File Title
1 New species of fluorescent polyps light up gastropod shells
2 Central Appalachia flatter as result of mountaintop mining
3 New evidence suggests Earth is product of two-planet collision
4 Early human ancestor didn't have a nutcracker jaw
5 The physics of pancakes informs glaucoma treatments
6 9,200-year-old fish fermentation site found in Sweden
7 Underwater noise pollution makes fish easier prey
8 How did the ancient lake Tauca affect the Andean climate?
9 Scientists find fossils of two new giant-mouthed fish species
10 Scientists identify howling dialects of wolves
11 Speedy typing doesn't require ten fingers
12 Making artificial organs with a cotton candy machine
13 Rare bumblebee rebounds in Pacific Northwest
14 Slime that can see: Bacterium acts like a single-cell eye
15 Hundreds of galaxies found hiding behind the Milky Way
16 Cryonics breakthrough: Frozen rabbit brain successfully returned
17 Hydrogels preserve pluripotent ability of stem cells
18 Scientists train drones to search for lost hikers
19 65-year-old Laysan albatross hatches 40th chick
20 New data undermines story of Yellowstone's formation
21 Study: Biculturalism has positive effect on Mexican-American youth
22 Newborn star bathes cosmic clouds in blue light
23 Einstein vindicated: Scientists find gravitational waves
24 Two new hominin fossils found in South African cave
25 Origins of male 'rage' identified in an animal brain
26 Struggles of famous scientists inspire STEM students
27 Scientists observe electrons in a metal behaving like a fluid
28 New polymer shifts shape with changing body temperature
29 Study: Water-logged land slowing sea level rise
30 High Arctic once hosted giant flightless bird
31 Ants have been fighting and cooperating for 100 million years
32 Study: Air pollution kills 5.5 million people annually
33 New research reveals foraging patterns of beluga whales
34 New semiconducting material promises faster computers
35 Thousands of migrating blacktip sharks arrive late in Florida
36 Ancient sap yields new flower species
37 Microbes found living two miles beneath Earth's surface
38 Brains of ancient jawless fish more advanced than thought
39 Ancient tetrapod footprints discovered in Spain
40 Study: Easter Island wasn't destroyed by war
41 Scientists revive 'water bears' that were frozen for 30 years
42 Scientists detect gases in super-Earth atmosphere for first time
43 Extra CO2 the cause of dryland greening trends
44 Researchers create wireless flexible smartphone
45 Beavers a boon for Scottish environment
46 1.1 million-year-old stegodon tusk found in Pakistan
47 Study: Link between sleep loss and social media usage
48 Mantis shrimp communication yields reflective polarizer
49 Fruit experiment may offer insights into human sexuality
50 Can fables, fairy tales teach robots morality?
51 Salmon hatcheries cause significant, rapid genetic changes
52 Humans and Neanderthals interbred 100,000 years ago
53 New, intense gamma radiation source detected by Russian astronomer
54 Space archaeologist and UAB professor wins 2016 TED Prize
55 'Hairy panic' envelopes Australian town
56 Giant Antarctic ice shelf collapsed at end of last ice age
57 Bat flight inspires micro air vehicle design
58 Researchers publish climate sensitivity map
59 Apple releases 'Error 53' bug fix for iPhone, apologizes
60 Monkey colony in Florida eats less human food than thought
61 Study: Deodorant has significant effect on underarm microbes
62 Genetic cause found for allergic reaction to vibration
63 Medicaid-paid births up in Texas since defunding Planned Parenthood
64 Females with childhood ADHD at double the risk for obesity
65 New research shows why rest after a concussion is critical
66 Flavonoid found in lima beans prolong lifespan of fruit flies
67 Cognitive behavioral therapy changes brain volume, study says
68 Advances made in heart condition affecting young athletes
69 54 million falsely labeled 'unhealthy' based on BMI, researchers say
70 Scientists 3D-print bone structure to help tissue regenerate
71 Whooping cough protection fades fast after booster shot
72 Sustained aerobic exercise may promote neurogenesis
73 Brain lesions may be cause of taste loss in MS patients
74 Concussion increases suicide risk
75 Scientists confirm second, more intense form of Lyme disease
76 Shots may ease seasonal allergies for baby boomers
77 Hospice patients get too little care in last days of life, study says
78 Exposure to flashing light may prevent jet lag
79 Team approach helps patients control blood pressure
80 Study: Sending fewer men to prison may slow spread of HIV
81 Study: Interferon not beneficial for most stage 3 melanoma
82 New 3D printer said to produce organs, tissues, bones
83 Heartburn medications associated with higher dementia risk
84 Scientists successfully train immune system to kill cancer
85 Too much fish while pregnant raises child's risk for obesity
86 Task force unsure whether early autism screening beneficial
87 Study: Dental equipment always contains bacteria
88 Male cancer survivors less likely to reproduce
89 Man moves prosthetic arm with his mind in proof-of-concept study
90 Study: Adderall abuse skyrockets among young adults
91 First brain region affected by Alzheimer's disease identified
92 Older people at higher risk for injury after cancer surgery
93 Diabetes drug may prevent heart attack, recurring stroke
94 Testosterone gel has modest effect for older men
95 Gum disease may increase risk of death from kidney disease
96 Novel oxygen treatment saves life of baby before, after birth
97 Half of teens at ER report peer violence, cyberbullying
98 Clot-busting drug improves survival for deadly form of stroke
99 More than a third of Americans not getting enough sleep
100 Scientists link tumor support cell death, cancer metastasis
101 Horses Can Interpret Different Human Facial Expressions, Study Shows
102 Genome Sequencing Planned of All Remaining 'Night Parrots' to Save Endangered Species [VIDEO]
103 Los Angeles and Earthquakes: Similar Areas Could Have More Double Earthquake Risk
104 Predator: Verreaux's Eagles in South Africa Living Best in Agricultural Area
105 Menominee Crack: Michigan Researchers Finally Identify Mysterious Pop-Up Feature
106 Fish Fins Can Sense Touch like Human Fingertips, Study Shows
107 Small Fish that Survive in Toxic Environment
108 Shark 'Tank': Blacktips Gather in Huge Group Near Coast
109 Cryogenics: Entire Rabbit Brain Successfully Frozen and Revived for First Time
110 Two New Geckos of "Noble" Size Discovered in New Guinea