File Title
1 CMS and Health Plans Agree on Quality Measures
2 Pfizer Unit to Pay $784.6 mln in Medicaid Rebate Settlement
3 Amgen Blood Cell Disorder Drug Meets Primary Goal in Phase 3 Trial
4 Market Turmoil Drives Small Biotechs to Big Pharma
5 Boards Often Overlook Physician Sexual Misconduct, Study Says
6 Dementia Drugs May Help Smokers Quit
7 FDA Likely Underestimated Fetal Deaths from Essure: Analyst
8 New ASCO Guidelines for Breast Cancer Biomarkers
9 Los Angeles Hospital Paid Hackers $17,000 Ransom in Bitcoins
10 Inovio Says Zika Vaccine Shows Response in Mice
11 Higher-Dose SSRIs for Major Depression May Improve Response
12 WHO Issues $56 Million Plan to Combat Zika Virus
13 Regulus Hep C Combo Drug Effective in Mid-stage Study
14 Kids Born Small and Targeted by Bullies May Face Lasting Effects
15 Colombia Has Global Relevance in Zika, Microcephaly Fight--Minister
16 New AACE Statement Urges 'Meaningful Monitoring' of Glucose
17 UK Royal Kate Uses Guest Editor Role to Tackle Mental Illness Stigma
18 New Wrinkle in NCCN's Iconic Guides: Cost
19 24-Hour Heart Rate May Signal CV Risk in Young Adults Without Hypertension
20 U.S. Researchers Find New Bacterial Species that Causes Lyme Disease
21 Wounded U.S. Soldier Soon to Receive First U.S. Penis Transplant
22 Many Diverticulitis Surgeries Performed Earlier than Recommended
23 Asthma Linked to Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
24 In Obese Kids, Reflux Symptoms May Be Mistaken for Asthma
25 Exercise, Meditation a Double Threat for Major Depression
26 D1 Biopsy Helps Spot Ultra-Short Celiac Disease
27 Tailored Acupuncture Might Offer Some Fibromyalgia Relief
28 'Ecologically Diverse' Breast Cancer Carries Worse Prognosis
29 Clozapine's Superiority for Resistant Schizophrenia Challenged
30 Re-Op After Breast-Conserving Surgery Falls, but Still High
31 PISTE: Endovascular Stroke Therapy Feasible Even in UK
32 Kids May Need Vitamin D Supplements Throughout Breastfeeding
33 Worsening Migraine During HRT Tied to Increased Stroke Risk
34 Survey Shows US AMD Incidence Far Lower Among Blacks
35 Depression and Anxiety Can Shorten Time to IBD Flare
36 HHS Officials: No Evidence of Larvicide Link to Microcephaly
37 One Third of Americans Get Insufficient Sleep
38 Theranos Submits Lab Correction Plan to CMS
39 EHR Use Tied to Lower Adverse Event Rates
40 Letters Sent to Physicians Cut Antibiotic Prescribing by 3%
41 CREST: Low Stroke Rate at 10 Years with Both Carotid Stenting and Surgery
42 HHS Officials: No Evidence of Larvicide Link to Microcephaly
43 One Third of Americans Get Insufficient Sleep
44 Theranos Submits Lab Correction Plan to CMS
45 EHR Use Tied to Lower Adverse Event Rates
46 Letters Sent to Physicians Cut Antibiotic Prescribing by 3%
47 CREST: Low Stroke Rate at 10 Years with Both Carotid Stenting and Surgery
48 Less Is More: ARUBA Confirms Intervention Unwise in Unruptured AVM
49 Stroke Prevalence Linked to Poor Air Quality
50 FDA Panel Weighs Leadless Pacemaker Retrieval, Perforation Concerns
51 Electronic Health Record Data May Sharpen Diabetes Screening
52 Saliva Test for Lung Cancer
53 Ignore 'Seminal' Study, Fully Treat Fit Elderly's H&N Cancer
54 European Commission Approves Late Post-MI Ticagrelor at 60 mg
55 Most Babies Born to HCV-Positive Women Don't Get Tested for Virus
56 Thousands of Lives at Risk Unless WHO Reforms Now--UN Report
57 Response to Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy May Be Greatest in First Trimester
58 Organ Complications Can Hit Early in Systemic Sclerosis
59 Disability Accumulation Varies in Moderately Advanced MS
60 Expert: Induction Chemo Has 'No Role' in H&N Cancer
61 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Linked to Suicide Deaths
62 Experts Question Assumption that Zika Sickens Just 1 out of 5
63 Route of Iron Replacement Doesn't Impact IBD Activity, Quality of Life
64 Whole-Body Vibration in Poststroke Hemiplegia May Enhance Strength
65 Task Force Issues Guidance on Colonoscopy Surveillance After CRC Resection
66 Anthracyclines Alone Linked to Valve Dysfunction in Lymphoma Survivors
67 Varicella Vaccine Shows Global Effectiveness
68 Immunity gene fusions uncovered in plants
69 Binge drinking dangerous for young adults
70 New plant species discovered on Yakushima
71 New drug reverses the effects of blood thinner in patients with brain hemorrhage
72 Stroke survivors using mail order pharmacies more likely to take meds
73 New study finds Transcendental Meditation reduces stress in family caregivers
74 The magic of microbes: ONR engineers innovative research in synthetic biology
75 Technology set to personalize tendon and tissue injury rehab
76 Florida's monkey river
77 Study identifies specific gene network that promotes nervous system repair
78 Nebraska researcher finds gold--and other metals
79 Many clinical trial results not shared, creating 'blind spot'
80 VA and non-VA hospitals similar in quality, study shows
81 Survey examines Americans' use of and satisfaction with homeopathic medicines
82 Clot-busting drug reduces death risk in hemorrhagic stroke patients
83 No survival advantage of induction chemo over CRT for locally advanced head and neck cancer
84 Study links health insurance status and head and neck cancer diagnoses, outcomes
85 Study determines key recurrence detection time for oropharyngeal cancer
86 Majority of LAHNC patients use life-altering strategies to cope with costs of treatment
87 Chemoradiation may increase survival for a subset of elderly head and neck cancer patients
88 Study maps molecular signatures of HPV-positive throat cancer patients by smoking status
89 Study unveils new therapeutic target for spinal muscular atrophy
90 Experimental drug may limit harmful effects of traumatic brain injury
91 Penn research: An FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug could help smokers quit
92 In a Hubble first, UA astronomers take images of an exoplanet changing over time
93 Landmark LGBT Cancer Action Plan recommends SOGI data collection
94 Tunable peptide emulsifiers discovered
95 Hubble directly measures rotation of cloudy 'super-Jupiter'
96 Tyrosinase inhibitors from terrestrial and marine resources
97 A primitive advance
98 Engineered gene drives and the future
99 Dangerous fishing may be endangered
100 Real or virtual: Dartmouth scientists ask--can we tell the difference?
101 Study finds areas of excellence, need for improvement in quality of mental health care
102 Why do we still have mitochondrial DNA?
103 Motion-controlled video games may improve real world skills
104 Clot-busting therapy reduces mortality in deadliest form of stroke
105 Study discovers and uses key mechanism to treat autoimmune diseases
106 Scientists discover way to potentially track and stop human and agricultural viruses
107 EARTH: Revealing potential tsunami inundation on California coast
108 Bariatric surgery before knee replacement cost-effective in improving outcomes in obese patients
109 Humans settled, set fire to Madagascar's forests 1,000 years ago
110 Five-dimensional black hole could 'break' general relativity