File Title
1 Changes in shape and 'squishiness' can help drug-containing microcapsules reach tumors
2 Simple graphene cascade allows unprecedented insights into nanoionics
3 Team discovers groundbreaking semiconducting material that could lead to much faster electronics
4 Electrical engineers develop device to diagnose cancer rapidly at the cellular level, improve early detection
5 Light used to measure the 'big stretch' in spider silk proteins
6 New nanotechnology detects biomarkers of cancer
7 Scientists create ultrathin semiconductor heterostructures for new technologies
8 Scientists discover electrons moving like honey in graphene
9 Scientists use common glass to optimize graphene's electronic properties
10 A metal that behaves like water
11 'Lasers rewired': Scientists find a new way to make nanowire lasers
12 Bumpy liquid films could simplify fabrication of microlenses
13 Silicon chip with integrated laser: Light from a nanowire
14 Creating a color printer that uses a colorless, non-toxic ink inspired by nature
15 Nanoparticle therapy that uses LDL and fish oil kills liver cancer cells
16 A new way to make higher quality bilayer graphene
17 Nanoparticle ink could combat counterfeiting
18 Counting cancer-busting oxygen molecules
19 The iron stepping stones to better wearable tech without semiconductors
20 Graphene is strong, but is it tough?
21 Scientists guide gold nanoparticles to form 'diamond' superlattices
22 Scientists take key step toward custom-made nanoscale chemical factories
23 New technique leads to creation of elastic high-strength carbon nanotube film
24 Hepatitis virus-like particles as potential cancer treatment
25 Researchers discover new phase of boron nitride and a new way to create pure c-BN
26 A new spin on quantum computing: Scientists train electrons with microwaves
27 Researchers develop error correction method for quantum computing based on Majorana fermions
28 Particles in love--quantum mechanics explored in new study
29 Most precise measurement of reactor antineutrino spectrum reveals intriguing surprise
30 Physicists create first photonic Maxwell's demon
31 New imaging system uses an open-ended bundle of optical fibers--no lenses, protective housing needed
32 Einstein's waves: a 100-year odyssey
33 Engineers develop new flat, ultralight lens that could change how cameras are designed
34 A 'magical' space-time ripple that wasn't believed, at first
35 Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction
36 Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves (Update)
37 Scientists produce an extremely cold gas of organic polar molecules
38 Sneezing produces complex fluid cascade, not a simple spray
39 Scientists take nanoparticle snapshots
40 X-ray laser turns crystal imperfections into better images of important biomolecules
41 Optical strontium atomic clock sets new stability record
42 Optical rogue waves reveal insight into real ones
43 You've heard of string theory. What about knot theory?
44 How particles pack in a confined space
45 Improved nuclear magnetic resonance technique allows researchers to measure signals from a single molecule
46 Absorbing acoustics with soundless spirals
47 Materials by design: A radical shift in transforming bulk matter into useful technology
48 Has the magic gone from Calcium-52?
49 Trees found to break at near the same wind speed regardless of size or species
50 Detection of gravitational waves would open new window on universe
51 Absorbing acoustics with soundless spirals
52 Star formation in distant galaxy clusters
53 Putting Pluto's geology on the map
54 Hubble watches the icy blue wings of Hen 2-437
55 Space tourism projects at a glance
56 Proto-planet has two masters
57 Caught in the act: Astronomers find a rare supernova 'impostor' in a nearby galaxy
58 When black holes meet--inside the cataclysms that cause gravitational waves
59 Saturn and Enceladus produce the same amount of plasma
60 Farewell Philae: Earth says goodbye to comet probe (Update 2)
61 Gravitational waves found, black-hole models led the way
62 Hubble image: The sleeping giant
63 Researchers determine physical conditions of two exoplanets in Kepler-36 system
64 Model suggests carbon dioxide could cause loss of planetary water as easily as increased solar radiation
65 New X-ray space observatory to study black holes and history of galaxy clusters
66 A star's moment in the spotlight
67 Scientists discover hidden galaxies behind the Milky Way
68 Image: Saturn's moonlets disrupting a core ring
69 Astronomers spot a faint dwarf galaxy disrupting a nearby giant spiral galaxy
70 The 'glitching' of the Vela pulsar
71 Red or white? Healthy humans need both
72 Earth-like planets have Earth-like interiors
73 Star formation in the outskirts of galaxies
74 Meet "Hedgehog": Engineers build cube-like rover for exploration of asteroids, comets
75 'Cannibalism' between stars: New research shows the turbulent past of our sun
76 How friendly is Enceladus' ocean to life?
77 Google 'Project Loon' balloon enters Sri Lanka for Internet tests
78 Algorithm lets planning systems generate backup plans efficiently
79 New hardware to expand fast fiber-to-the-home
80 Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs
81 Picasa being shuttered in shift to Google Photos
82 Using stories to teach human values to artificial agents
83 AT&T testing superfast 5G mobile network
84 Uber agrees to $28.5 million settlement over safety claims
85 Team first to solve well-known game theory scenario
86 Research reveals carbon films can give microchips energy storage capability
87 New computer vision algorithm predicts orientation of objects
88 GPS tracking down to the centimeter
89 Record for fastest data rate set
90 Computer as driver? 'Yes' from feds boosts self-driving cars (Update)
91 Twitter lets hot tweets rise to top of timelines
92 Math reveals unseen worlds of Star Wars
93 Study predicts world economy unlikely to stop relying on fossil fuels
94 New thin film transistor may lead to flexible electronics
95 A football helmet design that listens to physics
96 Smart energy management systems can improve plug-in hybrid efficiency by 12 percent
97 Riddle of cement's structure is finally solved
98 Tiny diatoms boast enormous strength
99 Cockroach inspires robot that squeezes through cracks (w/ Video)
100 Swedish telecom chief to steer web body ICANN to independence
101 Claims for solar cell efficiency put to test at NREL
102 Solved protein structure holds key to much-needed therapies for metabolic disorder
103 Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health
104 Detective scientists discover ancient clues in mummy portraits
105 New experimental test detects signs of Lyme disease near time of infection
106 A new form of frozen water? Scientists reveal new ice with record-low density
107 Visible blue light induces copper-catalyzed C-N cross-couplings
108 Mussel-mimicking adhesive polymer shown to be non-toxic to cells
109 Breaking cell barriers with retractable protein nanoneedles
110 Researchers discover new glass technology