File Title
1 Fat cells outlive skinny ones
2 New study finds our desire for 'like-minded others' is hard-wired
3 Spanish conquest left its imprint on men's genes in Panama
4 Bat 'super immunity' could help protect people
5 Proven one-step process to convert CO2 and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel
6 Galaxy trailed by stunning plume of gas
7 Longest-lasting stellar eclipse: Three-and-a-half year eclipses in binary system
8 Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems
9 Antarctica could be headed for major meltdown
10 Dodos might have been quite intelligent, new research finds
11 Fish of dinosaur era with unique 'hook-shaped sail' on its back
12 New species couldn't hop, but outlived its fanged kangaroo contemporaries
13 Health and development in infants after mefloquine antimalarial treatment during pregnancy
14 Natural sugar may treat fatty liver disease
15 New surgical tool keeps orthopedic procedures on target
16 Everyday mindfulness linked to healthy glucose levels
17 New study shows emotional cost for parents who put on a happy face for their children
18 Body's immune system may play larger role in Alzheimer's disease than thought
19 New virus transmission route discovered in pigs
20 Survivors of sexual abuse find support in online 'anonymity'
21 Vaginal delivery doubles the risk of stress incontinence compared to caesarean section
22 Television exposure directly linked to a thin body ideal in women
23 Almond joy: Eating just a handful a day boosts diet health, study shows
24 Some distractions while driving are more risky than others, researchers say
25 Mystery of Dracula orchids' mimicry is unraveled with a 3-D printer
26 Researchers tune mechanical properties of radiation-sensitive material for biomedical use
27 Controlling ultrafast electrons in motion
28 Physicists zoom in on gluons' contribution to proton spin
29 Imaging technique may help discover Earth-like planets
30 Multiple cosmic impacts 790,000 years ago
31 New satellite with superior x-ray vision launched
32 Rotation of cloudy 'super-Jupiter' directly measured
33 Shrinking 3-D technology for comfortable smart phone viewing
34 N/A
35 Underwater robots can be programmed to make independent decisions
36 Detecting hidden malicious ads
37 Model perfect: Researchers document new approach to dealing with uncertainties in mathematical models
38 Japanese earthenware time capsules contain 4,300-year-old cockroach egg case impressions
39 Old data may provide new insights on honey bee populations
40 El Nino prolongs longest global coral bleaching event
41 Urban soils release surprising amounts of carbon dioxide
42 'Fear itself' can help restore ecosystems, study suggests
43 For weather forecasting, precise observations matter more than butterflies
44 Temperature changes wreak ecological havoc in deforested areas, study finds
45 Subsurface carbon dioxide storage: Risks for biogeochemical cycles in the soil
46 Gulf of Mexico historic shipwrecks help scientists unlock mysteries of deep-sea ecosystems
47 Extinct glyptodonts really were gigantic armadillos, ancient DNA shows
48 Ancient lone star lizard lounged in lush, tropical Texas
49 Rolling stones, turbulence connect evolution to physics
50 New Canadian recommendation against colonoscopy for routine screening of colorectal cancer
51 What do Canadians in every riding believe about climate change?
52 Time of day can impact spray
53 Graphic images may not scare smokers off cigarettes, says study
54 Which discipline or reward is best for your child?
55 Squirm with purpose: Fidgeting is helpful for ADHD patients, study shows
56 Find a partner who marches to the beat of your own drum
57 Early bedtime, better school performance
58 Good but few and underpaid: Female inventors gain 14% less than men
59 The real value of taking your business offshore
60 Benefits associated with the reduction of mercury emissions far outweigh industry cost
61 Research success increasingly hinges on honing teamwork skills
62 Half the world to be short-sighted by 2050
63 Magnetic pulses to the brain deliver long-lasting relief for tinnitus patients
64 A deeper take on our sexual nature
65 High-cholesterol diet, eating eggs do not increase risk of heart attack, not even in persons genetically predisposed, study finds
66 Five-dimensional black hole could 'break' general relativity
67 Scientists prove feasibility of 'printing' replacement tissue
68 First detection of gases at super-Earth show a light-weight, dry atmosphere--with a hint of carbon too?
69 Pluto's 'Hulk-like' moon Charon: A possible ancient ocean?
70 New study finds clear differences between organic and non-organic milk and meat
71 Fossil analysis pushes back human split from other primates by two million years
72 New RNA letter regulates gene expression
73 Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than previously thought, study finds
74 Throwaway culture can include friendships, researcher says
75 Taste sensors in fly legs control feeding
76 Smart skin made of recyclable materials may transform medicine and robotics
77 Researchers demonstrate 'quantum surrealism'
78 'Ice age blob' of warm ocean water discovered south of Greenland
79 Gorilla born by rare caesarean section delivery at British zoo
80 Thought-controlled prosthetic limbs possibly within reach, scientists say
81 Scientists find how 'superbugs' build their defences
82 Ancient armored mammal from Argentina was a huge armadillo
83 Zika may have been sexually transmitted in 14 cases: CDC
84 Anxiety may influence a woman's heart during exercise
85 More PET scans may not help lung, esophageal cancer survivors
86 Ithaca, N.Y. mayor proposes supervised drug injection facility
87 Struggling coal companies must face their cleanup costs: U.S. official
88 Gas industry slow to sign up for voluntary methane cuts
89 Tornado damage reported in Louisiana as storm moves east
90 Pennsylvania fracking trial begins, pitting families against driller
91 Time Inc. explores bid for Yahoo's core business: source
92 Cyber security startups face funding drought
93 LG Elec says to boost marketing spend in G5 sales push
94 Telegram app free-speech advocate no stranger to Apple-FBI woes
95 How to hunt gravitational waves? Put a gigantic detector in space
96 Scientists discover eight new species of whip spider in Brazil
97 Dinosaur tracks: Why would a four-footed dino leave two-footed prints?
98 NASA's biggest telescope ever readies for million-mile journey
99 Stellar eclipse plunges distant star system into 3-1/2 years of darkness
100 What this 3,000-year-old wheel tells us about Britain's 'Pompeii'
101 If you act under orders, are you still responsible for your actions?
102 How an ancient ocean ripped the surface of Pluto's moon Charon
103 18,300 apply for 14 jobs in NASA's Astronaut Corps
104 Who ruled Earth before the dinosaurs? The 'ugliest fossil reptiles'
105 Is your hometown a top hit for climate change?
106 How NASA's new telescope could unlock some mysteries of the universe
107 Could there be music on the far side of the moon?
108 NASA wants to send your artwork to an asteroid
109 3 days to Mars: How laser propulsion could revolutionize space travel
110 Do you believe in climate change? It may depend on your politics
111 What happens when an astronaut returns from a year in space?
112 SpaceX: Our next landing attempt probably won't work either