File Title
1 Heart stem cell patches not as strong as 'real' cells
2 The smell of death that may help save the living
3 Hundreds of hidden galaxies spotted behind the Milky Way
4 New perspective on an old Martian maze
5 Sleep deprivation tied to false confessions
6 Parkinson's patients trained to respond to placebos
7 How sperm become disease-causing selfish mutants
8 Graveyard gives up secrets of migration in Imperial Rome
9 How does LIGO look for gravitational waves?
10 SpaceX ramps up production of Falcon 9 rockets
11 Got them! Gravitational waves detected--at last
12 UCL sets new digital data speed record
13 NASA puts Pluto's geology on the map
14 'The success is very sweet': gravitational wave triumph in quotes
15 Rewilding may be death sentence to other animals
16 How to send a satellite abroad and prepare it for launch
17 Depressed? Blame it on the Neanderthals
18 Scientists discover a new kind of frozen water
19 Simulating life on a deep space mission
20 Can virtual reality help treat depression?
21 Anti-cancer T-cells pass trials with flying colours
22 Secrets of Australia's marsupial lion revealed
23 New species of ancient flower found preserved in amber
24 New bioprinter produces life-sized, living tissue
25 Atmosphere analysed on distant 'super-Earth'
26 Doctors 3D-print 'living' body parts
27 Extinct plant species discovered in amber
28 Ripples arrived six years late for gravitational wager
29 EDF to keep four UK nuclear plants open for years longer
30 Ordnance Survey releases digital map of Mars surface
31 Van Gogh's bedroom gets digital makeover
32 Fearsome Australian 'lion' could climb trees, study says
33 Long-term cement study seeks nuclear waste solution
34 Earth's rarest minerals catalogued
35 21st Century US 'dustbowl' risk assessed
36 Gravitational waves: Numbers don't do them justice
37 'Health risk' legacy from Neanderthals
38 Bacteria 'see' like tiny eyeballs
39 The sinister reason why people fall in love
40 Watching the heavens: The female pioneers of science
41 Can you catch a killer using only teeth marks?
42 Will there be more fish or plastic in the sea in 2050?
43 Gravitational waves: Reward for five decades of teamwork
44 Albert Einstein: the man who predicted gravitational waves
45 Supreme shock: Has US court holed Paris climate deal?
46 Kanye West album 'pirated 500,000 times' already
47 Android Mazar malware that can 'wipe phones' spread via SMS
48 TED 2016: Google boss on why it is OK to fail
49 Government launches porn site age checks consultation
50 TED 2016: Sex attack report system for students launched
51 Star Citizen: Will big budget space game satisfy its backers?
52 BT ad gets into a muddle about the internet's origins
53 Hollywood hospital held to ransom by hackers
54 Fury after Adobe Creative Cloud deletes files
55 New 'sexting' guidance 'to avoid criminalising children'
56 Street Fighter V: Fan power saved the series for a new generation
57 Can technology bring lawyers into the 21st Century?
58 Why is the UK still printing its laws on vellum?
59 Is Google feeling unloved?
60 The dating game
61 Fruit and veg goes digital in South America
62 Tech Tent--Silicon Valley arrogance, connected toy safety, and AI that can read
63 Should Ofsted get a US boss?
64 Primary school warns over parents 'using cannabis'
65 North Sea oil and gas workers offered chance to retrain as teachers
66 School buildings in 'deplorable' state, head teacher claims
67 Simon Hughes to join Open University
68 Labour's prosperity pledges for election campaign
69 Fears for free lunches in small schools
70 'US search' for next Ofsted head
71 Support staff doing teachers' work, says union
72 MSPs call on UK government to reinstate post-study work visa
73 Nailsea school alerts parents to pupils urinating in playground
74 Migrant students 'more motivated to learn'
75 Excitement at new cancer treatment
76 Zika virus: WHO backs GM mosquito trials
77 Sheltered housing developments 'shelved due to benefit cuts'
78 Nation must focus on mental health--PM
79 Match4Zara: Social media boosts cell donor search
80 Virtual therapy 'helps with depression,' researchers say
81 Alzheimer's preventative drug hope
82 Junior doctors' dispute could become a war, union warns
83 NHS mental health funding falls in England--FoI figures
84 NHS watchdog to 'monitor social media care complaints'
85 Zika and microcephaly link confirmed "in weeks" says WHO
86 'Gang violence affected my mental health'
87 John Beattie meets former rugby players with dementia
88 Dr. Phil Hammond: 'Depression led my father to kill himself'
89 The pigeon will see you now
90 Colombia: A nation concerned over Zika
91 Before I Kick the Bucket star's letter to her cancer
92 Was a deal over doctors' contracts ever possible?
93 Drivers 'exposed to highest levels of pollution'
94 Mental health care provision--failings and opportunities
95 Does it take too long to publish research?
96 The hundred-year quest for gravitational waves--in pictures
97 Gravitational waves: a three-minute guide
98 Einstein's gravitational waves found at last
99 Legal tussle delays launch of huge toxicity database
100 LIGO announces gravitational-wave detection--in pictures
101 Zika-microcephaly paper sparks data-sharing confusion
102 Fighting the menstruation taboo in the field
103 'Water scarcity' affects four billion people each year
104 A mouse's house may ruin experiments
105 Karolinska's vice-chancellor resigns over case of controversial surgeon
106 Snail's pace: Nature readers on their longest wait to get published
107 Researchers debate whether female computer coders face bias
108 Howard Hughes's next president: 'Promote under-represented groups in science'
109 Young scientists poised to ride the gravitational wave
110 Gravitational waves: How LIGO forged the path to victory
111 Biologists urged to hug a preprint
112 What sparked the Cambrian explosion?
113 New cause for Lyme disease complicates already murky diagnosis