File Title
1 Horses can read human emotions, University of Sussex research shows
2 Breeding wildness back into our fruit and veg
3 Climate change will delay transatlantic flights
4 Starfish reveal the origins of brain messenger molecules
5 Fall in one-to-one nursing care of very sick newborns linked to higher death rate
6 Higher nurse to patient ratio linked to reduced risk of inpatient death
7 Scientists discover how breast cancer cells spread from blood vessels
8 Native grass could be key to super-thin condoms
9 Slime can see
10 Biologists find genetic mechanism for 'extremophile' fish survival
11 Inland fisheries determined to surface as food powerhouse
12 Fall in one-to-one nursing care of very sick newborns linked to higher death rate
13 Body temperature triggers newly developed polymer to change shape
14 Injury deaths and life-expectancy gap between US and other high-income countries
15 Task-oriented rehab program does not result in greater recovery from stroke
16 Effectiveness of behavioral interventions to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing
17 Study compares outcomes at VA hospitals vs. non-VA hospitals
18 Alcohol offender program associated with drop in deaths, study finds
19 Tick genome reveals inner workings of a resilient blood-guzzler
20 Characterizing the smell of death may help rescue workers at disaster sites
21 Allergy shots effective for baby boomers suffering from seasonal allergies
22 Scientists discover hidden galaxies behind the Milky Way
23 Teaching neurons to respond to placebos as potential treatment for Parkinson's
24 Protect your Chicago water heater against earthquakes? There's a better bet
25 Terminology of chronic pain published by Dove Medical Press
26 Terrestrial laser scanning in California
27 Study accurately dates coral loss at Great Barrier Reef
28 Nasoalveolar molding use for cleft lip and palate reduces number of surgeries, cost of care
29 Innate teaching skills 'part of human nature'
30 National underutilization of preemptive and early kidney transplants
31 Making sense of metallic glass
32 Planning for end-of-life and palliative care among African-Americans
33 Zika, mosquitoes and how to not get bitten (video)
34 Device hits pancreatic tumors hard with toxic 4-drug cocktail, sparing the body
35 Researchers find that antiretroviral therapy reduces HIV in the female reproductive tract
36 Researchers identify most dangerous strains of often-deadly bacteria
37 A disposable, highly sensitive biosensing system
38 Fossil discovery: Extraordinary 'big-mouthed' fish from Cretaceous Period
39 Newer pain management strategies can lead to quicker, shorter recovery after TKRs
40 Predicting who will develop multiple sclerosis
41 Cotton candy machines may hold key for making artificial organs
42 Scientists elucidate genetic underpinnings of congenital heart disease
43 Carbon emissions affect thousands of years of climate change
44 A long, hot view: Climate change likely to extend across next 10,000 years
45 Rice lab offers new strategies, tools for genome editing
46 Patients with PTSD together with sleep apnea may have reduced quality of life
47 Secondary tropical forests absorb carbon at higher rate than old-growth forests
48 Double dose of bad earthquake news
49 Researchers create synthetic biopathway to turn agriculture waste into 'green' products
50 Older and younger adults surf different brain waves
51 Nanoparticle therapy that uses LDL and fish oil kills liver cancer cells
52 Is it possible for humans to regenerate limbs?
53 Engineers 3-D-print a new lifelike liver tissue for drug screening
54 New study links traffic-related air pollution to facial dark spots
55 Mayo researchers identify new Borrelia species that causes Lyme disease
56 Scientists create laser-activated superconductor
57 Nanoscale cavity strongly links quantum particles
58 Claims for solar cell efficiency put to test at NREL
59 NREL explains the higher cellulolytic activity of a vital microorganism
60 VA health system faces significant challenges, studies find
61 Millennials say one thing but do another when choosing chocolate, study finds
62 New evidence gives women informed choice in the prolapse surgery debate
63 Research discovers neuroprotective protein in blood is biomarker of Alzheimer's disease
64 200,000 fish bones suggest ancient Scandinavian people were more complex than thought
65 Brain scars in multiple sclerosis patients reveal possible cause of taste problems
66 Will more states ban nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccination?
67 Climate change helps bats to spread their wings
68 Research finds no easy answers to use of drug screening for pain patients
69 Researchers find new cause of strong earthquakes
70 Earth-like planets have Earth-like interiors
71 New target, potential treatment found for unhealthy levels of fat that can occur in type 1 diabetes
72 No genetic link between smaller subcortical brain volumes and risk for schizophrenia
73 Past experiences affect recognition, memory: Study
74 Wbp2 is a novel gene implicated in deafness
75 No more hippy trail routes as backpackers become tourists
76 Wholesome wholegrain
77 Kitchen skills are highly dependent on level of income and children living at home
78 Oregano may reduce methane in cow burps
79 Umea University researchers help Europe fight spread of Zika virus
80 Phase 3 trial with PM1183 in OC continues on the basis of positive recommendation by IDMC
81 Artistic space odyssey to broadcast people's messages to the stars
82 Signs of early settlement in the Nordic region date back to the cradle of civilization
83 Diabetes drug shown to help body rebuild after heart attack
84 Sustained aerobic exercise increases adult neurogenesis in the brain
85 New type 2 diabetes biomarker identified
86 Cocaine users present alterations in the function and structures of the brain
87 Exposure to air pollution 30 years ago associated with increased risk of death
88 Wolf species have 'howling dialects'
89 More detailed analysis of how cells react to stress
90 Air pollution exposure during pregnancy linked with asthma risk
91 Clean energy from water
92 Graphene decharging and molecular shielding
93 Expression of a 'Ouija Board' protein that can summon 'monster' genes
94 Non-motor microtubule-associated protein in maintaining synaptic plasticity
95 The mechanism of maintaining cell polarity visualized by super-resolution microscope
96 Arthroscopic knee surgery does not cure sensations of knee catching or locking
97 New device to get people with paralysis back on their feet
98 Stereotypes about Native Americans and alcohol debunked by UA study
99 New algorithm improves speed and accuracy of pedestrian detection
100 Why your muscles get less sore as you stick with your gym routine
101 Long-term picture offers little solace on climate change
102 New research identifies drug target for dengue virus
103 Physics: It's happening inside your body right now
104 Faces of black children as young as 5 evoke negative biases
105 Scientists discover a unique mechanism for a high-risk leukemia
106 Gut environment could reduce severity of malaria
107 Persistent ADHD associated with overly critical parents
108 Putting a price on nature, literally
109 What's nature worth? Study helps put a price on groundwater and other natural capital
110 Early human ancestor did not have the jaws of a nutcracker