File Title
1 'Electronic nose' from a Russian scientist will help to diagnose diseases
2 Light and manganese to discover the source of submerged Roman marble
3 Researchers discover a genetic mutation that prevents diabetes complications
4 Terahertz wireless technology could bring fiber-optic speeds out of a fiber
5 New hope in global race to beat malaria parasite's deadly new resistance
6 Attention problems persist in childhood leukemia survivors treated with chemotherapy alone
7 Rise in marijuana use not as high as previously reported
8 Scientific study review reveals health promoting potential of red raspberries
9 Pregnancy and PTSD: Surprising findings could help moms-to-be at risk
10 Chemical cages: New technique advances synthetic biology
11 Plankton carries carbon to safe resting spot, ocean study reveals
12 Research finds new target in search for why statin drugs sometimes cause problems for some patients
13 Radical CO2 removal projects could be a risky business
14 A star's moment in the spotlight
15 Anger, contempt and disgust fuel hostility, new research from SF State shows
16 SLAC X-ray laser turns crystal imperfections into better images of important biomolecules
17 Alcohol also damages the liver by allowing bacteria to infiltrate
18 Stakeholder involvement in clinical trial design leads to greater recruitment, retention
19 Study finds high rate of elective surgery for uncomplicated diverticulitis after few episodes
20 Gastric bypass surgery at ages older than 35 years associated with improved survival
21 A new method furthers understanding of evolutionary genetics
22 Nanoparticle reduces targeted cancer drug's toxicity
23 Hydrogels can put stem cells to sleep
24 New method opens crystal clear views of biomolecules
25 Study: Fossil record disappears at different rates
26 Baby's breath: A new way to study neonatal lung disease
27 US tuberculosis cases drop almost 20 percent among foreign-born entrants from 2007-2011
28 US tuberculosis cases drop almost 20 percent among foreign-born entrants from 2007-2011
29 Inhibitory control may affect physical problem solving in pet dogs
30 Clues about human migration to Imperial Rome uncovered in 2,000-year-old cemetery
31 Inhibiting age-related inflammation maintains healthy gut microbiota and extends lifespan
32 Blocking stress protein relieves chronic pain in mice
33 Chronic alcohol use helps bacteria harm the liver
34 The new health 'desert'? Reliable weight loss programs hard to find
35 Benefits of re-growing secondary forests explored through international collaboration
36 Chinese male teens aren't smoking as much, Saint Louis University research finds
37 Menominee Crack is an unusual geological pop-up structure
38 Alcohol-impaired driving crimes spike immediately after drinking age
39 Study offers treatment hope for sleep disordered breathing
40 Wayne State University researchers discover new source of mutations in cancer
41 New study finds interruption of radiation therapy risks cancer recurrence
42 Engineering researchers use laser to 'weld' neurons
43 Unrest and eruptions [et al.]
44 Common gene variant influences food choices...for better or worse
45 Moscow gets rid off aerosols
46 New thin film transistor may lead to flexible devices
47 Penn Medicine 'brain road maps' reflect behavior differences between males and females
48 A 'nudge' reduces doctors' unnecessary antibiotic prescription, study finds
49 Study from Harvard and Yale shows positive psychological effects of hormone therapy in transgenders
50 Americans recognize 'past presidents' who never were, study finds
51 Behind the levees
52 It doesn't 'get better' for some bullied LGBT youths
53 Absorbing acoustics with soundless spirals
54 Eye abnormalities in infants with microcephaly associated with Zika virus
55 New guideline for treatment of prolonged seizures in children and adults
56 In autism, the social benefits of being a girl
57 An artificial diet may make it easier to rear insects
58 Paper: Homeownership a 'dream deferred' for millennial generation
59 Rare bumble bee may be making a comeback in Pacific northwest
60 Getting more miles from plug-in hybrids
61 COPD may cause structural changes within the brain
62 Humans have always been migrants
63 Children with special health care needs and their families have high food insecurity risk
64 Identifying plant and animal DNA switches much faster and cheaper
65 Modeling robust use of pesticides
66 Iowa State engineers develop hybrid technology to create biorenewable nylon
67 Find a partner who marches to the beat of your own drum
68 The big dig: A global software solution for road, water and sewer repairs
69 A new home--but with no medical home? Study of immigrants' kids with special health needs
70 Ancient gene network helps plants adapt to their environments
71 Study: Carbon reductions won't hinder Chinese growth
72 'Molecular movie' opens door to new cancer treatments
73 Superconductivity: Footballs with no resistance
74 Link between stress fracture injuries and genes found
75 Wound-healing intestinal bacteria: Like shrubs after a forest fire
76 Robotically driven system could reduce cost of discovering drug and target interactions
77 Penn researchers illuminate 'dark side' of the transcriptome
78 Temple professors use cadaver DNA to advance genetics literacy in medical curricula
79 The universe's primordial soup flowing at CERN
80 Watch: Barley can help improve blood sugar levels and reduce appetite
81 Cells with an incorrect number of chromosomes lead to tumor development
82 Fossils turn out to be a rich source of information
83 Alleviating malnutrition in children in resource-limited and conflict areas
84 Protein that limits the severity of genetic kidney disease found
85 A fifth of car fuel-efficiency savings are eroded by increased driving
86 Hunting pressure on forest animals in Africa is on the increase
87 Twisted X-rays unravel the complexity of helical structures
88 New caddisfly species discovered in the Balkan biodiversity hotspot of Kosovo
89 Childhood maltreatment predicts range of negative outcomes in bipolar patients
90 Bacterial molecules discovered in processed foods could unlock key to healthier diets
91 How stable is the West Antarctic Ice Sheet?
92 Social Internet-based activities important for healthy aging
93 Ghost imaging in the time domain could revolutionize disturbance-sensitive signal imaging
94 The shield is crumbling
95 The Nullarbor Plain's ancient forests revealed
96 Air pollution exposure during pregnancy linked with asthma risk
97 Research shows weight loss and improved cholesterol levels with walnut-rich diet
98 Patient access to online health action plans enhances rate of preventive care
99 WSU researchers see helpful protein causing cancer
100 Researchers resolve longstanding issue of components needed to regenerate muscle
101 Tick genome reveals secrets of a successful bloodsucker
102 Evidence of a lipid link in the inherited form of Alzheimer's disease
103 Study shows promising safety results for anti-aging drug
104 'A word's worth more than a thousand pictures' according to FAU study on young children
105 New Iowa State research holds promise for diabetics with vitamin D deficiency
106 The herbivore dilemma: How corn plants fights off simultaneous attacks
107 Duplicate DNA a hallmark of tick genome
108 Some heart drugs and antibiotics show effective in fighting cancer
109 Oral capsule with bacterial spores may be effective treatment for recurrent C. difficile
110 Stronger evidence found for link between prenatal exposure to paracetamol and the risk of developing