File Title
1 Diabetes during pregnancy associated with increased risk of low milk supply
2 Alirocumab in hypercholesterolaemia or mixed dyslipidaemia: Added benefit not proven
3 More low-income adults enrolled in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act
4 Caltech biologists identify gene that helps regulate sleep
5 How does the gut microbiota respond to iron replacement?
6 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: New evidence suggests Zika virus can cross placental barrier, but link with microcephaly remains unclear
7 Marine virus outbreaks linked to coral bleaching
8 Research finds testosterone treatment improves sexual activity, physical function
9 What is risk of mental health, substance use disorders if you use marijuana?
10 Research sheds new light on whether we are all getting fatter
11 New synthesis method developed at UEF opens up new possibilities for Li-ion batteries
12 Diabetes drug may prevent recurring strokes
13 Neanderthals mated with modern humans much earlier than previously thought, study finds
14 Low-dose exposure of environmental contaminants can be harmful to the human brain
15 Evolution silences harmful mutations
16 Study of firefighters finds potential pathway between insomnia and depression
17 Rolling stones, turbulence connect evolution to physics
18 Fluorescent biosensors light up high-throughput metabolic engineering
19 Chemotherapy preferable to radiotherapy to reduce distant pancreatic cancer recurrences
20 Pairing pain medicine with metal ions to battle cancer
21 500 million-year-old fossils show how extinct organisms attacked their prey
22 New study is 'a leap forward' in our understanding of ice sheet behavior, expert says
23 Dynamical systems theory enhances knowledge of Jupiter's atmosphere
24 Best regions for growing bioenergy crops identified
25 Progress toward an HIV cure highlighted in special issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
26 Assessing carbon capture technology
27 'Stay-at-home' males fueled menopause evolution
28 Science on salt is polarized, study finds
29 New cause of diabetes
30 Puzzling asteroid observations explained by destruction of asteroids close to Sun
31 How climate change will affect western groundwater
32 NASA Cassini Spacecraft Zooms in on Saturn's Moon Enceladus Today (VIDEO)
33 Climate Change: Warming Ocean is Causing Bubbling Plumes to Release Methane
34 Cancer Treatment Uses Hepatitis Virus-Like Particles
35 Northrup Grumman's New Military Truck May Have Laser Weapons
36 Cassini Discovers Saturn's Rings Have Been Tricking Everyone
37 Martian Lakes Indicate Mars Had Ancient Habitable Environment
38 Frozen 'Water Bears' Revived, Reproduce After 31 Years (VIDEO)
39 Climate Change May Cause Forests to Have a Makeover
40 Radiation from Chernobyl is Causing Blindness in Animals
41 Sugar and Cancer: Western-Style Diet Increases Risk of Tumor Growth
42 ADHD Linked to Obesity Risk in Girls
43 Einstein Theory of Relativity: Gravitational Waves Discovered, Scientists Discuss (VIDEOS)
44 Rare Supernova 'Impostor' in Nearby Galaxy Caught in the Act
45 Midlife Fitness Linked to Brain Volume Later in Life
46 Micro Air Vehicles Design Based on Bat Flight
47 Aerobic Fitness: It May Protect the Liver Against Chronic Alcohol Use
48 Autism: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder More Likely to Wander
49 25 Teaspoons of Sugar Are in Some Coffee Drinks: That's More than Some Sodas
50 Older Cancer Surgery Patients at Increased Risk of Injury
51 Gelatinous Sea Snails Flutter Through the Arctic Sea on Wings like Insects Through the Air
52 NASA Hubble Space Telescope Catches a Fiery Exoplanet Changing Over Time
53 'Ugliest' Fossil Reptiles to Have Roamed China Were More Closely Related than Previously Thought
54 'Smart' Contact Lenses Made Possible by Stretchable Nano-Devices
55 New Tumor Markers for the Prognosis of Head and Neck Cancer
56 Researchers Describe Brain Plaques Involved in Huntington's Disease
57 Cystic Fibrosis Test More Accurate
58 Deodorant, Antiperspirant May Alter Underarm Bacteria
59 New Technique that Extends the Lifespan of Mice Could also Apply to Humans
60 Your Deodorant May be Changing the Bacteria Living in Your Armpit
61 Cancer Treatment Uses Hepatitis Virus-Like Particles
62 Chick-Fil-A Diet: Is It Really Healthy?
63 ADHD Linked to Obesity Risk in Girls
64 Autism: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder More Likely to Wander
65 Opioid Painkillers: Quality of Care Reduces Risk of Death in Patients Prescribed These Drugs
66 Next-Generation Robotic Exoskeleton May Allow the Paralyzed to Walk Again
67 Multiple Myeloma Cancer Treatment Shows Incredible Success Rate
68 Information on Rare Syndrome Goes Viral with Post of Baby's Toe
69 Driving: When Older Adults Stop, How Does It Impact Their Health?
70 Concussion: Here's Why Rest Is Critical After
71 U.S. Veterans: Meditation May Help with Chronic Pain Management
72 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT May Change Brain Volume
73 PTSD, Sleep Apnea Patients May Have Reduced Quality of Life
74 Alcoholism and Depression: It's Incredibly Common in this Career Path
75 Dogs and Humans: They Have Measurable IQs, Too
76 Concussions Linked to an Increased Risk of Suicide in Adults
77 El Nino May Cause Dengue Fever Outbreaks as Climate Pattern Continues
78 Lyme Disease: CDC Discovers New Bacteria Species
79 Does Concussion Increase the Risk of Suicide?
80 Walnut-Rich Diet: It May Improve Cholesterol Levels, Weight Loss
81 Alzheimer's Disease: Biochemical Blood Changes Linked to Inherited Form of Illness
82 Depression: Meditation, Exercise Coupled Together Can Battle Overwhelming Negative Thoughts
83 Electronic 'Nose' Can Help Diagnose Diseases
84 Brain Origin of Sighing Reflex Discovered
85 Smoking Weed May Hurt Your Verbal Memory
86 Horses Recognize Emotions, Just like Humans
87 'Miracle Baby' Comes Home: Born at Just 10 Ounces
88 Marijuana May Change Your Brain if You Smoke as a Teen
89 Sneezing May be More Gross than You Could Have Imagined
90 Men and Sex: What Do They Really Think?
91 Beetroot Juice Helps Improve Endurance, Blood Pressure
92 Vitamin D: Foods Rich in this May Reduce Baby's Allergy Risk if Consumed During Pregnancy
93 Chronic Pain: Protein Blocks Problem in Mice
94 Prostate Cancer: Could It Be Detected Through Smell?
95 Surgery Wrongfully Performed on Baby
96 Baby's Early Diet Plays a Major Role in Gut Microbiota
97 Our Genes May be Influenced by the Food We Eat
98 Midlife Fitness Linked to Brain Volume Later in Life
99 Neurology: 'Mini-Brains' Developed to Study Neurological Illnesses
100 Type 1 Diabetes: New Class of Antigens May Trigger the Illness
101 HPV Infection from Oral Sex May Increase Cancer Risk in Men
102 Pets in the Bed May Help You Sleep Better
103 Eating Eggs May Not Increase Your Risk of a Heart Attack
104 Eating Breakfast May Combat Obesity and Cause You to be Healthier
105 Fish Consumption During Pregnancy: This May Increase Obesity Risk for Baby
106 Sleep Apnea: Could It Harm Brain Function?
107 Depression: Vulnerability to Mental Health Issue Linked to Noradrenaline
108 Raising a Child? It Has a Huge Effect on Your Immune System
109 Scientists Have 3D Printed Human Replacements for Injured or Diseased Tissues
110 The First-Ever Artificial Kidney Created with a Microchip