File Title
1 Man Wiggles the Fingers of a Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm with the Power of Thought (VIDEO)
2 'Mini-Brains' Created in the Lab May be the Future for Studying Human Diseases
3 Aerobic Fitness: It May Protect the Liver Against Chronic Alcohol Use
4 Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer: New T-Cell Therapy
5 ADHD Meds Being Abused by College Kids
6 Autism: Could Early Screenings Actually Be Harmful?
7 Bullying: Premature Babies May Be More Likely to Be Bullied
8 How Climate Change Will Impact Parasites and Infections
9 Ancient Fossil Ancestor Reveals Humans Split from Apes Far Earlier than Expected
10 Short-Sighted: Half the Planet to Be Myopic by 2050
11 Marijuana Smokers Five Times More Likely to Develop Alcohol Disorder
12 Half of the World's Population Will be Short-Sighted by 2050
13 Diabetes and Pregnancy: These Women Are at a Higher Risk of Low Milk Supply
14 Sensory Loss Affects 94 Percent of Older Adults
15 Drinking Alcohol May be Good for a Healthy Heart
16 Testosterone Gel: For Older Men, this May Not Be the 'Fountain of Youth'
17 A Lot of Americans Are Sleep Deprived
18 Egg Yolks Are Probably Not Linked to Heart Disease
19 Older Cancer Surgery Patients at Increased Risk of Injury
20 Aging Linked to Genetics: Essential Hormone is Instrumental in the Aging Process
21 Underground city comes to surface
22 Medieval trading ship raised to surface 'almost intact' after 500 years on riverbed in Netherlands
23 Anglo Saxon gold mount 'mystery' in Norfolk
24 New clues illuminate mysteries of ancient Egyptian portraits
25 On the Global Trail
26 History shows that atheism is as natural to humans as religion
27 Remains Found of 7,000-Year-Old Man Buried Upright
28 Sleuth finds a lost Spanish settlement in Florida Panhandle
29 Aberdeen Art Gallery redevelopment works reveal medieval history
30 Archaeologists Discover Late Roman Graves at Ancient Thracian Tomb Ostrusha near Bulgaria's Kazanlak
31 Easter Island civilization not destroyed by war, analysis shows
32 Israeli archaeologists discover 7,000-year-old settlement
33 UCL Petrie Museum's Tarkhan Dress: world's oldest woven garment
34 Humans settled, set fire to Madagascar's forests 1,000 years ago
35 Study sheds more light on the "hobbit" people
36 World famous ancient Siberian Venus figurines 'are NOT Venuses after all'
37 93-Mile-Long Ancient Wall in Jordan Puzzles Archaeologists
38 Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than previously thought, study finds
39 Jordan Valley Prehistoric Village Discovered
40 Perfectly preserved bronze age wheel unearthed in Cambridgeshire
41 1st Century bar? Archaeological find in France offers glimpse into ancient tavern
42 CDC: No Special Tx Needed for Babies Exposed to Zika
43 Surgeon Operates on the Wrong Child
44 The Truth About Locum Tenens
45 No Benefit for Natalizumab Within 9 Hours of Stroke
46 ISC: Post-Op Afib Linked to Early Stroke Risk
47 What Can Be Done to Reduce Operating Room Delays?
48 ISC: Drug Beats Plasma for Warfarin Reversal in ICH
49 Vermont Gov. Takes on Opioid Addiction Crisis
50 Friday Feedback: Lead Poisoning and Other Silent Public Health Threats
51 Ping-Pong Balls Help in Liver Transplantation: That's Improbable!
52 'Essentially No Role' for Induction in H&N Cancer
53 Smoking Worsens Inflamed Joints
54 Clot-Buster Is a Bust in IVH Study
55 Periodontitis Linked with Childhood Arthritis
56 Hookahs: Gateway to Cigarettes?
57 Opinion Makers: End of AIDS in Sight?
58 Part-time Work Among Pediatricians Has Plateaued
59 ACOG Releases New Due Date Calculator Smartphone App that May Soon Replace Traditional Pregnancy Wheel
60 Chinese Year of the Monkey: New Start for Better Lifestyle Habits
61 Regular Coffee, Tea Intake Not Linked to PVCs in Cohort Study
62 Linked: Baldness, Risk for Prostate Cancer Death
63 Age No Barrier to Gastric Bypass Surgery Survival Benefit
64 Frontotemporal Dementia Linked to Abnormal Eating
65 Concussion Triples Long-term Suicide Risk in General Population
66 Physician Gets 30-Year Sentence for Overdose Murders
67 Euthanasia for 'Untreatable' Mental Illness: New Data
68 Dementia Rates Declining
69 Poor Midlife Fitness Linked to Smaller Brain Volume Later
70 Lower Oxygen Target Ups Death, Disability in Preemies
71 Meniscus Surgery Criteria Called into Question
72 Some Pregnant Women Continue to Smoke, Despite Known Harms
73 Radiation After Lumpectomy in Women > or = 70 Still Common
74 Social Media Helps Young Diabetics 'Stay in Care,' Says UK Guidance
75 US Recommendations Against PSA Test Taken to Heart by PCPs
76 Early Data for Combo Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer
77 Zika, Disease of the Poor, May Not Change Abortion in Brazil
78 Postdischarge Care May Be Worse for MI Patients Transferred to PCI Center
79 Normal-Weight Central Obesity May Up Mortality in CAD Patients
80 ICARE Published: Usual Care Stroke Rehab Best for Motor Outcomes
81 Asian Scientists Race to Make Zika Test Kit, but Lack of Live Sample a Challenge
82 Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Barrett's Esophagus: Not Ready for Prime Time
83 Sitagliptin Curbs Atherosclerosis in Insulin-Treated Type 2 Diabetics
84 Former Google Executive to Lead Cancer Diagnostics Firm
85 Imprimis Pharma to Make Cheaper Alternative to Retrophin's Thiola
86 Childhood ADHD May Raise Later Obesity Risk for Women
87 Meta-Analysis Confirms Two-Way Association Between Breast, Thyroid Cancers
88 WHO Urges Women to Cover up, Have Safe Sex in Zika Areas
89 Allopurinol Treatment Tied to Lower Cardiac Risk in the Elderly
90 A Good Weight Loss Program Is Hard to Find Online
91 New-Generation TKIs Tied to Increased Risk of Vascular Occlusive Events
92 Key Ugandan HIV Control Body Under Pressure to Close, Activists Object
93 Key Ugandan HIV Control Body Under Pressure to Close, Activists Object [different author]
94 Attention Woes Persist at Two Years After Contemporary Childhood ALL Treatment
95 Genome Offers Clues on Thwarting Reviled, Disease-Carrying Ticks
96 Dexamethasone Fails Against HIV-Related Fungal Meningitis
97 Biggest Ever Infectious Disease Survey to Speed End of Trachoma
98 Superbug Review Says More Vaccines Needed to Reduce Antibiotic Use
99 Visualizing How Cancer Cells Coalesce to Form 'Tumors'
100 Oral Opioids No Better than NSAIDs for Knee OA Pain
101 NICE Okays Medtronic Veo System for Certain Type 1 Diabetic Patients
102 Proposed Reforms to Cancer Drugs Fund 'Don't Go Far Enough'
103 Severity of Metabolic Syndrome Falls in Teens, not Prevalence
104 CMS Will Now Cover Watchman LAA Closure Device
105 EMA on Lowering Risk of Diabetic Ketoacidosis with SGLT2 Inhibitors
106 Digoxin for Heart Failure Fell Sharply in a Decade, May Be Given More Selectively
107 A Man with Breast Cancer, Dr. Bogler, Entered 'World of Pink'
108 Vaginal Ring Trial Results a Big Draw at HIV Meeting
109 Fetal Autopsy Report Strengthens Zika-Microcephaly Link
110 CMS: Physicians Obliged to Look for Medicare Overpayments