File Title
1 Researchers publish on connection between anal cancer, HPV
2 Researchers find marked gender differences in scholarly productivity
3 500 million-year-old fossils show how extinct organisms attacked their prey
4 Diabetes drug may prevent recurring strokes
5 Enabling human-robot rescue teams
6 Evolution silences harmful mutations
7 Virginia Tech researchers suggest gene drive strategy to combat harmful virus spread
8 Autoantibodies may help detect lung cancer earlier
9 Low-dose exposure of environmental contaminants can be harmful to the human brain
10 Assessing carbon capture technology
11 More low-income adults enrolled in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act
12 The real value of taking your business offshore
13 Chemotherapy preferable to radiotherapy to reduce distant pancreatic cancer recurrences
14 Immune-targeting drug combo shows promise for lung cancer patients, says Moffitt
15 Benevolence can boost buying at the luxury counter
16 Update on menopausal symptoms and treatment options published in Journal of Women's Health
17 The chemistry behind Flint's water crisis
18 Pairing pain medicine with metal ions to battle cancer
19 Diabetes during pregnancy associated with increased risk of low milk supply
20 Toward longer-lasting fragrances
21 Study of firefighters finds potential pathway between insomnia and depression
22 Punchy proteins could help advance drug delivery, MEMS devices (video)
23 Study: Pay-per-click advertising lacks controls against fraud
24 Dynamical systems theory enhances knowledge of Jupiter's atmosphere
25 New study finds promising results for MERS treatment
26 Louisiana Tech University researchers study prevalence, impact of 'serial inventors'
27 Rolling stones, turbulence connect evolution to physics
28 Call for changes in EU policy to address migrant crisis
29 Alirocumab in hypercholesterolaemia or mixed dyslipidaemia: Added benefit not proven
30 How does the gut microbiota respond to iron replacement?
31 Grandmas make a huge difference to a baby elephants' survival
32 Research sheds new light on whether we are all getting fatter
33 New physics and application of antiferromagnet uncovered
34 Children born in winter have vulnerable lungs
35 Soilless farming suggested as a solution to food shortage in Qatar
36 Scientists discover bird blood cell which destroys fatal fungal infection
37 Explaining autism
38 Researchers identify biomarker for early cognitive decline in Parkinson's disease patients
39 Many school children avoid basic foods unnecessarily
40 New synthesis method developed at UEF opens up new possibilities for Li-ion batteries
41 Half the world to be short-sighted by 2050
42 Study shows children's best hope for the potassium and fiber missing in their diets is potatoes
43 Novel herpes virus isolated from bat cells
44 Testosterone treatment improves sexual activity, walking and mood in older men
45 Marijuana smokers 5 times more likely to develop an alcohol problem
46 Could a noncoding RNA be a new drug target for heart disease?
47 Fluorescent biosensors light up high-throughput metabolic engineering
48 Fifteen international neurointerventional societies join to release new training guidelines to help ensure optimal outcomes for ischemic stroke patients
49 Research finds testosterone treatment improves sexual activity, physical function
50 Protein structure illuminates how viruses take over cells
51 Early gene flow from modern humans into Neanderthals
52 Stenting as effective as endarterectomy for preventing strokes in asymptomatic patients
53 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: New evidence suggests Zika virus can cross placental barrier, but link with microcephaly remains unclear
54 Researchers find testosterone treatment improves sexual activity, walking, and mood in men over 65
55 New type of optical material discovered in the secret language of the mantis shrimp
56 'Stay-at-home' males fueled menopause evolution
57 Parvus' nanotechnology treatment reprograms immune cells to reverse autoimmune disease
58 Puzzling asteroid observations explained by destruction of asteroids close to Sun
59 New research could help improve HIV/AIDS therapies
60 Public pre-K boosted test taking for gifted and talented programs
61 Hidradenitis suppurativa and risk of adverse cardiovascular events, death
62 Use of breast conservation surgery for cancer decreases; high-rate of reoperation
63 What is risk of mental health, substance use disorders if you use marijuana?
64 Neanderthals and modern H. sapiens crossbred over 100,000 years ago
65 Reporting of clinical trial results by top academic centers remains poor
66 Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than previously thought, study finds
67 DNA evidence shows that salmon hatcheries cause substantial, rapid genetic changes
68 Study finds common genetic variants that double risk for blood clots in African Americans
69 Science on salt is polarized, study finds
70 Researchers reveal new links between heart hormones, obesity, and diabetes
71 Bullied preemies may develop mental illness as adults: Study
72 Physical therapy cuts urine leaks dramatically for women with osteoporosis
73 Testosterone therapy boosts sexual function and mood in older men
74 Testosterone treatment shown for first time to benefit men over 65
75 The alcohol harm paradox explained
76 Common antibiotics may be linked to temporary mental confusion
77 Orchid's scent stronger in Swiss lowlands than mountains
78 Eight new species of whip spider found in the Brazilian Amazon
79 Bizarre snail that swims like a flying insect
80 Black Hills warbler population not so isolated after all
81 Endovascular treatment may preserve mental capacity after stroke
82 Clot removal may save money and limit disability
83 Quicker clot removal may lead to better outcomes
84 Imaging, not time, may determine who is right for stroke clot removal
85 Number of strokes increase as pollution levels rise
86 Rapid symptom improvement may not indicate better stroke recovery
87 Pregnancy in older age increases stroke, heart attack risk years later
88 Worsening migraines with hormone replacement linked to stroke risk
89 Cost of effective stroke clot-busting drug outpaces reimbursement
90 Migraine with aura linked to clot-caused strokes
91 Vaccine shows potential to protect the brain before a stroke
92 Alcohol exposure before birth may later amplify neurological problems from stroke
93 Nanoparticles show early promise in reducing inflammation after brain bleed
94 Restoring gut bacteria to youthful age linked to improved stroke recovery in mice
95 Closing PFO 'hole in the heart' may prevent strokes linked to this heart defect
96 Stroke survivors' caregiving costs more time and money than previously estimated
97 Getting out of hospital bed for short periods soon after stroke can improve outcomes
98 Bleeding stroke associated with onset of dementia
99 'Stroke camp' offers caregivers emotional support, physical relief and education
100 Can CRISPR help edit out female mosquitos?
101 A new molecular alarm clock in vertebrates
102 Photographs and music lessen patients' anxiety before surgery
103 Initiative seeks to bridge research and care related to mental illness
104 Are women with epilepsy using effective contraception?
105 Heart arrhythmia drug may fight plaque buildup in blood vessels
106 New ways to construct contactless magnetic gears
107 Discovery could lead to new treatment strategy against TB
108 3-D printed flowers provide insights on how orchids attract pollinators
109 Are conservation efforts for coral reefs misguided?
110 The pros and cons of statistical tools to spot cartels