File Title
1 Rapidly building arteries that produce biochemical signals
2 In a maddening subway crowd? Escape with Mobile Shopping Immersion
3 Study finds 50 percent of teens visiting emergency department report peer violence, cyberbullying
4 Some aging treatments shown to have opposite effects on males and females
5 Link between intensive post-stroke rehabilitation and recovery demonstrated in rats
6 Is there a digital hood?
7 Study reveals mechanism behind enzyme that tags unneeded DNA
8 Dartmouth-led team develops method to predict local climate change
9 NYU research: Hair sampling shows unintended 'bath salt' use
10 Can contact lenses make you blind? (video)
11 New image analytics may offer quick guidance for breast cancer treatment
12 Georgia State: Health provider awareness can curb prescription drug abuse
13 Researchers: Testosterone treatment effective for older men
14 Study confirms only site in SE Asia showing tiger recovery
15 A tunnel through the head
16 Diet soda and fries, please
17 Chemoradiation may increase survival for a subset of elderly head and neck cancer patients
18 New simulation model for predicting bentonite clay swelling in nuclear waste disposal
19 Chemotherapy before chemoradiation shows no survival advantage in head and neck cancer
20 Study: Sanctions boost foreign military more than they hurt economy
21 Algorithm makes hyperspectral imaging faster
22 Dying epithelial cells regulate immune system: Could help treating inflammatory diseases
23 Participatory governance in planning processes: How do public administrations learn?
24 When the immune system promotes tumor growth
25 Chemistry trick paves way for safer diabetes medication
26 Smart physical training in virtual reality
27 Mapping the world for climate sensitivity
28 Red meat metabolite levels high in acute heart failure patients, research shows
29 Prehistoric village links old and new stone ages
30 Seagrass genome study to boost ecological insight in marine ecosystems
31 Key hurdle overcome in the development of a drug against cystic fibrosis
32 Young people with mental problems should receive help in their own environment
33 Organic waste for sustainable batteries
34 New charts to assess head circumference at birth will be valuable tool in Zika crisis
35 Doughnut-shaped holes of killer proteins observed for the first time
36 Conservation hopes up for the endangered banana frog restricted to Southwest Ethiopia
37 Bat-flight inspires unique design for Micro Air Vehicles
38 Diabetes expert warns paleo diet is dangerous and increases weight gain
39 National hospital hand-washing campaign effective but expensive
40 Biofuel tech straight from the farm
41 The brain gives up more secrets
42 Longest-lasting stellar eclipse discovered
43 UT researchers develop way to better predict disease-causing mutations in human genes
44 When negotiating, it pays to know your customer
45 Ebola crisis provides framework for responding to outbreaks like Zika virus
46 Colossal Antarctic ice-shelf collapse followed last ice age
47 Indiana University study: Commercial weight loss system expands diabetes prevention access
48 New insights into epilepsy drug Retigabine
49 Teaching stem cells to build muscle
50 B-cell diversity in immune system's germinal centers may be key to broad-spectrum vaccines
51 The Lancet: Giving GPs feedback on their prescribing habits can reduce excessive use of antibiotics
52 Sensory loss affects 94 percent of older adults
53 3-D mammography improves cancer detection and cuts 'call backs' over 3 years
54 Sauropod swimmers or walkers?
55 Stemming the flow: Stem cell study reveals how Parkinson's spreads
56 Scientists question a popular theory about how the nervous system trims its branches
57 Erratum to 2015 Science paper on ancient Ethiopian genome
58 Harnessing gut fungi of herbivores to break down biomass
59 Antibodies from an Ebola survivor reveal a potential new vaccine target
60 Gut microbes help sustain body growth despite malnutrition
61 Adimab scientists report the isolation of highly potent anti-Ebola virus antibodies from recent Zaire outbreak
62 Are improved outcomes after initial implementation of digital breast tomosynthesis sustainable?
63 What makes a bacterial species able to cause human disease?
64 Breast milk sugars promote healthy infant growth through gut microbiome
65 Periodontitis linked to a higher mortality rate in patients with kidney disease
66 Memories and sensations: The rhythm that unites them
67 Industry initiatives to prevent drinking and driving lack evidence of effectiveness
68 Smokers with depression try to quit more often but find it harder
69 Cancer-causing gene found in plasma may help predict outcomes for head and neck patients
70 Trinity scientists blueprint antimicrobial candidate that may stem post-antibiotic tide
71 New cause of diabetes
72 Engineered mini-stomachs produce insulin in mice
73 Surgery and stenting safe, effective lowering long-term risk of stroke
74 Stressed mouse dads give their offspring high blood sugar
75 Masked hypertension in kidney disease patients may affect kidney and cardiovascular health
76 Overdose deaths from common sedatives have surged, new study finds
77 Scientists eliminate core symptom of schizophrenia in mice
78 Wolbachia parasite superinfection: A new tool to fight mosquito arbovirus transmission
79 Study pinpoints driver, potential target in aggressive pediatric leukemia subtype
80 Untreated high blood pressure significantly increases risk of bleeding stroke
81 Getting the right amounts of sleep and regular exercise lower stroke risk
82 Bowel obstruction more likely in certain hospitalized stroke patients
83 Many stroke survivors may develop seizures
84 Women, minorities report lower function in the months after stroke
85 It's easy to get people to do bad things--this might be why
86 Children breastfeeding after first birthday should take vitamin D supplements, study says
87 Can ecotourism save endangered species?
88 Novel combination of ingredients may offer greater support for infant brain development
89 New clues in the hunt for the sources of cosmic neutrinos
90 New predictor of cancer
91 Unraveling the gene-environment interaction
92 A stake in innovation
93 Progress toward an HIV cure highlighted in special issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
94 Marine virus outbreaks linked to coral bleaching
95 Researchers find the tipping point between resilience and collapse in complex systems
96 How climate change will affect western groundwater
97 Ensuring ongoing care for patients treated during short-term surgical mission trips
98 CU-Boulder ultrafast microscope used to make slow-motion electron movie
99 How hunter-gatherers preserved their food sources
100 Caltech biologists identify gene that helps regulate sleep
101 DNA studies reveal that shelter workers often mislabel dogs as 'pit bulls'
102 Transgenic sweet corn no more susceptible to Goss's wilt disease
103 This week from AGU: Tundra carbon, young atmospheric scientists, Mexico, & 3 new papers
104 The global healthy weight registry
105 New study is 'a leap forward' in our understanding of ice sheet behavior, expert says
106 Oxygen-starved oceans held back life's recovery after the 'Great Dying'
107 Study finds stigma regarding weight loss may be overblown
108 Feeding a city with better food sources
109 Astronomer from Moscow detected a new source of intense gamma-radiation in the sky
110 Best regions for growing bioenergy crops identified