File Title
1 Beta-Blockers Lower Mortality in Atrial Fibrillation
2 Brazil Probes 3 Deaths with Zika Links, Aims for Vaccine in a Year
3 Supplementation Improves Nutrition in Malnourished Hospitalized Elderly
4 Diverse and varied diet may not help prevent weight gain in children
5 Elderly Patients Rarely Included in Decision to Use Intensive Care
6 Antithyroid Drugs Should Be Avoided Early in Pregnancy: Study
7 TB/HIV Mortality Alarmingly High in Eastern Europe
8 Bilingual Toddlers Better at Solving Certain Problems
9 World's Most Polluted City, Delhi, Plans New Limits on Car Use
10 Incyte to Discontinue Testing Jakafi in Solid Tumor Cancers
11 Early Antiviral Treatment Cuts Hospital Stay for Pregnant Flu Patients
12 Fungal Microbiota Dysbiosis Seen in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
13 Early Brain CT After Headache Onset Can Rule Out Aneurysmal Hemorrhage
14 Survivors of Pediatric CNS Tumors at Risk of Severe Cognitive Impairment
15 Back to Its Roots: How Zika May Threaten Africa
16 A Paper Dye Test May Be More Accurate Preeclampsia Diagnosis Tool
17 Cigna, Aetna Announce 'Pay-for-Performance' Contracts for Sacubitril/Valsartan (Entresto)
18 Planned C-Section Has No Long-Term Benefit in Uncomplicated Twin Deliveries
19 Prognosis of Acute Symptomatic Seizure After Ischemic Stroke
20 Video Recording in the OR Highlights Need for Ethical Considerations
21 A Revised Formula Better Estimates Gestational Age from US Biometrics
22 Meditation Eases Anxiety, Pain During Core Needle Breast Biopsy
23 Defibrotide Promising for Stem Cell Transplant Complication
24 Veterans' Hospital Performance Similar to Other U.S. Hospitals
25 H. Pylori Eradication Curbs Gastric Cancer Risk
26 MERS Coronavirus Postmortem Reveals Diffuse Alveolar Damage
27 Outpatient Tonsillectomy May Be Safe in Younger Children
28 Nearly 100 Nerve Disorder Cases Linked to Zika in Colombia--Health Officials
29 Preventable Injury Deaths Shorten U.S. Life Expectancy
30 Replace Female Genital Mutilation with New Rites of Passage, Says UN Chief
31 Rounding Later in Morning May Improve Satisfaction for Postpartum Patients
32 Race to Fast-Track Zika Trials as 12 Groups Seek Vaccine
33 Brazilian Studies Aim to Unravel Zika's Link to Birth Defects
34 California 'Shaken Baby' Case in Vanguard of New Legal Challenges
35 Behavioral Nudging Cuts Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing
36 WHO Sees Zika Link Proven in Weeks as U.S., India Lead Vaccine Race
37 Most U.S. Medical Schools Fail to Accommodate Disabilities
38 ACTRIMS Forum 2016: Focus on Progressive MS
39 5 Diagnostic Errors to Avoid: The Patient With GI Symptoms
40 CMS Postpones Meaningful Use Deadline
41 Local Zika Transmissions Confirmed in a US Territory
42 New Comprehensive Guidelines Tackle Diabetic Foot Management
43 Lipids Involved in Cause of Myeloma in One of Three Patients
44 Venlafaxine Tied to Increased Postpartum Hemorrhage Risk
45 New Consumer Advice on Prostate Cancer Includes 'Value'
46 Proton Pump Inhibitors Linked to Dementia
47 Pollutant Exposure May Raise the Risk for CV Hospitalization
48 Cutting Cancer Drug Costs: No Pain, No Gain
49 UK Watchdog Fines GSK $54 mln Over 'Pay-for-Delay' Drug Deals
50 Eli Lilly Loses Latest Round in UK Drug Patent Battle
51 Pregnant Women Should Consider Delaying Travel to Zika Areas: WHO
52 Zika Pushes 38% of U.S. Businesses Surveyed to Let Workers Defer Trips
53 China to Consolidate Drug Market, Promote Traditional Medicines
54 Despite Threats, Thousands Join Anti-polio Drive in Pakistan, a Last Bastion of the Disease
55 Zika Scare Prompts Philippines to Advise Women to Postpone Pregnancy
56 Drought May Affect 49 Million in Southern Africa: WFP
57 Monoclonal Antibody Shows Promise in Light Chain Amyloidosis
58 Eating Disorders Look Different in Boys and Girls
59 Probiotics Helpful Against Late-Onset Sepsis in Preemies: Meta-analysis
60 Hepatitis C Virus Relapse Uncommon After Sustained Virological Response
61 Zika May Linger in Semen Long After Symptoms Fade
62 Granulocyte/Monocyte Apheresis Effective in Refractory Ulcerative Colitis
63 Signs of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Regress with Statin Treatment
64 Can a Cluttered Kitchen Give You the Munchies?
65 Sodium Phosphate Enemas Tied to Drop in Kidney Function
66 Videolaryngoscope Helps Residents Learn Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation
67 Exercise Programs May Lower the Risk of Serious Falls for Older Men
68 Ticagrelor Faster, More Potent than Clopidogrel in Coronary Trial
69 Express Scripts Sees Slow 2016 Sales for New Cholesterol Drugs
70 'Extraordinary Results' with CAR-T Making Headlines Again
71 System Monitors Tenor of Vaccine Chat in Mainstream, Social Media
72 Prophylactic Tranexamic Acid Curbs Hysterectomy Blood Loss
73 Reader Poll: Advising Women on Alcohol During Pregnancy
74 Irrigated Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation Improves VT Outcomes
75 Acute Fibrinolysis Shutdown Is Common After Trauma
76 Family Caregivers May Be Sacrificing Their Own Health to Help Loved Ones
77 Eating Lots of Fish in Pregnancy Linked to Obesity Risk for Kids
78 Genes, Bugs and Radiation: WHO Backs New Weapons in Zika Fight
79 3D Bioprinter Can Create Human-Scale Tissue Constructs
80 MD Sues North Carolina Medical Board, Physicians Health Program
81 Supreme Court Minus Scalia Has Healthcare Cases to Decide
82 Interstitial Lung Abnormalities Tied to Increased Mortality
83 Lupus Affects Pregnancy Outcome Even Before Diagnosis
84 Modest Gains Found in 5-Year Medical Home Study
85 ESAs Do Not Improve HRQoL in Patients with Anemia and CKD
86 Repeat Laser Trabeculoplasty Can Restore Intraocular Pressure Control
87 Zika Virus May Hide in Organs Protected from the Immune System
88 Eribulin Makes Three: Changing Treatment Landscape for Sarcoma
89 Upper-Arm Girth Plus BMI May Sharpen HF Risk Prediction
90 BRCA Mutation Testing Increasing in Younger Women
91 A Sense of Meaning Key to Curbing Late-Life Suicide
92 Cardiac-Arrest Survival Best with Paramedics Who See Many Cases
93 IRIS: Diabetes Drug Reduces Recurrent Stroke, MI in Patients with Insulin Resistance
94 Blood Culture Panel Swiftly Identifies Pathogens in Children
95 Transitional Care Does Not Improve Elderly Daily Living Activities
96 Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents Improve Preemies' Cognition in Preschool
97 For Fitness Motivation, Losing Money Beats Earning More
98 'Insufficient' Evidence to Support Widespread Autism Screening
99 Combination HIV Assay Detects Acute Infection in High-Risk Individuals
100 Laparoscopic, Open Gastrectomy Produce Similar Outcomes
101 Antiplatelet Drugs May Increase Retinal Bleeding in Wet AMD
102 Social Groups After Retirement May Be Good for Longevity
103 Online Gamers Beat Supercomputers at RNA Modeling
104 Panel to Discuss FDA Role in Future Era of Leadless Pacing
105 Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy and Heart Defects: No Link
106 Teaching Safe Sleep: Are You Giving the Best Advice?
107 ACT 1: Stenting, Surgery Similar in Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis
108 Testosterone Benefits Older Men with 'Low T' in Trials
109 Quality Improvement Project Cuts Unnecessary Laboratory Tests
110 Emergency Departments: Quality Metrics Present Challenges