File Title
1 Oral HPV significantly increases chance of head, neck cancer
2 Parents' debt may influence childrens' emotional wellbeing
3 Older People May Get Unneeded Cancer Screenings
4 New breast cancer screening guidelines could be deadly
5 Tinder Adds Health Safety to App with AIDS Healthcare Foundation and Healthvana
6 Americans 100 and Older Are Living Even Longer Now
7 More Americans are living past their 100th birthdays
8 Drug firms ask governments to do more in fight against superbugs
9 Consoling Voles Hint at Animal Empathy
10 Republican debate: Donald Trump remains as angry, unapologetic as ever
11 British parliament condemns Donald Trump, divided over banning him
12 Dating app Tinder adds STD testing locator, ending feud with non-profit
13 Ranks of American Centenarians Growing Quickly, Report Says
14 More Americans are living past their 100th birthdays
15 Cough syrup recalled for morphine
16 Global Vaccine Promises $5 Million to Develop Ebola Vaccine
17 Ebola takes centre stage at World Economic Forum
18 New campaign urges millions to check for prediabetes
19 Chipotle Tried to Cover Up Food-Borne Illness Outbreak, Lawsuit Says
20 Can treating past trauma lead to big US health savings?
21 Algae bloom toxin linked to Alzheimer's, other diseases
22 Surgery patients do better when hospitals are good to nurses
23 Pregnancy-associated malignant melanoma linked to worse prognosis
24 Scurvy found in infant on almond milk diet for nearly nine months
25 Why are habits so hard to break?
26 Depression of either parent during pregnancy linked to premature birth
27 Sexuality, not extra chromosomes, benefits animal, biologists find
28 Researchers pinpoint place where cancer cells may begin
29 First materials woven at atomic and molecular levels: Weaving a new story for COFS and MOFs
30 Ice-like phonons in liquid water discovered
31 Evidence of a real ninth planet discovered
32 Nearing the limits of life on Earth
33 Impact of human activity on local climate mapped
34 Grafted plants' genomes can communicate with each other
35 Global ocean warming has doubled in recent decades, scientists find
36 How a 2íC rise means even higher temperatures where we live
37 60 genetic disorders affect skin, nervous system
38 Robotic arm developed for Duchenne patients
39 Intensive instrument playing can lead to movement disorders
40 Fertility experts identify genetic pattern in womb linked to IVF failure
41 Why mistakes slow us down, but not necessarily for the better
42 Filling in the gaps in our visual perception
43 Scientists discover method to potentially repair nerve damage
44 Brain study reveals mindfulness could help prevent obesity in children
45 Survey: Most Americans support smart guns
46 The science behind snow's serenity
47 Learning a second language may depend on the strength of brain's connections
48 Why sports wins and sunshine may lead you to gamble
49 Assessment aims to maximize greenhouse gas reductions from bioenergy
50 SnailAnalyser-Tuner: visualize sounds and tune instruments precisely and intuitively
51 Molecular-like photochemistry from semiconductor nanocrystals
52 Researchers prove surprising chemistry inside a potential breakthrough battery
53 Glass-based ultraviolet absorbers act as 'biological shields'
54 Zinnias from space!
55 Dazzling diamonds in the sky
56 Neutral result charges up antimatter research
57 The world's greatest literature reveals multifractals and cascades of consciousness
58 Zuckerberg or Buffett: Is youth or experience more valuable in the boardroom?
59 Quantum computing is coming--are you prepared for it?
60 New reconstruction method improves facial recognition for forensic purposes
61 The five bird species that Darwin couldn't discover in Madeira and the Azores
62 Evolutionary clock ticks for snowshoe hares facing climate change
63 War between the sexes: Fruit fly edition
64 New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries
65 'Twilight zone' fish swim silently with forked tails
66 Invasive amphibian fungus could threaten U.S. salamander populations
67 Gloop from the deep sea
68 Gone fishin' for natural products, with a new dragnet
69 Evidence of a prehistoric massacre extends the history of warfare
70 Tracking the tyrannosaur's trail
71 Explosive underwater volcanoes were a major feature of 'Snowball Earth'
72 Harmful mutations have accumulated during early human migrations out of Africa
73 Survey finds the percentage of undergraduate women at 9 colleges who were sexually assaulted during 2014-2015 academic year varied considerably
74 Guidelines for human genome editing
75 Legal, policy changes can lead to shifts in use of medical marijuana
76 Fewer than one in five nurses comply with guidelines for standard precautions
77 Group learning makes children better decision-makers, study finds
78 Digital distraction in class is on the rise
79 Traumatic experiences during early childhood linked to poor academic performance, behavior problems in kindergarten
80 Speed reading promises are too good to be true, scientists find
81 Researchers examine effect of return policies on consumer behavior
82 Employers use Facebook (photos) to screen job candidates
83 Negotiation tip: Gain sympathy and gain the advantage
84 Ambitious women must use their social capital to reach top jobs
85 Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications
86 Researchers kill drug-resistant lung cancer with 50 times less chemo
87 Physical attraction linked to genes that control height
88 Signs of second largest black hole in the Milky Way
89 New theory of secondary inflation expands options for avoiding an excess of dark matter
90 What is 10 miles across, but powers an explosion brighter than the Milky Way?
91 Why Spiderman can't exist: Geckos are 'size limit' for sticking to walls
92 Decreased social anxiety among young adults who eat fermented foods
93 How dogs see your emotions: Dogs view facial expressions differently
94 Flashing lights, music turn rats into problem gamblers
95 Are people suffering as a result of ultrasound in the air?
96 Dark 'noodles' may lurk in the Milky Way
97 The aliens are silent because they're dead
98 Tiny Australian leech named for best-selling author Amy Tan
99 New experiments determine effective treatments for box jelly stings
100 Illumina, partners make $100 million bet to detect cancer via blood test
101 Iceman mummy reveals new clues about stomach bacteria
102 Archaeologists hail find of 'best-preserved' UK Bronze Age dwellings
103 U.S. patent agency to decide inventor of powerful gene editing technology
104 Ancient tools show mysterious humans occupied Indonesian island
105 Astronomers spot brightest supernova yet in distant galaxy
106 Growing vegetables via smartphone
107 Massive dinosaur skeleton will spill out of hall at famed New York museum
108 NASA adds commercial mini-shuttle to station supply fleet
109 China to land probe on dark side of moon in 2018: Xinhua
110 SpaceX success launches space startups to new heights