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1 Chew on this: What a 2-million-year-old bite could tell us about our evolution
2 Robo-roach to the rescue? Creepy bugs inspire lifesaving technology. (+video)
3 Australia redirects climate research funding: blow to science or boon for innovation?
4 What can wolf dialects say about human language?
5 How likely are you to get hit by a meteor?
6 How an Indian soldier survived six days trapped inside avalanche
7 Does Australia's retreat from climate change research signal a global trend?
8 Why all the buzz about gravitational waves?
9 Rare albino turtle hatchling found in Australia
10 Our galactic neighborhood just got a whole lot more crowded
11 Sleep deprivation contributes to false confessions, study confirms
12 What would Obama's proposed FY 2017 budget mean for NASA?
13 If you lack words for blue and green, do you see them as the same color?
14 What's going on with polar ice sheets?
15 New research links climate change and longer flights: What's the real meaning?
16 World's oldest wild bird, an albatross, just hatched 40th chick--at age 65
17 Who walked the roads to Rome? Isotopes provide clues
18 A star is born: How stellar newborn illuminates a hidden nebula
19 Why NASA wants you to dream about traveling to Mars
20 Michigan's bizarre Menominee crack continues to baffle scientists
21 Space-time ripples: How Einstein's gravitational waves are detected
22 Citizen science: Does the backyard bird count really work?
23 Did fear of vengeful gods encourage early human cooperation?
24 Einstein verified: 'Monumental' gravitational waves discovery was 100 years in making
25 Space cuisine for Mars is better than food tubes, but still a puzzle
26 Farewell Philae: What have we learned from the comet probe?
27 Scientists: Maybe smiles really are contagious
28 Climate change in the classroom: Why teachers are not making the grade
29 This giant vegan bird prowled prehistoric Arctic
30 Fresh water crisis: Four billion people face water scarcity, says study
31 A bug's-eye view: How do wasps find their way back home?
32 On this Valentine's Day, science proves to imitate love--and vice versa
33 No longer blind: Why that gravitational wave discovery is so heavy
34 Second annual Asteroid Day to raise awareness of space rocks
35 Valentine's Day octopus mating session canceled out of cannibalism concerns
36 Video: Why are tens of thousands of sharks swimming off the Florida [coast]?
37 A few rare minerals make the Earth unique, say researchers.
38 Ancient flower trapped in amber was probably poisonous, researchers say.
39 Scientists see the world through wasps' eyes
40 Ancient amber locks floral ancestor of modern plants frozen in time
41 NASA's green thumb: Why astronauts harvested zinnia plants in space
42 Four billion people face severe water scarcity. Is there hope?
43 What's in a 'super-Earth' atmosphere? Scientists discover familiar gases.
44 Scientists offer a rare window on secret lives of beluga whales
45 Earth as sponge? It has absorbed enough water to slow sea level rise
46 Rapa Nui mystery: What really happened on Easter Island?
47 Stop Ignoring the Benefits of Breastfeeding
48 How Diabetes in Kids Differs from that in Teens
49 How Your Body Clock Affects Your Health
50 How Driving Affects Health in Older Adults
51 Improving Medical Care for Veterans
52 Is Your Brain Chemistry Hijacked?
53 Difficulty Getting Pregnant? Try Testing Your Partner's Sperm
54 Type 1 Diabetes Cure in the Works
55 Overweight? Obese? You Might also Be Healthy
56 How Meditation Might Help Chronic Pain
57 Want to Prevent Lung Cancer? Get Higher
58 Children's Oral Health--Keeping Teeth Healthy
59 Get Your Teens Screened for Depression
60 An Effective sun Protection Program for Children
61 Stressed? You Might also Be Burning fat
62 Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death
63 Why Do People Mimic Facial Expressions?
64 Mercury Levels in Today's Ocean Fish
65 Concussions and Suicide: Is There a Connection?
66 Why Didn't the Whooping Cough Vaccines Work?
67 'Tis the Season--Flu Season, that Is
68 The Two Ways Sugar Hijacks Your Brain
69 5 Legit Reasons to Skip a Workout, According to a Fitness Expert
70 Teen Girls Who Eat More Fiber May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk Later On
71 New Discovery Sheds Light on the Cause of Schizophrenia
72 How Weight Loss Surgery May Affect Your Marriage
73 Move of the Week: Plank Hip Dips
74 You're Gonna Want a Piece of Cinnamon Swirl...Hair, that Is
75 The Best Way to Survive a Heart Attack Without Drugs
76 7 Ways a Nutritionist Saves Money on Healthy Food
77 Score Julianne Hough's Lean, Sculpted Legs with this Move
78 Could that Bloody Scene on 'Downton Abbey' Really Happen?
79 Antiperspirants, but Not Deodorant, May Alter Natural Skin Bacteria in Armpit
80 Even Slight Jump in Blood Pressure During Pregnancy May Be Bad for Baby
81 Babies Should Get Flu Shots, but Too Few Do, According to the CDC
82 The Lead Poisoning Symptoms Everyone Should Know
83 WHO Declares Zika an International Public Health Emergency
84 Time to Change Your Ways: Washing Your Face in the Shower Is a No-No
85 Can a Room with a View Help Teens Do Better on Tests? Yes, Study Suggests
86 What the Heck Is Nooch and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?
87 I Tried a High-Tech Running Shoe Designed Just for Women
88 This University Is Requiring Freshmen to Wear Fitbits
89 We Found the Best Winter Moisturizer for Your Skin Type
90 Why Trash Talking Sugary Food Makes You Want It Even More
91 6 Ways to Impress Trainers Without Even Trying
92 Trying to Get Pregnant? Stop Drinking Alcohol to Cut the Risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, CDC Says
93 Eating Seafood May Protect Against Alzheimer's for Those with Genetic Risk
94 4 Ways to Set Up a Home Gym for Under $50
95 Sitting for Too Long Is Bad, and Here's Another Reason Why
96 Should You Cancel Your Caribbean Trip? Zika Experts Weigh In
97 No, Ariel Winter Will Not Be Covering Up Her Plastic Surgery Scars
98 Zika Virus Spreads in Texas Through Sex: Dallas Health Officials
99 What Beats Buffalo Wings on Game Day? Buffalo Cauliflower!
100 The New Series You'll Want to Binge Watch While Doing Lunges
101 4 Things to Think About Before You Get a Breast Reduction
102 These Hair Tutorials Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies
103 Florida Gov. Declares Zika Virus Health Emergency
104 3 Ways to Sculpt Your Body with Your Foam Roller
105 3 Reasons You Feel Awkward When Someone Compliments You
106 5 Non-Dairy Ice Creams that Taste as Great as the Real Thing
107 CDC Adds New Zika Warning for Pregnant Women and Their Sex Partners
108 'Obese' May Not Always Equal Unhealthy, Study Says
109 Why Organic Food Might Be Worth the High Price
110 Science Says Resting Bitch Face Is Real