align for Naked-Eye View: How to See the Out-Of-This-World Line Up
61 Anxiety and the Brain: Researchers Pinpoint Area of Brain that Causes Us to Slip Up When Anxious
62 Prehistoric Massacre: New Remains Shed Light on Early Origins of Warfare
63 Giant Earthworms Discovered by Scientists in Britain
64 DARPA: New Research Creates Chip, Provides Brain-Computer Interface
65 Ninth Planet: New Research Points to Existence of Planet Past Pluto
66 Cancer Cells: New Research Sheds Light on Where Cancer Cells Originate
67 Largest Known Prime Number Discovered
68 Hagfish Mystery Slime Could Prove Useful, According to Research
69 Self-Filling Water Bottle Creates Drinking Water Out of Thin Air
70 Faciotopy: Scientists Discover Area of Brain that Maps Other People's Faces
71 Human Memory Capacity Is 10 Times Larger than Previously Thought, Study Says
72 Dark 'Noodles': Scientists Discover New Form of Invisible Matter in Milky Way
73 Indian Scientists Rediscover Tree Frog that Lives in Water Holes, Eats Own Eggs
74 Time-Lapse Cicada Video Shows Insect Bursting from Its Shell into Flight (VIDEO)
75 Plate Tectonics: New Study Reveals Its Origin on Earth
76 Aliens: Climate Change Likely Result of Demise, if They Ever Existed
77 Hubble Space Telescope Snaps Pic of Rebellious Galaxy Shining Bright like a Diamond (PHOTO)
78 Irregular Heart Beat in Women Riskier than Men, Recent Study Claims
79 Dracoraptor: Welsh Dinosaur Officially Named 'Dragon Thief'
80 Venus Flytraps 'Count' to Catch Prey
81 Head Transplant on Monkey a Success, Are Humans Next?
82 Premature Birth: Depression in Both Mothers and Fathers Can Increase Likelihood, Study Says
83 Unique Ground-Flowering Plant Discovered in Panama Becomes Tattoo
84 Beards Might Be More Resistant to MRSA, Research Says
85 Blood Test that Can Tell if You Need Antibiotics or Not Could Lead to Precise Prescriptions, Study Finds
86 Nanomaterials: Scientists Weave Nanomaterials for First Time Ever; Methods Creates Stronger More Flexibe Material
87 Habits Are Hard to Break; Here's Why, Say Scientists
88 Dead Seabirds Wash Ashore by the Thousands in Alaska
89 Alzheimer's: New Link to Algae Found, Sheds Light on Environmental Causes
90 Cow Cartilage Grown in Lab Using Knee Joint Cells, Provides Potential Cure for Osteoarthritis
91 Plesiosaur: Ancient 'Sea Monster's' Remains Discovered in Peterborough, May Be New Species
92 Black Death: Scientists Uncover Possible Extinct Form of Disease, Shed Light on Origins
93 Supernova Shines with the Light of More than a Billion Suns
94 Zebra Stripes Are Not for Camouflage, Study Finds
95 Ultra Metal-Poor Star: Ancient Star Could Shed Light on Early Years of Universe
96 Blue Origin Launches New Shepherd Rocket, Successfully Lands It Back on Earth for Second Time (VIDEO)
97 New Species: Scientists Discover 24 New Beetle Species in Australia
98 Birth Defects: Mismanaged Deliveries Not the Cause of Majority of Brain-Damaged Newborns, Study Says
99 Breast Milk Protein Could Be Used to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs, Study Says
100 Comet 67P: Scientists Discover Water Ice on Surface
101 Black Squirrels in Michigan Appear in Strange Places
102 King Tutankhamun Beard: 8 Charged in Botched Repair of Damaged Mask
103 New Blood Test Can Predict Suspects' Age from DNA
104 Smart Concrete Can Melt Snow, Ice Using Electric Current
105 Lockheed Martin: New 'Spider Eye' Telescope, Marks First New Design in 400 Years (VIDEO)
106 Chinese Scientists Create Monkeys with Autism, Hope to Shed Light on Causes of Disorder in Humans
107 Bird Migration Map: New Animated Image Shows Migration of 188 Species in Western Hemisphere (GIF)
108 Google Brings Mont Blanc to Your Computer Screen (SEE IT)
109 Animals with Larger Brains Are Better Problem Solvers, Study Says
110 Cats Were Domesticated in China Earlier than Previously Believed, Study Says